Finally, A Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie Trailer

By Spencer . October 8, 2009 . 10:36am

It’s been in development for a long time, probably because Heartbeat doesn’t exist anymore and ArtePiazza didn’t have another DS remake to act as a base for Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie.


One of Dragon Quest VI’s key features is it has two maps to explore, a real world and a dream world. New features, like extra dungeons which Artepiazza added to the other two DS remakes, haven’t been announced yet.


  • QBasic

    Hey, look! It’s a Super Saiyan 7! That variety has blue hair!

    Seriously though…why rely on an artist who has zero sense of variety and imagination?

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t get why people constantly complain about one artist drawing in his own “consistent” style. Every manga-ka has a signature art style. Amano draws in one way, Nomura, Takahashi Rumiko, etc in their different ways, nobody else draws like them (well Nomura has become generic). Toriyama is one of the most unique artists in the manga history, you could mistake characters from one anime w/ another, but nobody draws like Toriyama, a style that he invented and instantly recognizable in the whole world, not to mention his imagination when it comes to designing monsters and unique worlds. He’s still one of my favorite artists to this day. If you just don’t like the “Dragonball” style, that’s another matter. I think most people are fed up w/ Toriyama’s style since both Dragon Ball and Dragon Quest sport his design, the most famous manga and video game respectively.

      Going by your logic, one could argue Miyamoto Musashi from Vagabond looks very much like Sakuragi Hanamichi from Slam Dunk since they’re both drawn by Inoue Takehito (who gave Lost Odyssey a very special character design), except Musashi has facial hair and is in Kimono instead of modern clothes.

      Or like Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) or Adachi Mitsuru, their art styles have not changed much over the decades, but the cool thing is one glance at their arts, you could tell it’s penned by those authors and nobody else. In Adachi’s case, I guess you could say his characters all look the same since he’s been drawing sports manga (mostly baseball) for many many years, from Touch to H2 to now Cross Game. On the other hand, I’m always amazed by the exotic clothes and unique worlds created by Toriyama. I don’t think Chrono Trigger would’ve been as memorable w/o his design.

      • thaKingRocka


  • Holy memory lane. It’s about time. DQVI was a pretty darn good. I have been in the mood to replay VII, also.

  • sladinus

    You are an idiot, QBasic … Dragon Quest VI was out LONG before Dragon Ball Z’s Adult Gohan or a Super Saiyan Gohan, for that matter was created. And DQ always relied on Akira Toriyama’s drawings. I guess you avatar is more imaginative … NOT!

    • QBasic

      No, no. If anything in here is imaginative by miles, it’d be your Borat comeback.

      That said…Dragon Ball kicked off in 1985…and you didn’t need Super Saiyans to get the hairstyle that early in the manga… Yet, this thing keeps nagging at me….it could just be me, but isn’t DQVI an SNES game from 1995?

      It doesn’t matter what came first; the lingering fact is that the dude’s got zero sense of variety. Every single one of his characters looks exactly the same. It’s as if he created a few different templates…then just tweaks them for each different project.

      • Pesmerga00

        While I love a lot of the stuff he works on…….I gotta agree with Q here.

        I mean, I can’t be the only one with a DQVIII hero named Gohan.

        • Aoshi00

          The problem is Dragon Ball (or its super saiyan spiky hair) has been so iconic for over 20 years, everything else that comes from Toriyama afterwards would automatically remind everyone of Goku.

          Manga artists’ art styles stay constant throughout their career for the most part, despite some gradual changes over the years, mostly from softer and rounder strokes to the more stiff and confident lines, obvious if you compare Dr. Slump and Dragonball, Video Girl Ai and Zetman (from Katsura Masakazu), early Slam Dunk to Vagabond, City Hunter to Angel Heart (Hojo Tsukasa), Rurouni Kenshin to Embalming (in Watsuki’s case, Kenshin’s art changed drastically from beginning to end, and his style continued to evolve in Gun Blaze West, Busou Renkin, etc, for better or worse).

