Watch The Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer

By Spencer . September 27, 2009 . 11:03pm

Missed the hot rod driving Final Fantasy XIII action at Tokyo Game Show? Here’s the trailer.


The clip opens with a scene between Snow and Serah, Lightning’s sister and Snow’s main squeeze.



The Optima Change bit demonstrates how players can change roles of their party members in the heat of battle. Lightning and Hope start out as “blasters” combo boosting support roles to Snow who is an attacker. After the Optima Change, Lightning becomes an attacker, Snow switches to defender, and Hope acts as a healer.

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  • topdog2007

    well there another game i got to have the battle system looks great is it turn based or real time ? or is it combined ?

  • cepp

    Snow looks way too old for Serah (who I can already see myself hating).

    It was pretty awesome overall though, I hope the tattoo girl at the end is a playable character.

  • T________T song is preety XD and there we have it another aeris XD ….
    now really im looking foward to this XD
    i dont like charas dieing in the beguining of a game «« reminds herself of FF12 …

    • Aoshi00

      And the funny thing is, you probably know alrdy, Lightning is voiced by Sakamoto Maaya who also played Aerith in Advent Children, so she’s like the macho reincarnation or something, lol. I love Sazh’s voice too, Ebara Masashi (Might Guy in Naruto, Captain Bravo in Busou Renkin), such a cool voice but playful when needed.

      • yes yes i know *__* i love maaya since Escaflowne ! ´
        Oh and those with a big HD TV please do yourselves a favor and go to the jap store to get this video , its 800mb of pure bliss *____* ! best quality trailer ever XD for ff13 at least XD
        *___* i could see lots of details on snow XD more than i wanted actually …
        i think they have improoved it , im definatly importing this on december !

        • Aoshi00

          I liked Hitomi in Escaflowne too, Maaya has changed so much since then, Pandora in the Saint Seiya Hades OVA, boyish Haruhi in Ouran Host Club, singing the OP of Macross Frontier. Yeah, I watched the trailer on my PS3 like 3 times, and I think I saw… a nip.. but unfortunately they don’t belong to a woman >.<, lol Well, Snow was cool before, now he's even cooler dating Lightning's sister. Definitely worth importing since the US ver would not have the Jpn track (since they're doing 2 different sets of mouth movements for Jpn and Eng!)

  • yawn. No big news there. Biggest addition is the battle system, which the more of it I see the more boring I find it.

    Still, something I need to play, together with Versus as they will probably be the last FF games I get.

  • Eddie

    I think its funny seeing how many people say Final Fantasy is no longer good or how they are bored with it. But those same people are the first in line to pick up their copy at their local eb games or gamestop. I saw the trailer on game trailers and while I enjoyed it most of the comments were negative. Why is it that people who actually like the series bad mouth every game before it comes out? (I know that there are actual people who don’t like Final Fantasy) On a lighter note… I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME ^_^

    • FireCouch

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • cowcow

      You take the good with the bad just like anything in life. There’s no such thing as a perfect game.

      • Eddie

        I understand that. Its just I am pretty sure many people that go this game is crap are the same people that pick it up on its release date. I know Final Fantasy games aren’t perfect, hell so many people say final fantasy vii was the best game of all time, i thought final fantasy vii was mediocre, the same thing with kingdom hearts i thought kingdom hearts was a huge let down. I felt like i was playing dynasty warriors on steroids…

        • cowcow

          But when did you get FF VII? What year? Because part of the FF VII phenomenon was the fact that due to the genius marketing of Square at the time and the FMV commercials, they were able to pull so many non RPG fans into the genre and just like Gran Turismo did for the racing genre, there were actually casual players buying a PS1 just for that game.
          Anyone getting into FF VII after that era can’t really feel the same experience as the ones who first got it.
          The FF games that all got the biggest hype were the ones that were 1st on their consoles. These are: FF 1, FF IV, FF VII, FF X, and now FF XIII.
          (one can argue FF VI (III in the U.S.) because it was first FF shown in the U.S. on the SNES)

