Xseed Working On Their First PlayStation 3 Game

By Spencer . October 9, 2009 . 11:20am

image Right now, Xseed is looking for 1-2 part time QA testers and the job responsibilities include “play-through of new games titles (DS, Wii, PSP, and PS3)”. Xseed hasn’t announced any PlayStation 3 games, so this is something new.


We can eliminate Rainy Woods, a Marvelous title, since the QA position doesn’t state Xbox 360 games as part of the job. Actually, we can probably eliminate most multi-platform games too. I wonder what this could be… Wizardry: Dungeon of the Imprisoned Souls? 3D Dot Game Heroes? Something from their parent company, AQ Interactive, that hasn’t even been announced in Japan yet?



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  • I’d lean towards the former guess than the latter, myself…

    • Wizardry? Or did you mean a non-AQ game in general?

      • Oh, Wizardry. I’d lean towards that as opposed to 3D Dot. No reason, though. I just think XSeed and Wizardry fit better. Again, no reason or logic to back it up.

        • Hey, I never said there was. :P

          Xseed have so damn much on their plate though. They’re delaying EVERYTHING. You’ve got to wonder how much that hurts their sales…

          • *sends an e-mail


          • QBasic

            Well. :P It’s nothing in comparison to how Bandai releases anime DVDs. Code Geass R2 Part II got pushed back…like…what, four times now?

            Really. Delaying a DVD with barebones bonus features…and episodes that aired DUBBED months ago… What the hell.

          • To be fair, it does take about a year to forget all the plotholes in Code Geass R2. Thanks to this, their sales will go up, up, up!

  • Marcus70

    I’m wondering since Record of Agarest War is coming via PSN next month, could Wizardry: Dungeon of the Imprisoned Souls be distributed to the Northern American PSN eventually?

    Ah, fond memories of Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna. I remember being stuck in the first room for hours, until one of my priests casted a light spell during combat and I could finally see the secret door.

    • You know I’m still wondering how they’re going to distribute Agarest. If they distribute the whole thing in a lump sum, they’re going to run into FAT32 limitations of 4GB file size. Agarest in its entirety is much larger than that. Maybe they’ll do it in parts like how MGS4 put parts on your drive per section?

      • That’s not a bad thought and something I didn’t realize. I guess they could split the download into “parts”, but you only have to pay for the first part (which you need to run the game)… then when all parts are on your PS3, they kind of… join together? Like buying the separate Lions and then turning them into Voltron.

        I have no idea how it works, but that’s how my logic flows. Poorly.

        • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen PSN do this for ‘chapter-based’ games before. Split it 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, etc. and download each piece individually, if you want, or the whole thing for a lesser price all told.

          Whether or not they’ll do this here is not something I would know. They haven’t ever delved past the 4 gig game mark for me to know. In theory, however, you could make it to where 4+ gig things worked in tangent with each other…much like how your backups will never come back in one set file but will always work anyways. Perhaps there’s a way it will divide itself into multiple files but you wouldn’t know anyways when you download it.

          Again, all theory, I’m not entirely sure how that would work myself…I only know so much about the file system because I work on computers every day as it is for a profession. I don’t program for Sony so I wouldn’t know how that would work. Would’ve been so much easier to just give us all physical discs, honestly. :P

          • Hah, physical discs are the most convenient… but you wouldn’t believe the royalties/demands Sony/MS/Nintendo demand for titles – or the fact big-name retailers like GameStop tend to refuse to stock new, niche IPs.

            I think Aksys is releasing it this way because it’s, quite literally, the only feasible way to get it to the US.

            If it catches on, maybe someone will pick up Agarest Senki Zero…

          • Oh I’d believe it…it explains a lot about how niche RPGs have a hard time getting off the ground when they have pressure to perform with an audience that doesn’t exactly crave them like they do in their home country…I know that’s one of the major reasons that word of mouth and hype helps these things.

            It also puts a great deal of pressure on the localization crews out there to make it worth everyone’s while for games like this.

            But yea, if that’s the only route that’s feasible for that catch, that’s fine. I just hope that doesn’t introduce a means of being lazy with some of the work, though. At the same time, we have digital distribution and digital patch…so at least if we get a game on a this-gen console and there IS a problem, it can be corrected…if and when the localizers get on it.

          • Can’t reply any further XD

            But you’re right. Patches are making this generation a little more convenient for developers, but in the same sentence a little more complacent.

            For example, NISA is trying really, really hard to turn their reputation around and work very diligently to catch any more of those nasty bugs plaguing their/our games, but it’s also helpful to know things can always get a patch as people find stuff that may have been overlooked.

            A double-edged sword, really.

      • Gestahl

        PS3 HDD is not FAT32 and there’s no 4GB limitation.

        • Actually…it is…and it does have 4GB -PER FILE- limitations. I should kinda know this because I’ve pulled drives from mine and others and analyzed drives and made 2.5″ SATA drives work in them (I have a 250GB PS3 already, in essence).

          If you ever look at data for a game, MGS4 for instance, you will notice it never goes over 4000MB for its data. That is because it is running into that limitation. If it used NTFS file system, that would be a Microsoft-based file system…and Sony wouldn’t do that. Why they didn’t think on an EXT-based/Linux-based system with their initial start with Linux on PS3s is absolutely beyond me.

          • Gestahl

            I’ve copied large files (movies of over 10GB in one mkv-file) to the PS3 HDD, and didn’t have any problem with that. Don’t you mistake the inner HDD with the external one?

          • It’s a matter of how it saves it on your PS3 hard drive. It may very well be a 10GB file at the beginning of the process, but it might very well be three files (4GB, 4GB, 2GB) at the end of the copy-over. A backup on the PS3 may say that it’ll be >4GB (10, 20, 40, whatever) onto another media but it will save it in multiple files if it goes over. You can actually look this information up on Google by looking for ‘PS3 HDD file system’. It’ll show you the very same.

            External drives are the same way. You cannot use any flash media on a PS3 without it being FAT32. It won’t recognize, otherwise. FAT12/16 I’m not exactly sure…I’m not sure if it recognizes all FAT systems as well as EXFAT (although I would think EXFAT works but legacy FATs are a guess).

  • Isn’t Wizardry a PSN game? That’s most likely what they’re working on, it’s small and a digital download game’s obviously much easier to work with than a pricy retail game.

  • jarrodand

    No 360? I guess Rainy Woods is still a ways off then…

  • Ereek

    Hmm, is it possible that it is the PSN version of Zeno Clash? ATLUS only seems to have rights to the 360 version.

    Just for those of you with hope for a certain title, as unlikely as I feel it to be, remember that XSEED and Bamco are generally on good terms. . .

    • No, XSEED already said they won’t pursue Tales games. So I HIGHLY doubt they’re bringing over Vesperia.

  • Guest

    Read this wrong I thought you said developing.

    Would like it to be 3D Dot Game Heroe.

  • I’m inclined to think Dot Game Heroes over Wizardry.

    XSEED seems willing to try new things in hopes of a cult hit, but unwilling to follow in the footsteps of a commercial failure (see: Shiren 2/3/4, GCCX2 *sob!*) I know Acquire is not Success and PSN is not retail, but I seriously doubt they’d try something like Wizardry when I could go out tomorrow and buy Dark Spire for $5.

    OTOH, Dot Game Heroes is getting lots of hype, and whoever gets the license can ride the coattails of Demon’s Souls. And the vast majority of From Software’s games (including all of their current-gen console titles) have seen US release. I’d be pretty shocked if DGH became an exception.

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