Watch The TGS Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

By Spencer . September 24, 2009 . 7:06am

Take another look at Eorza, the world of Final Fantasy XIV, which is filled with Marlboros and airship battles.


The trailer highlights a beta test, but there aren’t any details about it on the official site. If Square Enix wants to stay on track for a worldwide 2010 release they probably want to start testing soon. We’ll keep an eye out for information.

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  • keriaku

    I really like the music in this trailer. Mostly the battle theme when it starts.

  • Raccoon

    Looks and sounds great :D

  • QBasic

    Those airships better be pilotable…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Naw, they’ll just be an excuse to make a sando, hit the bathroom or start laundry while you wait 15 minutes for another one to pull into the damn dock.

  • Ereek

    I’m not sure if it’s sad or not that we’ve seen more footage more quickly of this than Vs XIII.

  • Icon

    Looks stupendous… but I won’t be playing it. I still haven’t seen the point of MMORPGs, but I know a lot of other people have.

    • cowcow

      I’m with you. I don’t believe in paying monthly fee to play a video game. That’s just retarded. I wouldn’t play everyday so that money would be wasted

      • Aoshi00

        Looks and sounds good, but same here. I bought the adapter and FFXI w/ HDD for the PS2 back then, played it for 2 months on and off. Most of the time I was too busy to play it (and when I did have time I wanted to play other games instead of spending days and nights on one single game). So I felt like I had to force myself to play it and level up, what a chore it was.. then I called it quits as I felt bad wasting the monthly subscription fee.. and never MMO for me again. One needs to devote his life to this kind of game..

        • gar3

          I’m with all of you. Aoshi00 is correct that one really does need to devote their entire gaming time to this type of title. Between full-time and part-time jobs, a wife and two (soon-to-be three) children I personally just can’t justify what little free time I get for gaming to a single game, let alone justifying the monthly fee.

          With that said, if I had a group of friends I could count on to be there when I had the time as well as a lowered monthly fee structure based upon limited playing, I would be able to justify one of these titles for a bit. I understand servers cost money and yada, yada, yada, so I’m more than willing to pay $5 a month for, say, 20 total hours in a 30-day period. That’s about all I could justify and I think there are many gamers in their 30s – 40s with family and life responsibilities who, like me, aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea of one of these titles, just the fees involved. But I’m sure Square-Enix and others felt that if they could get away with one of these fee structures they would have implemented it a long time ago. Oh well, one less paying customer I guess. No big deal, right?

          • cowcow

            I think the Japanese are more hardcore with this and the normal MMO crowd in the U.S. …they’ll play it no matter what. So there’s an audience…just not a casual audience. thats why I think a prepaid block payment with no expiration date should be another choice but oh well.

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