          Again, I don’t see why people would complain about an artist drawing in his own style, in this case DQ characters looking like Dragon ball, you don’t expect Toriyama to draw like Amano, or Amano to draw like Obata Takeshi all of a sudden right? BTW, some artists’ art styles really have gone downhill, I liked Obata’s art style the most in the early Hikaru no Go and Death Note, but it’s become really crappy in Blue Dragon Ral & Grad and the current Bakuman (so ugly..), or Fujisaki Ryu (early Houshin Engi was the best, to the horror manga Shiki now which ain’t so good..)

          I know people probably can’t tell the difference, but I liked Toriyama’s style from the Saiyan arc to Android arc the best, very balanced and not as stiff as now (Blue Dragon’s design is a total letdown even if the aim was to have a simple design..)

          • QBasic

            Alright, if you want signature consistent style with *variety*, I can name a few mangka right off the top of my head that have an iconic style, yet enough elbow room for imagination:
            -Obata Takeshi
            -Kubo Tite
            -Yang Kyung-il
            -Yasuhiro Nighttow

            That’s just off the top of my head… By simply looking at some of these dudes’ art, you can tell right away it’s them… Yet each of their individual works aren’t character templates; aren’t carbon copies.

            That’s my biggest gripe with Toriyama; I don’t mind style. It’s just that honest to god, I think he cheapens his way through each work via some sort of template. “Hmm… So they want me to design a spunky young hero, a nerdy inventor girl, and a cool long-haired samurai! Hmmm…Hmmm! Aha, let’s see…Okay, Template #24 for Spiky Haired Hero. Just gonna adjust his belt….here! Now, nerdy girl…Template #45. Hmm…I think, a stringy bobbed haircut will do for her! And lastly, cool Samurai… Hmm… Nah. I think I’ll go with the Mohawk Character Template #46, and maybe recolor his pants… Yeah!”

          • Aoshi00

            Well, Obata’s art has really gone down the crapper after Death Note, and he’s strictly an artist/illustrator since he doesn’t do stories and could concentrate on just drawing. I was a fan Clamp’s art style back in RG Veda/Tokyo Babylon or early X, but their simpler art style w/ minimal screen tone really made me dislike them (also it’s a 4-women group, at least back then).. I don’t think Toriyama’s chars are carbon copies, I think it’s because his art style is too distinct, like I could say Kubo Tite’s Bleach looks exactly like his short Zombie Powder and his guys are always skinny and girls w/ huge boobs..

            To me, it isn’t the looks of the designs, but rather how they are used in a story. If you look at Kurumada Masami’s Ryuuji, Seiya, or Teppei, from Ring ni Kakero, Saint Seiya, and B’tX they all look exactly the same w/ different clothing, yet one is a boxing manga, the latter two action manga w/ boys in armors (one based on Greek constellation and the other mechanical), but each character is distinct from the next based on the story’s context, despite the near identical look.

            I suppose Toriyama isn’t left w/ too much room because DQ always has a medieval setting, so his chars are limited to knights, dancers, magicians, etc. I thought Tobal 2 has some interesting design and more realistic facial features.

            Also, I’m not sure if you know this, the manga artists who belong to the older camp actually all share this feature, their characters do look the same from manga to manga, like Takahashi’s Inuyasha looking like Ranma or Godai..

            To me though, it’s the “worlds” that Toriyama creates that fascinates me. Flying dragons, lush forests, various kinds of monsters, etc.. when I read his manga, like Dr. Slump or Dragonball, those worlds are imaginative and like none other.

          • Aoshi00

            Just want to add this, I see what you’re saying w/ the super saiyan hair or mohawk hair and all from a template. But think about this, character designs like the bald/3-eyed Tenshinhan, ghost-like Chaozu in chinese clothing, turtle hermit, Vegeta, Trunks, Cell, alien Freeza, chubby Android 19 and the elder Android 20 Dr. Gero, do they all share the same looks? They couldn’t be anymore different than one another. I think Toriyama can draw variety, but at this stage after drawing DB and DQ for so long, and he’s in semi-retirement, I think the imagination has all been but drained. But if he tries, he’s still one of the most imaginative artist w/ a unique art style all to his own. Obata Takeshi, if you look back, while his art was good, it’s basically generic manga art. Also like I said, DQ’s medieval setting just doesn’t leave much room for radical design. Maybe they should do a Nomura like how they switched out Amano since after 6 installments FF’s artstyle had also grown stale too.

