So, Koei Was Teasing Hokuto Musou

By Spencer . October 13, 2009 . 6:22am

hokutomWhat do you get when you mix Fist of the North Star with Dynasty Warriors? This.


Famitsu scans prematurely announced Fist of the North Star Musou or Hokuto Musou, it’s proper title. The game is slated to come out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year.


While confirmed for Japan, an international release has not been announced. Koei could follow Sega’s Last Battle plan and alter Hokuto Musou to avoid licensing issues.




But, judging from past comments here on Siliconera, Hokuto Musou is, as Kenshiro would say, “already dead” to you guys.

  • “Koei could follow Sega’s Last Battle plan and alter Hokuto Musou to avoid licensing issues.”

    This would defeat the purpose of using the Fist licens…make game generic please :(

  • Last Battle AND Black Belt. Doesn’t ThatKingRocka have that as his avatar to boot? Hahaha. What license issue did they have for the past 20 years anyway? I never researched that. I’d prefer they kept Hokuto no Ken intact for once.

    I’m actually interested in this; perhaps due to the fact I haven’t played and only barely watched any of the Musou Warriors games since 1 (Fighting Game) and 2.

  • malek86

    I wonder if Koei will ever return to making games that are not Dynasty Warriors.

    • Or even helping publish games like Gitaroo Man!

      • malek86

        Only if the developers make it a Gitaroo Man Musou.

        • You know, I’d actually play a game with U-1 blasting people away with his Gitaroo. I’m thinking a Brutal Legend story/character palette swap!

  • QBasic

    Motherfuckers. Koei can go straight to hell…

    • cowcow

      Haha I was waiting for you reply

      but yeah…Damn it Koei!! Aligning yourself with Tecmo was supposed to be a good thing! You could have use Team Ninja to your advantage here! Why??

      Well, I will say their new Trinity Zill O’ll dont look half bad so maybe……nah

  • starterman1989

    No Ar Tonelico 3 coverage? =(

  • jarrodand

    Ugh. Looks like I’m going to have to buy a Musou game…

  • hironobusan


    *head splodes*

  • they re too poor to actually buy a license to some great anime for publishing games =.=

  • Aoshi00

    Well, the last time I played a Fist of the North Star game was the simple side scrolling beat em up on the Famicom, so I guess it’s not such a bad thing.. at least I’m more interested in this than Troy Musou. Hokuto Musou, whether you like it or not, that’s kind of got a nice ring to it.

    So are they going to dig the legendary Kamiya Akira out of retirement to voice Kenshirou (he was still reprising his role as Saeba Ryo in Angel Heart the City Hunter sequel a couple of years back), or are they using a new seiyuu to do the kung fu yell? Veteran seiyuu FTW.

  • ndjn3979

    This is an odd yet classic choice. I might actually….buy it cheap….

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