Samurai Shodown: Edge Of Destiny’s Slick Box Art

By Spencer . September 16, 2009 . 6:23pm

image SNK plans to release Samurai Spirits Sen (aka Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny) in Japan on December 10 with an eye catching cover.


It looks like Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny isn’t going to be as barebones as The King of Fighters XII. The main menu shows options for a survival and story mode. Now if SNK can just fix up online play before November…


That’s when Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny is slated to come out here, providing that Ignition sticks to their schedule.



sseod01 sseod02sseod11 sseod12 sseod13 sseod04 sseod05 sseod06 sseod07 sseod08 sseod09 sseod10


Character art

ssa3 ssa4 ssa6 ssa1 ssa5 ssa2

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  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Unless this game has been refined entirely, all signs point to horrific game play. With that being said, I must admit that the art direction and character designs for this game are so magnificent that it truly deserves immense praise. Not only that, but these characters are too interesting to just die out and if a seventh game in the franchise ever graces us, I can only hope that these new characters are able to find a spot into the 2D games. The trailer for Edge of Destiny makes it look a lot more exciting than the actual arcade game was so perhaps it has went over a massive overhaul.

  • thaKingRocka

    honestly, is it some sort of requirement that HD games have to be void of color?

    • pressstart

      SFIV is pretty colorful if you ask me.

      • thaKingRocka

        thank god it is. its colors still don’t have the same vibrancy that the sprite-based games do, but they did a good job with the colors despite the sad industry trend toward muted mediocrity in visual media.

  • SnaggleToe

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to completely disagree with the prior comment. I’ve been playing Samurai series from the beginning ( I still own the NeoGeo and Showdowns 1 and 2 for it) , and this is the first time that an installment in the series has come out that I have no desire to play. Why? The new character designs are completely forgettable. While the Brush painting pics are wonderful, I can’t help but wonder why SNK would reach so far to escape the Demi-God/ Samurai standard. This series deserves Shiki, Hanma, Ran-po, Nicotine, Seiger etc. on my 360, not some Cowboy-X wannabe and the Civil War guy that don’t carry the spirit of the series. YES I AM A SHOWDOWN FANBOY. It’s important to note that SNK should be playing to my demographic instead of the one they’re going for with more ‘realistic’ (read boring) characters. From the standpoint of return on investment, sticking with your known demographic paid big for Capcom with StreetFighter 4.

    • TTTT

      I have played this game a little on the SNK arcade machines a long time ago. Never got around to getting into it but always liked the series. I don’t like the aesthetic of this one very much I must say. I hope the next release in the series is to your liking!

    • I have Samurai Spirits I-III on AES system also. What great games! I’m not sure about the “spirit” of the series you mean. Your “Cowboy” and “Civil War” guy (I hope you don’t mean Union/Confederate Civil War of the US?) fit in as much as a Prussian (Seiger) or French Fencing Noble (Charlotte). I do agree it’d be nice to have all characters return but let’s save that for a 2D game that will have every single character from the series and a great fighting game mechanic! Those paintings are quite easy on the eyes. I really like them. Too bad a lot of people have already put down the system… I was hoping it would have been decent.

      SS hasn’t translated well to the 3rd dimension at all, has it? Oh well, Cheers!

      • Artavasdus

        I too am a SS fan since the NeoGeoAes times, but rather than bashing this 3d installment or its character I have to fully agree with Qoo,: the series has always sported characters from different and bizarre backgrounds, a thing that holds true for the first installments as well as for the latest, and the obvious intent wasn’t providing an Edo-only cast, but rather to mix colorful anime like-japanese characters with a lot of entertaining (and often absurd) gaijins (and this is one of the basic differences that separate SS from Last Blade).

        Aside from Sieger (the strangest Prussian ever to grace Germany), Amakusa (a Christian japanese rebel who led a revolt on the shogunate, here turned in a reborn demon worshipper), Earthquake (a Texan giant trained in ninjutsu who doesn’t dislike fighting with farts), Tam Tam (a Mayan herodemigod out for lost artifacts), Galford (a gaijin ninja) and Charlotte (a Pucelle wannabe in the 18th century) we have had an USA President in SS6 (Andrew is based on US prez Andrew Jackson, and his stage is in front of the White House), a not-too-Edo boob-maid (Iroha) and Liu in SS5, a Chinese general born a millennium before and resurrected after being magically sealed away.