          • QBasic

            I dunno… I don’t wanna sound like a rabid fanboy, but I’ll take Amano any day over Nomura…

            Amano’s artstyle is just too unique to really get stale… It’s too reminiscent of old traditional Japanese, and the real flick with him is that he mixes the new and old.

            Nomura on the other hand…well… He’s got fair share of uniqueness. But….take a look at the majority of his stuff: Belt and zipper fetish.

            And what’s with Organization XIII? They’re like a group of Final Fantasy villain concept design rejects…

            This may come as a shocker, but the most unique and best stuff I’ve seen from Nomura is also his most subtle work: Versus XIII. You can’t get anymore normal looking than that in a Final Fantasy. Yet, it works. It really does. There’s just something about a hero in a slick black suit. Makes the generic look less generic.

          • Aoshi00

            I’m not sure if you’re referring to the CG arts from Versus XIII.. the thing is I haven’t seen the actual Nomura drawings on XIII or VS XIII, you know like the cover of Dissidia, or FF 7, 8, and 10, where there are actual illustrations of the characters. I admit Amano is on another level since he’s primarily an artist rather than a manga author who needs to tell a story every week and draw at the same time, so that takes a toll on creativity I’m sure. But yeah, it would be really cool if they bring back Amano on board future FFs, or he’s not too into commercial stuffs nowadays.. and Uematsu on a numbered FF, not online, and Gooch (but not after Square kicked him out for making Spirits w/in..), then we would have a real FF reunion.

            BTW, I just thought about the Castlevania Wii game done by Obata, they ddo look exactly like Yagami Light and Misa, so he’s not excused from using carbon copies either, lol..

            I share your Org. XIII sentiment, that’s why I’m not terribly interested in KHs, but the Disney stuff is cool.

          • QBasic

            You really don’t need sketches for Versus. Hell, FFXIII doesn’t have any art from Nomura, yet the message comes through.

          • Aoshi00

            I didn’t think the VS XIII design looks special at all, just a bunch of Turks/Men in black in HD if you ask me.. I’m just curious to see what his actual drawings are, seems like XIII isn’t having any of that even as character portraits in the menu (like 7,8, & 10). If so, that’s really a pity, I want too see non-CG Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Vanille, and Hope.

          • QBasic

            At best, I found sketches:

            Also, for me the simplicity of the VSXIII designs is what makes them click for me. Sometimes, a dude in a suit is all you need to get the mood down. VSXIII is supposed to be a very “modern” FF, and I think relatively average look helps it all slide down nice and easy.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for digging those up (just saved them), that’s what I’m talking about, wonder why they aren’t more published, and colored, guess CG is sufficient these days.. look at the Madonna arms on Lightning, lol.

          • I think you made a haphazard comment on a whim and now you’re just trying too hard to prove a point. “Art” (carbon copy-esque or not) is completely up for debate at all times. If you don’t like Toriyama, just leave it at that. Why waste so much time telling people who enjoy it that you don’t like it? =) Personal opinion but CLAMP may be a bad example of “non-template” looks. Drink and be merry, gentlemen…

            PS: Just for manga’s sake…I’d say 三浦 建太郎 [Miura Kentarou]is my favorite mangaka.

          • Pesmerga00

            I think it really does come down to over-exposure, and being saturated in his work. Like you said in one of your other posts, the android arc of Dragonball had a lot of variety. The current Dragon Quests however, not so much. The setting doesn’t leave for a lot of wiggle room but come on.

            I think you pretty much nailed it though with Toriyama being semi-retired. He really is on autopilot.

  • Joanna


    question, no character customization in this one either? not even a gender choice like in 4? :(

    well I guess I have 9 to look forward to for my customization needs. :D

  • sladinus

    I was talking about Adult Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball came out in 1985, that’s true, but the Buu Saga ( where adult Gohan appears for the first time ) was aired way after DQ6 came out. So you could say Gohan was copyed from DQ6 hero. I agree with you in the variety and imagination thing, but still, I guess when Akira dies, Dragon Quest will die with him. ( unless the Death Note artist joins … eh eh )

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