PS3 Bayonetta Demo Emphasizes Sega Conversion

By Spencer . October 8, 2009 . 9:48pm

In case you didn’t know PlatinumGames isn’t fully responsible for the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta.


The demo makes it painfully obvious by ending with the words “Converted by Sega.”




Strange way to close, isn’t it?

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  • Aoshi00

    I caught that and thought it was strange too, guess it was to reassure people it’s a “good port’? Yet reminding people it’s a port nonetheless.. I have a feeling any difference in graphics is not something I’d be able to notice and comes down to controller preference. Still, “converted by Sega”, they just want me to buy it on 360 don’t they, lol..

    BTW, I hope a bonus soundtrack would come w/ the pre-order, the music is so nice, I could imagine just listening to it everywhere.

    • QBasic

      Who knows. But I hope this works for ya til then:

      C: Just throwin’ a bone towards a fellow Bayonetta fan.

      • I’ll check it out when I get home; thanks, Q. I can’t wait for this game. Madworld didn’t quite fill the void that I’ve had since DMC4 and Godhand. It was good but not the same.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks, lovely tunes indeed :)

    • MadMirko

      Hm, Platinum Games DID emphasize on occasion that they developed the 360 version, as complaints regarding the PS3 port’s graphics arose. I guess they really want you to buy their version.

      Question is, do they know about more issues that were not visible in the demo? I’ll definitely stick to the 360 version, just in case.

      • Aoshi00

        You’re right, if one has both systems, might as well stick w/ the original just to be safe. Plus achievement >> trophy, lol

        • Well, it seems like things have paid off in me going 360 for all multi-releases. DMC4, SH:Homecoming, Bayonetta; each version seems to have had some sort of small problem that helped me choose the 360 version. I’ll probably pick up the PS3 version when it’s $10 but the 360 will be bought on release. I don’t have a problem with the RB/LB like many others, so I should be safe. I know multi-releases are great for the companies but I really wish we’d only get exclusives for most games.

          Does anyone else feel that PS3’s online is terrible if you actually have several online-gaming friends? I guess it’s good they don’t charge to have service like LIVE or I’d probably be stuck with another bill. My friends are spread across the US/World nowadays and LIVE just makes contact/gaming and such so much smoother.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I still can’t get over the Halos looking exactly like the rings in Sonic! Let’s hope this game brings Sega back… Enough crappy Sonic games!! Maybe Sega is trying to show gamers that they have more up their sleeves, hence the blatant “SEGA DID THIS” message at the end.

    And yes, I know the story about why the rings look like Sonic rings…

  • jarrodand

    Reminds me of all the “Reprogrammed by Sega” credits in old SMS/Genesis games.

  • mooncalf

    I would be assuming it was demanded by Platinumgames so everyone knows they weren’t responsible for poor quality port.

    • thebanditking

      I don’t know why they would do that though as its still their game and character, also obviously stating this shows more fault on their part then anything else. As most people will conclude that Platinum is small/weaker studio who was not capable to creating a multi-plat title and it wont matter who they push blame on to. I guess this title was meant to be a 360 exclusive but Microsoft had no interest in it and when Sega picked it up they had no interest in it being 360 only either, since that would mean poor sales in Japan and lower worldwide sales then if it were multiplat. Though when it came to porting it Platinum was either too small or too inexpierenced to do it.

  • maxchain

    I want that on my tombstone.

  • azez

    thank u sega for converting the game that,s why i,ll get the ps3 port

  • thebanditking

    Well, I downloaded the demo yesterday and from what I saw the PS3 version seemed OK (nowhere near like how Ghostbusters was). Naturally I can’t check out the 360 one as MS and its stupid Gold Only policy prevents me from doing so. But the PS3 one looked decent if not a little grey though more importantly it ran decently, slight screen tearing but nothing most will notice, and I did not notice any slowdown. Still not sure what I am buying this for yet but unless the PS3 one has some huge install or ends up being horrible I will likely just buy that one, for controller comfort.

  • Natabuu

    There was a weird glitch I noticed while playing the PS3 demo last night. At the mid-point of the second boss battle, the giant throws the section of bridge you are on and everything goes slow-motion while you jump off of it onto safe ground. Normal speed then returns for everything except the bridge which continues slowly flip through the air.

  • do_butana

    there just using this as a excuse so they dont get hounded for the crappy quality.
    but it is your fault PlatinumGames your the ones making the game its your job to say sega no this is not good enough.
    come release day if the ps3 version is not up to scratch im not buying it, thats fine if your to lazy to bring up the quality than im to lazy to play it and spend my hard earned cash on it.
    lazy developers are really starting to piss me off lately and we have the wii to thank.
    because of that developers think they can make crappy cheap games and make millions of it.
    how much time and money do you think went into wii fit?
    and thats sold like 12 million copies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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