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, I totally agree. If you play a game retrospectively, of course it’s going to feel different and not up to the latest standard. VII was revolutionary (pre-rendered 3D background, unheard of!), just as X for PS2 and now XIII for PS3. People complained about the HD eye candy, well, get used to it, technology is not coming at a standstill, each iteration would push the limit and set the bar higher, either w/ current or next gen hardware (XII even looks good today when played on a PS3 upscaled). Do you still want shooters to look blocky or photo-realistic as they do nowadays. Frankly all the FFs felt dear to me, they had long lasting and memorable characters, it’s funny to hear many people saying those games weren’t good in retrospect. Maybe like you said they weren’t perfect, but they certainly pushed the envelope in terms of presentation and just RPG standards in general.

          • Eddie

            I bought…. well actually i begged my mom to buy final fantasy vii when it dropped in 97 back then the only games i was good at were crash bandicoot and ridge racer. I got to the first scorpion boss thingy and couldn’t beat him. (yes i was that bad) After i beat final fantasy x years later i revisisted 7 to beat it since ffx was my favorite game and people said 7 was way better. I beat it and i enjoyed it. I guess “mediocre” was the wrong word but what I meant was it was great for its time and what it did. There are many older games that i revisit and they are still excellent for me. (Mario Kart, Street Fighter, Xenosaga, and others) In a nutshell my thing with ff7 is for its time it is excellent and even now it is still better than some rpg’s that come out (grandia 3) but i just felt it is a little over hyped, the game had flaws just like any other game, it did alot for sony and many people including me, but once you revisit a sense of nostalgia it isn’t always perfect, you realize what was wrong that you didn’t catch when you were 7 years old. By the way I like final fantasy vii and i like kingdom hearts but i will still say kingdom hearts 2 was a let down. People tend to think I hate Final Fantasy VII but thats not true, I just express how I feel about it thats all.

          • cowcow

            Thaaats my whole point. You didnt finish the game in “it’s era”. As a matter of fact, you barely played it. You revisited it after you played FFX so it can’t be the same feeling as playing through the whole game during it’s heyday. You experienced FF X in it’s ‘glory day’ but did not do the same for FF VII, so your mind is thus comparing the two even though you might not want to.

    • thaKingRocka

      i bad-mouth it, and i genuinely don’t like what i see. it’s hard to ignore the series because it’s such a part of the modern gaming canon, but i skipped 12, and it looks like i’ll be skipping 13 (11 doesn’t count, nor does 14). i loved 1, 4, 6, and 9. much of my frustration with the series comes from the change in focus, scope, setting, and character design. i assure you that i will not be in line at all to pick up a copy anywhere despite having enjoyed some FFs in the past.

      • Eddie

        lol, i believe you i wasn’t saying everyone i was just saying some people. You know how people talk about certain games just because everyone does? (i.e. The Follower) For instance final fantasy 12, when i heard it wasn’t gonna be turn based, i was like this game is gonna be crap. But when i purchased it and played i actually enjoyed the game. I was just simply stating that I can’t stand it when people talk about something JUST because others do. Thats all. I admit when Square Enix messes up hell I bought Dirge of Cerberus, and after i beat that i was like I probably would have had fun playing barbie horse adventures. =.=

    • Aoshi00

      Exactly, I don’t get the constant FF bashing either, just what do people expect from a FF anyway, it’s supposed to be an RPG w/ a unique and memorable story, excellent music, characters that you care for, and the highest production value setting the bar higher (has been this way ever since VII). I could say it’s either people being jaded (the usual “been there done that” attitude) or just feel like dissing the mainstream, like “Atlus is cool, FF made by the money grubbing S-E isn’t”.

      So far all the past main titles have been extremely memorable, except XII. Even though the new gambit system might not be up to everyone’s taste, the most problem I had is it lacked deep character development despite the epic backdrop. Every FF I came away caring about the characters after finishing the game, but not so for XII.