        There are many other bizarre characters, including demihumans like Cham Cham or Kusaregedo, and I can’t see how adding a cowboy or a military officer (Valter) can disrupt the game’s identity in any way. I hope the game manages to be entertaining, even if of course I don’t imagine it to play anything like the series’ last 2d installments.

        @Qoo: if you want an SS loaded with every character appeared in the series try SS6Tenkaichi for Ps2.

        • Thanks for the recommendation. Is SS6Tenkaichi included on the SS Anthology in the US for PS2? I picked that up a while back and I’ve only made my way to SSIV in my nostalgia playing.

  • Bafish

    THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SERIES. However, after reading the very intellectual comments posted here: I agree with some of the post. I have been a rabid Samurai Shodown fan since the first one. However, I have noticed a slightly disturbing trend. There seems to be a shift from the EDO period to a “world” fighters roster

    Personally, I’m okay with having fighters from around the world being in the roster, but including so many world fighters is making feel like the game is a little less “Samurai Shodown” and more of a “Soul Caliber” feeling.

    I know some people are going to enjoy this, and this is okay. I will support this series, but, I do prefer more the “Edo” characters and hope the series doesn’t venture to the point of having mostly “World fighters” and less “Edo” characters.

    I’m I the only one who feels this way? Spencer, what are your feelings?

    Maybe this could be a post you put up and see what the readers of Siliconera think. I would love to hear feed back guys.

    • Artavasdus

      As Qoo and I said before, the gaijin roster was here from the very start of the series. Comparatively, Samurai Spirits 1 is the chapter who “introduced” more foreigner fighters in the whole series: Qing-China’s Wang Fu, french Charlotte, Galford, Texas’ Earthquake and mayan Tam Tam. It’s 5 gaijin in a roster of 12 characters (13 counting Amakusa), and of the seven “japanese” fighters one is the green-skinned, almost goblin-like resurrected evil ninja, Genan Shiranui.

      In SS2 four characters were added (even if some old charas were removed), and exactly half of them were gaijins: Sieger from old Prussia and the mayan-catgirl Cham Cham. The other two were Ganjuro and the famous Nicotine Caffeine, a parodistic monk who has more to do with anime cliches of those years than with the Edo period.

      As you can see, the two first entries of the series where filled with gaijins and not-so-Edo japanese fighters, and hyronically it was only the debated SS3 and SS4 who added only japanese characters. In SS5SS5SSSTenkaichi-6 the gaijin galore resumed with the return of old characters and the addition of new ones, the mentioned USA President among them.

      Aside from chronology, Samurai Shodown has never been about carefully reproducing the Edo setting, nor has it ever taken seriously its “historical background”, bending it whenever needed in order to add new faces.

      • Bafish

        You are correct. There are more foreigner fighters than perhaps I realized.
        My favourite is Charlotte so I have no problem with the “foreign” fighters.

        Still, since the game is called Samurai Shodown and the game’s over all feel has a Japanese feel to it, I would prefer it that way. What makes Samurai Shodown endearing to me, is that most fighters are world fighters representing a certain country or fighting style. While Samurai Shodown is not technically a true historic or real “Samurai” fighting game, it is none the less fun.

        I do see your point and I’m glad that you did point those out.
        I just wanted to see what other people thought about this subject. Do they want Samurai Shodown to become more like Soul Caliber roster or Street Fighter? Or is there more a less a loose preference towards the “Edo” period?

        Any thoughts anyone?

        • Not sure if you’re aware of this but many of the SS fans I’ve met hadn’t even heard of this game: The Last Blade. It’s a very good fighter and warrants a bit of research from anyone who hasn’t played it yet. [Also, I’d love to boot up Kaillera again and start playing people online ;) ]

          • Bafish

            I have played Last Blade 1 and 2. I enjoy Last Blade 2. I haven’t tried to play it on Kaillera, but I’m going to give it a shot!

            Makes me want to start up a Kaillera Samurai Shodown fansite!

  • d00msmith

    Last blade is fantastic – I finally bought it last year x3;;

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