Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Going International

By Spencer . September 16, 2009 . 12:23pm


Don’t worry about importing Star Ocean: The Last Hope International. Square Enix plans to release the PlayStation 3 version domestically.


Look for it in stores for $59.99 on February 9, 2010, five days after the game debuts in Japan. Just like the Japanese release, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International lets users pick Japanese or English voice acting and select their choice of text from: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is also the first international release of Square Enix’s international re-releases. Perhaps, this will be a precedent and the inevitable Final Fantasy XIII International will make its way over here too.


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  • BK0000

    “Perhaps, this will be a precedent and the inevitable Final Fantasy XIII International will make its way over here too.”

    I doubt it. They’re probably just releasing Star Ocean 4 International here because the PS3 version is new. They’re already releasing both versions of Final Fantasy XIII here, so there’s no reason to release the International version.

  • QBasic

    Actually Spencer, SE had three…er, two and a half previous “international” releases of a sort:

    -The first technical one was Final Fantasy X; the European version is the International version.
    -Advent Children Complete is, more or less, an International version…I guess. It fits in with their repertoire.
    -Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories…is well, HALF of an International version…

    • doubleO7

      Technically, Advent Children Complete was released by SONY Pictures not SE

      • QBasic

        Hmm…you’re right! But I still like to say SE since their logo is slapped all over. :P

    • malek86

      Yeah, European FFX is the International version, and is the definitive version with added awesome widescreen presentation, and purposely slowed-down gameplay to make things easier for newcomers. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing it was shoddy PAL conversion!

      Ahem. Seriously though, I don’t really consider that as International. If so, western FF7 should be International too. And besides, didn’t FFX:Int also have some bonus movie at the end? I don’t really remember.

      • QBasic

        FFVII International had some small, very minor changes from the US edition of 7. Think of it as…Kingdom Hearts US to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Very minor, but present.

        And….doesn’t matter what you “consider.” =_= It is as it is…

  • urbanscholar

    So a year later, more people will be able to make heads or tails of the game’s voice on their own.

    Ha-ha, but seriously might get this

  • Will buy to support multi-language region-free releases.

  • TyeTheCzar


  • Aoshi00

    Yes! That way at least I get “less” burned by triple dipping :) (got both 360 games on a discount; US 360 ver for $40 on Amazon / Jpn 360 ver for ~$40 on ebay) I’ll wait for the eventual price drop of the US PS3 ver if I’m patient enough :)

    But this is very nice, they should put dual audio tracks and text in multiple languages in all next gen JRPGs if disc capacity allows, unless each version is tailored made to fit different mouth flaps like MGS4 or the upcoming FFXIII,, or Operation Darkness, where the English text was significantly modified from the Jpn version resulting in different timing.

    Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, & Eternal Sonata started this, but they went stingy again w/ the subsequent English only releases.

  • Sweet now I don’t have to import. Can’t wait for SO4 goodness. Thank goodness I waited.

  • doubleO7

    Any confirmation on whether or not the NA version will have the anime artwork removed?

    Wait, did the japanese international version even have the anime artwork to begin with? Or, like most international versions, was it was based off the original american version, which means this would have the CG images, even in the Jap version, like the 360 NA version?

    • Aoshi00

      Probably so, w/ Int’l based on the US CG ver, unless they decide to throw the NA release an extra. Usually I like to go w/ the original presentation, but I really preferred the cleaner US interface by a great deal. I tried playing the Jpn 360 ver, the menu were way too colorful and busy, plus I thought the anime portraits really weren’t that well drawn anyway (some of them looked very simple and out of place), while the CG heads were really detailed and beautiful, not to mention keeping a consistent style. But that’s just my taste. If I’m only allowed to choose one, CG all the way, easier on the eyes and fit the Sci-Fi scheme.

      • thebanditking

        I agree with you on this, the JP menu style was just too loud and looked like it would make reading a chore. Still the character art will be missed as I prefer hand drawn art over CG (Studio Ghibli & Old Disney > Pixar) but for this titles look I think the CG blends better with the rest of the design.

        • Just throwing this out there, but it has also been confirmed to have a “switch target” option in the game set as the Start button. This will pretty much be a make or break decision for some buyers, lol. That was a HUGE complaint with the 360 version.

          Glad the PS3 users are not only being shown some love with the original audio as an option, but additional features as well :)

          • Aoshi00

            That’s a very good addition, I hated it too when I couldn’t hit the targets that I wanted to, and sometimes it’s crucial some buggers need to be taken care of first during boss fights you know. PS3 ver sounds like it’s much improved and superior in every way (I’m glad trophies are mandatory now, lol)

          • thebanditking

            I agree, though I would have been happy if S-E just fixed the game crashing bug from the 360 one. Of course all the extra features are sure to make the game even better.

          • And no more swapping discs! PS3 fans rejoice!

            Blu-Ray wins again, lol.

          • thebanditking

            I never played Star Ocean on my 360 due to the game crashing bug, but from what I hear the disc swapping is quite annoying for those doing side quests. I never heard of a game working like that, most of the time the side missions are particualr to a certain disc so no need to swap but for SO TLH on 360, I heard to have to go back to disc one to do side missions you can access from disc 3 o.O

  • Devonian

    And it only took them most of a decade to get off their asses and do this…

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