      Well, don’t care what others say, this trailer has me pumped and sealed the deal for my pre-order. To me this will be worth $90, to play it in Jpn first w/o needing to wait 6 months.

      • Hraesvelgr

        The irony of people praising Atlus so much and calling Square Enix money-grubbing is that Atlus has been porting/rehashing the heck out of a number of their games lately, most noticably the Persona games.

        On the other hand, I can sort of see where people are coming from… since the Sony jump, I haven’t really liked Final Fantasy that much. VII was nothing special, VIII was decent but had too many awful plot twists, IX could have been okay but I couldn’t get into the world/characters and X was just plain awful in all regards.

        XI doesn’t count, since it was online and XII… I thought XII was a step in the right direction. Sure, half the cast could have been dropped, but, outside of that and the very end of the game, it actually revived my interest in the Final Fantasy series. I’m hoping XIII will keep it that way.

        • Aoshi00

          VI on the SNES was one of my favs (VII & X follow), and I thought IX was very nostalgic in that regard w/ the fantasy feel and more playful characters. I was completely satisfied w/ every FF other than VIII (unique modern setting but too far out sometimes w/ witches and all, didn’t like the drawing/GF system), and XII story-wise (the license board and gambit system got to me too, too much micromanagement and MMO-like for my taste). XIII seems to be more turn-based though, and yes, melodrama.. I have a feeling I would remember the XIII cast for years to come after playing this. People make a big deal of Versus, which I just thought as “Look at me, I’m so cool”, more style over substance, but of course that’s an action game and not an RPG, so…

  • inkling

    uhohohohohoho….so much drama =3 can’t wait. It actually looks really promising now

  • So, in short, it’s your typical Final Fantasy, now with more drama and in high-res. Fair enough.

    Also, Lightning’s sister looks 14. Snow’s got to be what…20-ish?

  • lucy1986

    Despite being female, I hate playing as female protagonists. I also give up on rpg’s if the romance is nauseating, or with a character you hate. (I’m looking at you star ocean 4) so the Snow/Sarah thing has already made me look the other way.
    I am a huge ff fan, but as shiny as this game looks, I’m pretty underwhelmed by the series.
    There are so many original and inspired games out across consoles, it’s an exciting time for gamers! FF makes me feel a little……..”here we go again”

    • Ereek

      Indeed, I’m in the same predicament with female protagonists. The problem I find is usually they end up whiny or stupidly stubborn, and not a very good interpretation of a “strong female.” I think the last female playable protagonist I loved was Aya Brea.

      • lucy1986

        Yes! I totally agree. Either they’re annoying types like *shudder* Yuna, or they overcompensate with a brash, in-your-face female. I also agree that Aya Brea from Parasite Eve is one of my favourite female protagonists alongside Heather from Silent Hill 3.

        • People are going to be sick of me saying this pretty soon, but you guys need to play Mana Khemia 2!

      • cowcow

        Whats wrong with the main girl from WET, Bayonetta, Lara Croft, main girl from Mirror’s Edge

        • lucy1986

          I’m giving examples of two that I like, silent hill is admittedly a survival horror rather than an rpg. I should say “I don’t like playing female protagonists in rpg’s”. Most females are okay for action/shooting etc games, because you don’t always need that much emotional attachment to the character……..I sure as monkeys did not feel an empathy with Lara Croft!

          On a side note though, no I haven’t played Mana Khemia 2 yet, but just this morning I completed the first one on my psp! I love the freedom of choice as to which characters you choose to have additional scenes with. Please tell me you still get to do that in the second game, I’m gonna flip if I have to be smoochy with Lillianne…….*shudder*

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not against romance in RPGs.. I swear I thought Edge and Reimi were going to get it on when they were bear hugging on the bed in SO4 (or did they, lol). I remember fans’ reaction to the trailer of Lost Odyssey when Queen Ming kisses Jansen in the sunset, w/ an Uematsu composed English love song no less, it was a bit cheesy, but in the game it worked great (and that song actually played in a different and more suitable scene).

