Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny Loses Gory Edge?

By Spencer . September 28, 2009 . 9:20am


Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny combatants have sharp swords. When you finish off an opponent with a heavy slash limbs and heads fly. Well, at least in the North American build Ignition brought to E3.


image The box art for Samurai Spirits: Sen, the Japanese version of Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny says the game is rated CERO B, which means its certified for anyone age 12 or older. A teen rated game with dismemberments and decapitations… in Japan?


Capcom altered scenes in Resident Evil 4 where Leon looses his head after a run in with a chainsaw and that game was rated CERO D. There’s no way Samurai Spirits: Sen can have this much carnage and a CERO B rating. Perhaps, SNK decided to censor the game in Japan.


It’s unclear if Ignition, the game’s publisher in the US, will do the same thing, but we’ll check in with them to see what’s going on.

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  • Hraesvelgr

    Hahaha, that screenshot looks awful. I liked SS back in the day, but it seems like SNK can’t make a decent game anymore. I could even live with the PS2/Xbox-ish graphics if the game was decent, but I’m not really counting on that at this point.

  • Kinda reminds me of Last Blade 2 with the way they did fatalities (if you had it enabled). I always felt bad doing one with Hibiki just for the way she reacts when you do it. :/

  • Bafish

    I’m getting this lousy feeling this game might fail. I really want SNK to succeed with this franchise, but I see it going down the toilet. So sad……

  • They should have ripped off the Street Fighter 4 graphics for this game. The graphics they have now look like a pre-render from a PS1 game.

  • I never thought I’d see Nakoruru without an arm! Where will her falcon Mamahaha perch?

  • ElTopo

    This game looks absolutely terrible. Its a shame too because Samurai Showdown used to be such a good IP, they really should have just done a 2D HD game or a remake of 2.

  • nice 2d cover art. too bad i cant say the same about the graphics, nor the gameplay.

    SNK did a location test for this game 2 years ago in california, and it received TERRIBLE reception. ignition would be stupid if they think they can pass this game off for a full priced $60 game…

    …then again, kof12…..

    • I think it’s actually priced at $39.99 (maaaaybe $49.99) last I checked. Not that it helps much, it would seem.

  • This sort of reminds me of the “finishers” they had in SSIV arcade, where you would cleave through the opponent and then they would fall into two pieces. I completely forgot about that until saw this article.

  • EvilAkito

    Wow…. I have an online friend who is a real Nakoruru fanboy and will be REALLY upset to see this.

    It’s one thing to see this kind of gore in games like Dead Rising or MadWorld, but it seems pretty harsh and out-of-place in a Samurai Showdown game.

    • Artavasdus

      It’s not out of place at all, Samurai Spirits Zero Special (aka Samurai Shodown 5 Special) was as 2d as any NeoGeo SS and it had tons of fatalities and gory special moves :P

      See for yourself:

      Even the previous 3d installments of Samurai Spirits had their share of fatalities, here is a video from Samurai Spirits 64 (it’s much more sober than Zero Special since the violence is depicted using artworks, but still counts):

    • Actually, dicing up the enemy (literally) in a splash-filled bloodfest has been a part of the SS series. Believe it or not.

  • dragonmasterx

    I don’t think it’s so shocking if you compare it to movie ratings. All the Saw movies are rated R-15 in Japan AFAIK.

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