Hands On Pokemon: HeartGold / SoulSilver’s Pokewalker

By Laura . September 22, 2009 . 1:00pm

imageEvery copy of Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver comes with a Pokewalker. The bundled accessory is a pedometer of sorts, reminiscent of Pocket Pikachu.


You upload one of your Pokemon into it, choose a course, and then you take it for a walk or, if you’re like some people, you attach it to a fan or something and just let the “steps” rack up. This increases your Pokemon’s friendship as well as its level. However, the main purpose of walking so much is to increase a parameter called “watts.”


imageApproximately 15 steps equal one watt. With three watts, you can use the item finder, and with ten watts, you can do Pokemon Training.




Item finder allows you to find items specific to a course in a small mini-game that is more or less luck of the draw.


image image


Pokemon Training allows you to find, fight, and capture Pokemon, again specific to a course, in another mini-game. This is how you can catch some of the Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon that are missing from the main game.


If you can find the right course, you may also find and catch a flying Pikachu!

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  • I loved the Pikachu one back then. I used to take it with me in school and shake it when I was bored. The Pokemon training mode seems cool.

    We are getting the Pokewalker overseas right? An article you posted before said no word on that.

    • Pichi

      Also had one of those back then! With Pikachu playing with blocks and if you move it, they fall down. I like to think it was the basis for the pokewalker in a way if you think about it.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    This reminds me of the Playstation Pocket Chocobo game that had to do with Final Fantasy VIII.

    It was so awesome… I really enjoyed playing it, even if it wasn’t a full game, just the idea seems cool to me.

  • Now I’m in a University, I’ve been doing so much walking. Maybe this’ll be something nice distraction to enjoy when walking from classes to classes

    • Haha, yep. I’m in University too, and everyday, I just rack up the watts and catch lotsa Pokemon … currently doing a Pikachu course, where every Pokemon’s a Pikachu…

      There’s a method to my madness though! Somewhere…

  • Whenever I see that Pokewalker, I mistake it for a Tamagotchi.

    It is unexpectedly adorable. I like how you can catch additional pokemon with it.

  • Every copy comes with one? I thought I saw a larger and a smaller box for the game in shops. But its been sold out everywhere I came so I STILL haven`t bought the game.

  • Saturnus

    You actually can’t abuse the pedometer via shaking or the like. It detects if it is getting ‘too many’ steps and will stop counting I believe.

    • Newer ones perhaps, but I abused the pokemon pikachu and managed to rack up a lot of watts.

      • Naw, it doesn’t even do that. Apparently, this one detects the way you move it, so if you shake the thing vertically, it doesn’t rack up anything. If you shake it horizontally like a pendulum, it will work. Your wrist will just be kinda tired afterwards.

  • Joanna

    we better get this as well, no I demand it! I won’t buy it without the pokewalker…..ok yeah I would, but still, Nintendo you better give this to us loyal North American fans (and not a select few of us, but all who purchase the game)!

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