      I’m the opposite, I thought many current RPGs while good are slightly underwhelming and I couldn’t lose my whole self into it. I have a feeling I would drop everything when XIII comes out.

  • overlord_laharl

    Any cameo Battle? D:

  • Aoshi00

    Wow, what a beautiful theme song, listened to it this morning and been thinking about it at work all day, guess there’d be an Eng. ver in the US release.

    So we finally find out who Serah is huh after so many trailers, guess there is a feminine Lightning after all other than the cosplaying HK actress. This looks like an emotional and story/characer driven FF that’s been missing for so long (call me a sap, I don’t deny I cried twice when playing Lost Odyssey).

    I’m relieved they choose to use professional VAs too, unlike Vaan and Penelo in XII (which have no personalities to begin w/ plus amateur voice work :(.. I just saw the trailer for Ni no Kuni, and they had to use non-VAs “again” which is a total letdown, just what is Studio Ghibli’s fascination w/ insisting on using non-VAs anyway, don’t tell me they sound better, I still think the voice work trumped in Nausicaa and Laputa.

    Need to go d/l the 800Mb trailer on my PS3 now :) Yeah, it’s in HD, but do people want a FF that looks like Megaman 9, sigh…

    • Hraesvelgr

      Nothin’ wrong with “amateur” voice work, if they do a good job. Sometimes the pros don’t do that well, either.

      • Aoshi00

        I know there’s no absolute, but problem is most of the recent Ghibli films suffered from the subpar voice work because the movie actors have no training or experience performing well w/ only their voice (plus their voice is not special, like a singer is not necessarily a good voice actor), w/ flat voices and failing to convey the deep emotion needed for the main characters. They used famous actors so they could have a draw for a bigger audience, while the quality actually went down because I couldn’t relate to the characters as it’s totally unnecessary, like Spirited Away’s Chihiro, Howl’s moving castle’s prince by Kimura Takuya (who’s surprisingly decent I guess), or Yamaguchi Tomoko as Lisa in Ponyo. If could imagine those films being much better if they had better voice actors (seiyuu in general). One of my favorite Ghibli films is “I Can Hear the Sea” (Umi ga Kikoeru), the main girl was by an actress who did a passable job, but the two male leads were memorable because they were voiced by Seki Toshihiko and Tobita Nobuo (Camille in Zeta Gundam).

        Games-wise, Lost Odyssey’s Jpn voice work paled in comparison to English because those actors didn’t know how to voice act for the most part, other than the comedic actor who played Jansen, or FF XII’s Vaan and Penelo just sounded awful in Jpn, it’s like a fan dub. Balthier / Basch / Larsa (veteran seiyuu) all sounded great though in Jpn and Eng.

        The main difference is these actors aren’t English stage actors like Patrick Stewart (Castlevania Lord of Shadows) who are trained in stage play and can channel their performance w/ solely their voice, even w/o physically being in the movies.

        From what I’ve heard in all these trailers, FFXIII seems to be top-notch and none of that inexperienced lackluster voice work.

        Usually when you hear a famous actor name as part of an anime/game cast, chances are they would be disappointing.

        P.S. just wanted to add, there are some exception, like Irino Miyu who voiced Haku in Spirited Away was really good he went on to become a profession VA. Or Professor Layton who’s also voiced by an actor Ooizumi You, who has quite a knack for voice acting. But I’ll have to say, non VAs being good in voice acting is more of an exception than the norm. Sry for writing a wall of text, I have actually been interested in voice actors in many languages ever since I was young, and I actually wanted to become one, of course that’s just a dream, I just admire this profession a lot, for people who have such a versatile voice playing a wide range of characters in their career.

        • XD you are cool ! :P and i tottaly agree ……….

  • BK0000

    Here’s the English version of the trailer.

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