Would You Wear This Muramasa: The Demon Blade T-Shirt Outside?

By Spencer . September 15, 2009 . 12:32pm


Two points to consider:

1.) It’s based off Play Magazine’s risque Muramasa: The Demon Blade cover.

2.) It’s size XL.


Ignition sent one of these shirts over to us so it’s probably some kind of collectable. I suppose that’s a third point to cogitate about too.

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  • ryne11

    I would wear it just to see people reactions

  • QBasic


  • If it’s 100% cotton, sure! I don’t get the deal with promo shirts being XL all the time, but it would make for a great pajama shirt.

    • Ereek

      I, too, would wear it as a pajama shirt. Wearing something like that in public would give me more than a few stares.

  • symytry

    I’d totally wear it, but not at that size…it’d be like a tent!

  • eliel

    yus defiantly u should* send me 1 if u can spare? ^_^

  • Kris

    Probably not.

  • GameritisGuy

    I’d wear it as a pajama shirt, then approach my wife and warn her of the tentacle at the very bottom of the shirt. ;)

  • Certainly. XL is the size I prefer to wear, and my t-shirt collection certainly has worse – a favorite is an Olivia nude of Betty Page that gets its fair share of looks. I actually have a reputation for wearing daring and interesting t-shirts, and am quite used to people stopping me for a better look at my shirt. Besides, the artwork on this shirt it gorgeous, why WOULDN’T I want to display that for the world to see?

  • kashi

    I would totally wear it if it wasn’t XL.

    I wish more of these promo things had girl fitted shirts too :C Even at work we get these huge tent-like shirts.

  • Kuza21

    Sure would.

  • I would totally wear it. I love it. I saw them at PAX and I also jumped over the counter to get my hands on it. :)

  • rockberto

    Yes, that’s my size.

  • EvilAkito

    No, I try to keep a low-profile in public, so I avoid wearing shirts that may embarrass or offend other people.

    I’d consider wearing it to an anime con though.

    • Listen to this man.

      • He speaks the truth. The art is pretty, but it’s a little tasteless to wear it in public, esp with people with preconceptions about anime and games.

        Me, I wouldn’t wear it mostly because of the size. For an unfitted T-shirt, I would need an XS….

      • thebanditking

        agreed, I have a more reserved personality in public and dont like to draw attention to my self for what I am wearing nor do I want others to be uncomfortable around me. I would wear it at home, lounging about, though why only in XL, I am a medium and Large is pushing it in most cases. I would swim in that thing XD

    • Gringovic

      I totally respect Ur opinion, however I like my freedom and would proudly wear it. In public or not.

      it is not my responsibility if ppl have misconceptions about anime, mangas or tities.
      I for one don’t fancy Heavy Metal, gothic and all that, and still don’t mind to see ppl dressed in that way or with skulls, satan and whatnot on their T-shirts… Wearing what U feel like is one of the freedoms I wish for everyone ;)

      • I think that is still a bit different. I don’t mind people wearing gothic/punk/lolita/hip hop/whatever style either, I do mind it if they wear it in places where they KNOW it is going to offend people.

        Misconceptions about anime and games or not, wearing a shirt with an nearly naked girl wrapped in tentacles is going to offend people, or attract weird looks at least. But if you are fine with all that, by all means, wear it whenever you want.

        • Gringovic

          fair play, dude.
          I personally wouldn’t find it offensive as there are no nipples or the likes shown on the picture and it does not depict any hentai kinda scene for that matter. it’s just that yeah, there’s some skin, some tentacles and also a blade :P
          I’m from Paris and there we have a very popular brand called “Pornstar” with stick figures enacting all kinds of kama sutra positions… it’s just funny, and I beleive it’s not only popular there. obviously not the kind to wear at work, but still.

          I don’t even have the T-shirt, but would get it if I run into it. And the way I see it, if ppl don’t like what they see, they’re just as free to look the other way ;)

  • Icon

    Too big, but the shirt looks great!

  • Aoshi00

    Glancing from afar, this might actually pass for a real woman. Too bad it’s XL, can’t they make T-shirts that fit people shorter than 6 feet.

    • Hey, I’m 6’2″ and XL feels like I’m wearing a moo moo.

      • Aoshi00

        Exactly, I’ve heard even big guys say the Persona 4 shirt was too big, this one size for “gaint” is just not too practical at all… Imagine me wearing it like a gown, lol.. They need to make some Uniqlo sized shirts.

        • Divals

          I’m not really all that big (6’1″ 220lbs), and the Persona 4 shirt fits me great. Slightly baggy, just how I like it, but not so much that I’m swimming in it.

        • Agreed. I’d definitely sport a UNIQLO style game shirt, I bet. They even have a nice, subtle, Gatchaman shirt.

  • Joanna

    nope. just a matter of personal taste and values.

  • This is a completely redundant question but I wonder which blade that is.

  • weathervane

    Certainly–at night, in the middle of nowhere. Or anywhere, any time, provided that it’s inside-out. Or in a cave.

    • weathervane

      Oh, and what a joke that people almost seem to be taking the fact that the shirt isn’t in exactly THEIR size as a personal affront. What planet are you guys from where XL is the size of a circus tent?

  • Kezington

    I’d wear it on a first date just to set the tone for the evening ahead.

  • Serge73

    Wow, is everyone serious? I’d never wear that…

  • AllenSmithee

    I’d where it to school ahahahaha.

  • Asura


    The agony of not having a shirt like this makes my eyes cry blood.

    • deathshots

      I’d wear it to hear the comments it would incite at school.

  • ljape

    this is a very well designed shirt. if it wasn’t so risque I’d feel more comfortable wearing it. i like the color usage and all way it’s printed on the shirt taking up majority of the shirt making great use of the canvas. Personally I dont mind and would wear it out but sadly others are not so open minded.

  • TTTT

    I am the kind of person who resists the temptation to wear a video game t-shirt but that is actually very nicely done. I guess that fact that it doesnt say “muramasa demo blade” all over it helps too. I will try to buy one

  • maxchain

    I’d absolutely frame and hang it, in lieu of a poster, but, uh… I just don’t think I could pull that off, as far as wearing it goes.

  • Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Send me one?

  • I´d love to have it, but using it on a street would be pretty bad. Espacially since she would look like she´s underage and that would be very bad here…

    I´ve seen t-shirts with different boob sizes and such, but I haven´t seen that many people wear them.

    So I guess no, I wouldn´t wear it outside.

  • Spencer, buddy, just don’t do it. I sometimes question what peoples definition of “fit” is in this day and age. I am almost 6′ and I wear XS and S. XL is really, really big. Some people like baggy shirts but that doesn’t mean it’s fitting you properly. Game shirts need to tone that crap down because they are all like gowns. I wouldn’t call baggy a really great fit for me. Maybe they should just go the extra mile and make game shirts EXTRA LONG like the stuff they sell at Champs. Because, who doesn’t want to wear a woman’s knee-length “nighty” as a t-shirt in public?

    Besides, wouldn’t this make a much better High Quality Poster? The painting is great and the homage it pays to the past is nice; not great on a shirt.

  • No.

    It reminds me of the dream of the fisherman’s wife. Only with a blade, and less tentacles.

  • Yes, in fact I’m wearing a version of that shirt right now. Though mine’s purple, the print’s in shades of purple and it’s a small. :>

  • tearsofblood139

    nah i made mine into a picture

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