Capcom And Imageepoch Link Up For A Tournament Fighting RPG

By Spencer . September 15, 2009 . 10:29pm

lastrankWhile we haven’t seen Breath of Fire in ages, Capcom hasn’t forgotten about RPGs. They’re teaming up with 7th Dragon developer Imageepoch to make Last Ranker.


Last Ranker centers on a tournament and world of fighters called “rankers”. You play as Zig, a scowling, hot blooded drifter who aspires to be top ranker. After each fight one ranker’s rank rises and the other falls.


Kazuya Niinou, one of the key team members on 7th Dragon, tells Famitsu Last Ranker is inspired by kid’s fighting manga. Think of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, or any other series that has some kind of tournament. Last Ranker is said to emphasize the relationships and rivalries that go on between fights. Ren, a survivor from a ruined kingdom, and Fez, one of Zig’s friends when he was a kid, are two adversaries you’ll meet.


Last Ranker’s combat system is explained as a blend of turn based battles and action commands. Pressing a button results in an action and you don’t need to select things like fight or punch from a menu. However, you can’t directly control your character as if you were playing an action RPG. Sounds sort of like Dissidia: Final Fantasy’s command menu system to me.


Another interesting tidbit is Matsukawa Minae best known for her work on the Phoenix Wright games is acting as the producer. Last Ranker is set to come out for the PSP next year in Japan.

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  • QBasic

    “tells Famitsu Last Ranker is inspired by kid’s fighting manga.”

    And all semblance of integrity was stripped away from this title while still in it’s crib…

    Really…an RPG based on tournament fighting. That’s so beyond retarded, it’s like some bad joke.

    • cowcow

      What that sounds cool like the vs battles in Suikoden only better.

      Also I’ve been waiting for an rpg like this. Remember when PS2’s Virtua Quest was announced? I thought it’d be an rpg with Shenmue like inspiration only you could control the Virtua Fighter cast. Only it ended up being a lame action rpg with them as cameos -_-

  • Ereek

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I’d rather have Breath of Fire.

  • Niinou directing, Shimomura composing, Tatsuya Yoshikawa artwork, and the producer from BoFV? I’m already sold, but if the sense of loneliness and isolation this game is said to be exploring works as well here as it did during what little of BoFV I played, I’ll be even more jazzed.

    The only bad-sounding part of this game is that one of the scenario writers from Kingdom Hearts is on scenario duty…

  • DudeOnly

    i have high hopes for it i won’t say anything else until i see actual gameplay

  • jj984jj

    Kazuya Niinou created Trauma Center and Etrian Odyssey, that alone has me interested. And the Shimomura music.

  • If they put in BoF cameo characters, I won’t even hesitate to read further than that. I needs my BoF, man!

  • ElTopo

    Last Ranker.

    Thats a terrible name; Rankers. Reminds me of wankers.

    Last Wanker.

  • So the battle system is kinda like Xenogear’s?

    • Xenogears has turn based combos, but it’s turn based. Last Ranker is supposed to have direct actions and it sounds like you’re not going to control a party either. I suppose this system is going to be more like a fighting game and require precise timing.

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