Take A Look At This Toshinden Trailer

By Spencer . October 2, 2009 . 9:10am

Screenshots can only show so much. The batch we saw didn’t have Carmine summoning a dragon or unnecessary butt shaking.


Toshinden seems fast and a bit on the wacky side from this trailer. One of the female fighters attacks with a stuffed toy and transforms from a girl to a woman. Another character, dressed in cowboy garb, carries a gattling gun.


Stuffed toys and cowboys with gattling guns face of in Japan in December. Tomy hasn’t announced if they’re going to publish Toshinden outside of Japan at this time.


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  • anbu

    the presentation looks nice. its good to see toshiden back. its one of my first fighting games on the psx back then. it was an easy to pick up fighting game. the art designs are really similar to those seen in gundam seed characters, really nice. heres hoping rival school will be pick up next soon~

  • kazalt

    So…Is this supposed to Toshinden, or something else that they slapped the name onto? Where is everyone from the old games? No Eiji? Duke? Ellis? Gaia? Sho? Hell, Give me Rungo or Mondo or something! Who are these people? The game looks alright, but that music just sounded so generic.

    Atleast it can’t be a bad as Battle Arena Toshinden Remix for the Saturn.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t think they’re going for a direct sequel here, since even the To”shin”den title is different, it’s more of a loose spinoff.. I remember the old game felt so fresh and the character design was so unique. This looks good to me, but maybe a bit generic like the others said.

  • Jaxel

    Looks absolutely terrible; like a generic anime fighter… but really, can you expect anything else from Takara Tomy?

    • kazalt

      Yeah, the more I watch the trailer, the more I agree with this post. This has generic written all over it, then someone spilled more generic on top of it. Takara then ran over it a few times with a generic truck just to hammer it in.

      Someone needs to take this behind the garage and put it out of it’s misery before some poor sap is fooled into buying it.

      ::One year later, Kazalt walks out of best buy with a copy:: Dammit!

  • MB21

    I never played a Toshinden, so probably I don´t know about the characters and the changes they made in the franchise. Still, this doesn´t look that bad visually, but I fear this seems to play just like Naruto Clash of Ninja, that is, one button for normal attacks and one for special attacks.

    Now that i think about it…this reminds me of Castlevania Judgement.

    Oh well, I guess I won´t be sad if this remains in Japan…

  • thaKingRocka

    toshinden, takara, and the wii? that’s a pretty off-putting pedigree right there.

  • ndjn3979

    Too bad all the pretty but generic designs went to waste.

  • Remember Tomy is a company that was originally only known to make pre-school toys uptil the 90’s or so.

    So this is a pretty wild thing coming from a toy company…

    … yes Takara made it originally, but this Toushinden (with a u folks XD) was made as possible full-reboot of the IP and specifically for the Wii… after two whole gens since the last Toshinden!

    Hope Tomy USA brings it over.

    Man, I can still rmember seeing the Pop-Up Pirate commercials when I was young during the 90’s. :)

    • Here’s a funny tagline:

      “From the company that brought to you the little Pop-Up Pirate game during your childhood, comes a Japanese fighting game that has stuffed dolls barfing rainbows… literally!”

    • jarrodand

      Tamsoft (of Onechanbara infamy) made the original Tohshinden games (all of them, even the Saturn ports) for Takara btw. And actually, Onechanbara Wii looks nicer than this, and that’s a beat ’em up. :/

      Dream Factory’s fall from grace still hurts. Damn you The Bouncer!

  • lostinblue

    needs work

  • After seeing that I need to go back and play Castlevania Judgement.
    That is way better than what this is going to be.

  • awww i still hold toshiden 4 very dear T__T love those mini games ! too bad i dotn own a wii XD hehehe

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