Bon Jovi Rockin’ Out For… A Final Fantasy Commercial

By Spencer . October 12, 2009 . 11:03pm

imageOut of all the J-pop artists, idols, and bands Square Enix could have asked to do the music for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers commercial they selected Bon Jovi.


His single “We weren’t born to follow” will be used in the upcoming ad scheduled to air in Japan later this month. No word if the song will be in the game or if Square Enix USA is considering the same marketing plan.


Never thought I’d see a cross promotion with Final Fantasy and Bon Jovi, but I never imagined a Final Fantasy game with a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball mini-game either.

  • Guest

    Oh dear god. Ive heard this crap for MLB commercials and no idea it was Bon Jovi.
    Anyways crap song for what will turn out to be most likely a crappy game. Oh and I guess this is better than the average cringe worth J-Pop woman singing songs for RPG’s lately. Dont get me wrong I like Jpop just not that garbage for FFXIII Kingdom Hearts or even Tales of Graces.

    I’ll stick with Level 5 and Marvelous for my RPG fix. Oh and Namco Bandai whenever the hell they choose to localize their damn Tales of games. After the garbage that was 358/2 Days Im done with giving S-E anymore tries to make anything decent

    • Kaoro

      I have heard the song on those MLB commercials too. Can’t stand it. I think it’s kinda cool they’re using an American artist… but Bon Jovi? Bleh.

      Oh well, no matter how much I dislike the song, FFCC: Crystal Bearers looks so good :).

      • indeed Cb looks to be a great game, but it has to much zelda on it and okami had too… and look what were the sad tales of okami ;.;

  • kylehyde

    it’s not a bad song, but not their best song.

  • JeremyR

    Of all the baffling pop culture things of the past several years, none has puzzled me more than the resurgence in popularity of Bon Jovi.

    • QBasic

      Obviously you haven’t experienced the Carlos Santana effect.

      Still nothing to date is as unfathomable as THAT guy’s miraculous comeback. THAT is the real puzzle of the music world.

  • It would have been badass to see one of his older hits on here. Just imagine Lighting wailing on badniks to “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

    One of my fantasies is seeing-erm, hearing The Pillows in a video game. I always listen to them while playing Katamari. They fit together like a glove.

    • kylehyde

      100% agree with “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

  • cowcow

    Why cant they just use Black Mages or JAM Project?

  • Ahahaha. This is like a kick in the pants for Final Fantasy.

  • MadMirko

    Oh god.

    I think I get what they were trying to do (“be a cool (=Western) game hero, who is totally rock’n roooooollll. Like Bon Jovi. The End.”), but I hope they are not trying the same angle over here.

  • All I can really say is…

    FF9 + Coke commercial. Nothing beats it for the FF commercials (that I remember, at least).

    • I totally agree. I remember those ads!

  • QBasic

    Why? I could name at least two dozen songs off the top of my head from Jovi better than this turd song…

  • thebanditking

    This is by far the stupidest thing ever, all the emo-esque crying and tear jerker momnents all while Bon Jovi is going “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, OH YEAH!”. Its official this is the lowest the FF series has sank, the KH theme song is silly but this is just stupid. The MLB tv spot with this song are also horrible, makes me want to take a cheese grater to my ears.

    • kazalt

      Woah Woah Woah, hold on sir. Are you trying to say that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was NOT the low point of the Final Fantasy series?

      And while we’re here, what’s wrong with the KH theme song?

    • Hey, you leave Utada out of this. =3

      • kazalt

        I’m sayin’!

      • QBasic

        Sanctuary was god-awful. :(

        • kazalt

          Wrong, sir. Sanctuary was great. It was no Simple and Clean, though.

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