Marvelous’ Chairman Would Like To Release PS3 Games

By Spencer . September 15, 2009 . 1:46pm


Haruki Nakayama, Chairman of Marvelous Entertainment, is pleased with the slim PlayStation 3. On his blog he wrote about using Sony’s new hardware to watch baseball games over Yahoo and said, “moving forward, I would like to release games.”


Marvelous has not released any PlayStation 3 games (or HD games), but they are working on one. Rainy Woods, a Twin Peaks-esque adventure game, was in development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since 2007.


A financial presentation also mentioned a PS3/Xbox 360 multiplatform strategy and a plan to port up Wii games, a system Marvelous has strongly supported, to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No specific titles were mentioned, but Marvelous has a lot of original IP that could be converted like Arc Rise Fantasia, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga, No More Heroes, Little King’s Story, and Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

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  • QBasic

    NMH and Muramasa all the way.

  • I rather they don’t port too many games, it would be nice for a focus on some new titles instead.
    It’s great that Marvelous is expanding, it’s a company to follow that’s for sure.

    • ECM

      This. I’d much rather have *new* games than ports, but I wouldn’t be averse to true sequels to their better Wii titles.

      • lostinblue

        I’d say that, if those sequels weren’t on the wii they’d be doing a disservice for their userbase rather than help it grow further.

        common sense to me.

  • Aoshi00

    NMH, Muramasa, Arc Rise Fantasia HD would all be welcome. Especially Muramasa, which I’m holding out.

  • lostinblue

    hopefully they continue suporting the Wii.

    Oh, and like stated previously, I don’t think porting is the answer for them, the only viable one is Muramasa, and even then, the team has already expressed themselves against it. (instead they want to focus on their next game)

    New games, please, for both ps3 and wii.

  • Muramasa on Wii is a guaranteed purchase for me now (will probably buy Arc Rise Fantasia too) but I would TOTALLY double dip if a PS3 port hit.

  • Isn’t Wada-san the big cheese of Marvelous? he’s said to indeed be a big Nintendo-lover I’ve heard some say, and MMV’s huge Wii and DS support’s more than shown that.

    I completely agree with lostinblue, they need to continute their fantastic Wii support (start by announcing a new biggie for Wii, your last big announcement was NMH2 at the last TGS!), and stick to new games for the HD console and let Wii-owners continue to have their exclusive games.

    Same goes for sequels, they should stick to the Wii. If you make a new IP for HD and it’s successful, then make a sequel in HD as well, fair trade-off!

    I want Luminous Arc and Avalon Code for Wii already!

    • Wada-san is the president of Marvelous’ Interactive division. Marvelous, as you know, has other ventures like anime and music. Nakayama is the chairman of Marvelous Entertainment.

  • Muramasa please. And a better translation

  • mirumu

    I’d happily re-buy Muramasa on the PS3. Possibly No More Heroes too if it was significantly improved although I think a sequel might be better.

  • Really interesting and well written article.

  • jarrodand

    They should test the waters with a new Harvest Moon. Chunsoft’s already shown that niche Wii ports will just bomb on PS3 (and vice versa).

  • thebanditking

    I would love to see/get Muramasa in HD the game is practically begging to be ported. Though I don’t think the others would port so well, given that a simple bump in resolution would not be HD enough for most. So that would mean an entire overhaul on all the games assets which would take alot of time when they could be working on new games. Though I would also love a PS3 version of Arc Rise Fantasia.

    As for sequels and their future platforms, well this topic is always a sore subject but its going to come down to sales. If Muramasa and NMH2 do well then I expect more support from Marvelous on Wii but if these titles tank the way other more traditional games on the Wii have, it will be difficult to justify sequels. Which is really a shame as I know there are Wii owners out there that buy real games but it seems like there is just not enough of them.

    • Advertising seems to be the issue.

      XSEED’s also to blame slightly, they just don’t have the advertising prowess that others do. Ignition’s better with that I think.

      I don’t know how Natsume does it, considering the HM series has traditionally been quite successful even today.

      Same with Klonoa Wii, that would’ve made a killing in sales if they’d air a TV ad on kids’ channels. :'(

      • thebanditking

        Klonoa on Wii is actually one of the 5 games I own for the console, fantastic title (original was as well) it really is a shame that it did not do better as unlike how Sega messed up NiGHTS, Bamco actually listed to the fans and did not mess with the character design or story. Klonoa Wii is just one of those titles that deserved better but didnt get it

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