Persona 3 Portable Vids Show Igor’s Male Assistant

By Spencer . September 28, 2009 . 10:38am

You may meet Theodore or Theo, as he introduces himself, in the Velvet Room. The “may” part depends on you.


As the female protagonist you can choose a male or female attendant when you first meet Igor. Pick the male one and Theodore dispatches side quests and fills out the Persona compendium. Interesting, but will Theodore have the same relationship as Elizabeth did with the male protagonist?



Here’s another Persona 3 Portable video featuring Rio, one of the new social links on the female protagonist’s path.


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  • lostinblue

    Ugh, “male assistant”? that’s like seeing a James Bond movie with a “bondman”!

  • doubleO7

    You can choose? So that means you could be the female character, but still have Elizabeth in the velvet room if you wanted to?

  • Jirin

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it let you choose as a female whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual but not as a male.

    That particular double standard is one of the many side effects of males projecting their imaginations onto reality. Then again I guess a majority of niche RPG players are male, so at least Atlus knows who they’re marketing to.

    • cocytusx

      Sad but true. I have yet to see a game with a positive gay character that isn’t extremely cliché or over the top.

      • CrisSpiegel

        Jun Kurosu?

        • cocytusx

          Oh you mean the really feminine guy who likes flowers, putting on make up and other girl things?

          • CrisSpiegel

            Feminine gay guys do exist. Men who like flowers do exists. Make up was put on him by Lisa while he was reluctant. What could be seen as stereotypical almost always comes from the others, such as enemies or other party members who drag him into situations and always contrasting with his cool attitude. He never puts himself in a typical American sitcom ridiculous situation. (SPOILER=MAJOR) While Joker, he’s a badass. After Joker, he keeps the dignity. (/SPOILER)

            You’re making a confusion here. One thing is a ridiculous and unbelievable character. Other thing is saying that the portrail of a feminine guy is not a good thing, which makes you sound like you might not accept very well real people with non conformant gender traits in a lesser or greater degree. There’s nothing wrong about you noticing a guy is gay before he explicitly says “I’m gay”.

            Seriously, when I started playing P2:IS, I thought the gay guy of the game was Eikichi, because he was what I saw as a stereotype. I realized that it was Jun because he hinted that with expressions of his crush on Tatsuya and again, nothing wrong with that.

            You can also make overly manly Tatsuya gay if you want without changing his attitude. So you have one more respectable gay character.

            Also you could read one more thing from that: Japanese people is in some way fond of delicacy and Jun’s delicacy may be a narrative device to show that while he could be seen as dreamy by the girls, he was unachievable except for the protagonist.

          • It’s all cultural perceptions. Not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s perfectly fine to be ‘frail and beautiful’ in Japan and not be considered “gay” like here in the West, yet they portray the huge muscle-bound males in speedo’s as overly homoerotic and comical in the East. Culture shock is fun. I could care less either way. Especially if it’s all in good fun.

          • CrisSpiegel

            Replying to Mr_Qoo
            This is a common Japanese portray, but I’m sure that it’s also identifiable as gayly in some situations or to some people (Benimaru?). The same way that we see the bodybuilding as manly in the west, but when it gets overly manly, some of us start to feel it as gay.

            These over the top gay stereotypes do anoy me, bu I always think of Jun as an instance of respectful characterization.

          • CrisSpiegel

            Anyway, how do the Edit system works here? I’m kinda ashamed of my typos. :P

            No ‘the’ before ‘bodybuilding’. ;) And any other unnoticed thing.

      • QBasic

        Albel Nox. Zing!

        Kuja. Burn!

        Bernie. Word!

        • cocytusx

          Albel isn’t gay, he just looks pretty weird. I thought Kuja was a girl at first, so this doesn’t bode well. Also a theater guy, how not cliché. And who the hell is Bernie?

  • QBasic

    You all are so godamn sensitive about absurdly trivial matters…

    Tell me. If you’ve seen Oldboy, what shocked you more: Hammer dentistry, or the final revelation?

    • CrisSpiegel

      The destiny of 4 real octopi?

  • CleruTesh

    Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…

  • Xeahnort

    Theodore looks like Kanji Tatsumi from P4 dressed as a male flight attendant

    • QBasic

      He renovated his ass.

    • puchinri

      I am so glad I’m not the only one who thought that.
      But that just makes me want to get this more…
      (Flight attendant Kanji? Yes please!)

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