No, That’s Not A PSPgo, It’s An Imitation

By Spencer . October 8, 2009 . 11:50am

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The PSPgo has been on shelves for about a week and there’s already a clone.


The device on the left is a Slide Panel Retro and it doesn’t play PSP games. It, according to the product page, has an emulator for 16 bit games, a camera, FM radio, and MP3 player. Whoever made this went to great lengths to copy Sony. Even the beveled back is the same, minus the PSP logo.





I hope Sony’s lawyers abide by the adage “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”


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  • QBasic

    Well…at least it isn’t the POPstation…

    • My favorite is the PolyStation.
      I think Spencer covered one of the games in it – the one with Pikachu in Super Mario Bros.

      • QBasic

        Did he? Seriously? When?

        • Bah! I can’t post links here (the system must think it’s spam), but search for “pika pirate” on this site.

          I remember playing it on my nephew’s Polystation that he got for Christmas.
          It actually has some pretty decent games if you ever try it.

          • QBasic

            Just remove the “h” from “http”. That seems to do the trick.

          • Aoshi00

            So that’s the trick.. I was wondering why some of my posts got “moderated” and never showed up because of a link, and it was some cool stuff I wanted to share from youtube :(…

          • Ahh sorry about the links. Those are going through spam filters :(. I’m going to try to readjust the site so everyone can put one link in a post without it getting tossed in the moderation graveyard.

          • Aoshi00

            And I thought Spence was the cruel “moderator”, lol..

          • QBasic

            Lol. I thought so too…

            Oh well, no rush dude. :3 I think we can make do with the link trick for now.

  • PXP-2000…

    Yea, they’re really trying.

  • to be fair, there were tons of sliding portable media players on eBay before Sony announced the PSPGo. Sony’s aesthetic design for this thing wasn’t exactly ground breaking. Maybe this is just a coincidence…Obviously it isn’t, but still.

    I feel bad for all the kids who nag their parents for video games, only to instead get a knock off system.


    I take it back. It must be funny when they get their hopes up, only to realize they’ve been duped by frugal relatives. Hehe…

    • QBasic

      Hey, I’ll take a Polystation 3 over grandma’s wool boxers any day…

    • Haha! My sister is like that to her kids! Instead of giving them all the cool stuff she gives them “Justice Friends” figures, Pokemon toys that aren’t really Pokemon, t-shirts with a purple Bugs Bunny, and of course the Polystation.

      It’s going to be pretty interesting seeing them as adults.

  • cowcow


    • Aoshi00

      How much does this fake go for?

      No matter how much I like new gadgets, I still can’t bring myself to buy this (got pretty close though if I hadn’t missed Dell’s 15% off deal, bringing the Go to $212 plus tax), when I consider the inability to play the dozens of UMD games I own and my unwillingness to buy full games digitally. And for a mp3 player or paper weight, the price is still steep… Will wait till they let us play our UMD library or a special edition PSPGo, I’m a sucker for that, and right now the two colors are both bad anyway, fingerprint black or sparkly white.

      I heard the Go even uses a new type of memory stick right? Does that mean you can’t even transfer the save files from the PSP to Go? The cons of this machine are just too many…

      • Like $80 something at that one site. There are probably other retailers selling this under different names.

  • It’ll never happen, but I hope the clone-makers get sued to oblivion. That is, unless their clone plays UMDs.

    • CleruTesh

      Couldn’t disagree more. When it comes to patents, I really think it is ridiculous when companies sue each other over aesthetic similarities. However, an unlicensed player for a proprietary copy-protected format would be stepping over the line IMHO. Although I do take issue with the “emulator for 16 bit games”, which I doubt has any legitimate use.

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