Atlus Couldn’t Think Of A More Impractical Persona 3 Portable Costume

By Spencer . October 9, 2009 . 12:17am


Out of all the possible outfits Altus could have made for the new female protagonist they thought high leg leotards were good equipment when fighting shadows.


Maybe it protects the wearer from Mudo or something.


Pictures of Mitsuru Santa costume and giant drill are on the official blog.

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  • O….M….G O_o

  • malek86

    Maybe it gives Charm attack status to your weapon ><

    • Hexen

      or it distracts enemies and your party mates.

  • Ereek

    I could have sworn Yukari had a red version of that in FES.

    • Pretty sure she did. Rare find.

      Stats on it weren’t that great though…

      • endaround

        The stats were good for when you could get it, unlike say the swimsuits which by the time you had enough money to buy them they were surpassed.

    • raymk

      yes yukari did have a red one and mitsuru has a black one

  • anbu

    there are 2 games im really looking forward to the most on the psp, one is this and the other is naruto accel 3.

    i do like peace walker but those 2 games above pique my interest the most~

  • Slashlen

    Thank you Atlus.

  • I about died looking at Mitsuri w/ Drill.

    Uber Attack Power +1.

  • Can I have this already?
    My Japanese is pretty poor, but importing becomes more and more tempting :)

  • Just read some of the blog on Famitsu when it finally hit me that in game events will not have the 3D characters either, which is very disappointing to me.

    Some of what made the scenes so enjoyable was the acting of the 3D models (simple as they might be).

    2 instance that pop into my head as this being a big negative is with the security camera scenes you find in the control room. Those played out with a bunch of physicality for their humor. And then there’s the Aegis chase scene on the beach (around the time you first meet her). How could that possibly play out with a cursor?

    • ‘…the security camera scenes you find in the control room…’

      Junpei’s room had me rolling.

    • endaround

      We don’t know that. After all they went with in game models for the awakening scene. Some are certainly dropped but they could keep the more important ones

      • Did you read the Famitsu blog post? They certainly make it sound like that is exactly what they’ve done.

  • Eh, it’s not really any worse than dressing Mitsuru or Yukari in the same piece of armor (specifically the High-Cut Armor, at least in the US release).

    However, Santa Mitsuru (with “Merry Christmas, [email protected][email protected]” Drill) and Mitsuru with the pool cue makes me wonder if maybe they’re switching up her weapon? She previously used one-handed swords, the same as the protag’s default weapon, but maybe she’s switching to spears like Ken.

  • Hello_Hello

    I’d be surprised if they DIDN’T throw in a little shameless fan service.

  • endaround

    For those who don’t know, the Japanese site has dolls of all the characters to play around with including alt costumes. I think they did a great job on the MShe’s winter clothing.

  • Code

    Theses were in the P3:FES too! Impractical, sure, but still great!

  • QBasic

    I don’t see the big hootnanny here… =/ It’s not like we haven’t seen these before.

    Oh, and as a personal sidenote, I find these to be *very* practical in applying to combat utilization. :3

  • Xeahnort

    I´d love to see Yukari and Aegis in Santa costumes.

  • I’m loving the Santa hat on Mitsuru !

  • Kay

    Santa Mitsuru with a drill is such a nod to the fact that FemMC’s voice actor is also Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

    The drill will have stats that will pierce the heavens!

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