Magnacarta 2 Bonus Pack Contains Bonus Cutscenes

By Spencer . October 14, 2009 . 11:48pm

imageMagnacarta 2 just came out and there’s already downloadable content for it on Xbox Live.


The 84MB download includes:

– Three comical cutscenes with the characters away from the battlefield

– Twelve weapons for the six main characters. Each character gets two strong weapons, one for each fighting style.


You can get the Magnacarta 2 bonus pack from Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). While that seems expensive, were getting a better deal than Japan where each “live drama” cutscene is sold individually for 320 Microsoft Points. Juto’s two bonus weapons are also a separate download which costs 320 Microsoft Points.


Four downloads… at 320 Microsoft Points each… that’s 1,280 MSP or about $16 and there’s still more content to download. If Namco Bandai Japan keeps selling weapon packs for 320 MSP each, the total cost of Magnacarta 2 DLC in Japan will be 2,880 MSP (3x drama packs + 6x weapon packs) or $36.

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  • malek86

    Being Namco, this doesn’t surprise me.

    Expect to see a similar treatment for Tales of Graces.

  • Aoshi00

    A bargain, just d/led it! Wow, this just came out? I was playing MC2 last night and wanted to buy the “extra” and it wasn’t up yet. I’ve been eyeing the live dramas on Jpn Live for a long time but didn’t buy them since it was expensive for 320 pt a piece (and Jpn point cards are expensive). There’s an audio CD that’s being sold in Jpn for 3 addt’l scenes for $30, I wonder if they are the exact same thing. Going to watch the comical scenes tonight.

    You know the bird Igton is voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei in the Jpn ver (Inuyasha, Teddy in P4, etc).

    I wonder if this US pack would let you hear the live dramas in Jpn if you play the Jpn game on a Jpn system. I’m still dying to find out what MS is going to send back to me :(…

    I’m about 14 hrs into it, I like its deep battle system and customization (weapons, fight styles, skill trees), yet not overcomplicated, battles are really fun and the pacing is great. While the story is pretty standard w/ an amnesic hero, it’s a decent story that makes you want to keep playing, and all the characters are interesting. This is even better for me than Vesperia.

    Oh, and the guys don’t have boobs help :)

    • Aoshi00

      For those who are interested, there are some short novels up on the Jpn site, it even has a woman reading it (like the Watchmen graphic novel on blu-ray).


      I only read the first two so far and it detailed the things that happened before the start of the game, will go on and read the others if there no spoilers.

      Just to add on the gameplay, it’s really great you can set party AI, change leader on the fly, and chain characters’ overdrives w/o getting overheated by timing it well (which I didn’t know how to do in the dmeo).

      (the black MC2 faceplate is on my system right now :)

      • Are you sure you’re not MC2 PR, Aoshi? I was going to wait until this weekend to pick up my pre-order but I’m really craving it more and more. I also think the downloads are a deal.

        Does anyone know if these weapons are brand spanking new or can you find them in the game? I’ll probably get the DLC anyway because the cut scenes are new but I’m a curious boy.

        • Aoshi00

          lol, guess I was really plugging it there. It just exceeds my expectation is all, I tried the demo and only thought it was okay, but as you play there’s more stuff you can do, like adding Kamond to your weapons (kind of like FFVII materia), and there’s elemental attributes in the field.. like in a cavern w/ water kan attribute, Celestine has more kan to use her powerful special moves.

          I just tried the DLC, those are kick ass weapons for the whole crew, almost like a cheat. I’m not sure if those would be available later on in the game and you just get them sooner now, so you really have an edge, at least for the time being, and for better or worse might make the game too easy like Lost Odyssey’s free DLC1 that enables Kaim dodge almost any attack in the beginning of the game which would’ve been challenging otherwise (I know I died quite a few times in LO before the DLC rolled out). This game is quite lenient on save points anyway, not too frequent but not too far apart that makes you cry either (like SO4). I wasn’t even thinking of the weapons at all, I was only thinking about the extra scenes, but this is very cool.

          Oh, and the cutscenes here are different than the audio CD that’s coming out in Japan, looking at the synopsis. Like on the CD the crew is trying to throw a b-day party for Princess Zephie, etc.

        • Aoshi00

          Hey, I just watched the first drama (very funny) and to answer your questions, I think these extra weapons are d/l exclusive and not from the game since the maximum achievement is now 1240 instead of 1000 (all weapons for each character 30 x 6 = 180 + watching all 3 dramas is 60 points)

          While the live dramas are fun, the expensive pricing on Jpn Live (320 points a piece) explains the low rating from users.. which was what deterred me from buying it in the first place. This is one of the few DLCs that I feel completely satisfying and reasonably priced.

          • Thanks for all the info! I’ll definitely be picking up Magna Carta 2 this weekend. I can’t remember the last traditional JRPG I finished that was from THIS generation that is on a non-handheld system. It may have been Blue Dragon… really? That was a while ago. Maybe this can break the cycle.

          • Pesmerga00

            Thanks for the impressions Aoshi00.

            I’m about to start the game tomorrow. I was going in expecting the worse, but your info has me actually excited to play it. I’m an RPG buff since the SNES days, so I can tolerate a LOT of cliche.

            So it seems once I get past the familiar concepts, I’m in for smooth sailing?

          • Aoshi00

            lol, don’t mention it, I’m glad my rambling does someone good, Bamco ought to pay me.. yes, I guess you could say it’s alone the lines of the solid traditional RPG. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it isn’t too cliche either that one feels unbearable. The chars are likable. The mechanics are easy and the tutorials are nice, just make sure you get what chain break is, I was too lazy to read the instructions when I played then Jpn demo before.

            Unfortunately the extra DLC that’s solid on the US marketplace for 400 pts won’t work on the Jpn version, otherwise I would be able to use these godly weapons. Lol, the Glay rock song just comes up… Well, I will finish this game in English first, I like Johnny Yong Bosch’s Juto.

  • lucy1986

    *sigh* I know DLC is a great idea and for those looking to dress their character in some outrageous garb or play minigames, it’s magic, but I hate the idea that cutscenes of any nature which give the player a more informed idea about relationships between characters, is download only.
    Rather than being an ‘extra’ it feels like being given an incomplete game and asked to pay for the rest.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, I was never a fan of DLCs, especially for alternative costumes and such which are pretty much useless and something so trivial should be unlockables, but these are just extra scenarios that are outside the main story. And I usually hate Bamco the most for this practice since they DLC everything, but as Spence’s calculation shows, this would cost a whopping 2,880 MS points on Jpn Live (nickel & dime to death) while it’s a mere 400 here, so I jumped right on it. Also if it makes anyone feel better, they are 80+ Mb so they were definitely not something on the disc that’s locked away (even though the contents was planned from the get on). Just like those CD dramas for anime or games, if you really like the story and its characters, you can see them (or hear them) interact different and goof off.. I really liked the cast of Archaic Sealed Heat, people probably forgot about this game, and I went ahead and bought the CD drama as well, it was fun to listen to.

  • vrakanox

    Yeah this is really a pretty amazing game. I can’t put it down at all. One of the best JRPGs I’ve played in a long time.

  • thebanditking

    Technically speaking its a Korean RPG and maybe you guys are all playing a different game, because the one I tried out was not to my liking. The battle system felt disjointed with all the switching and I felt like there was a delay between button presses and the action, which for a standard turn based game is normal but this is not like that. I also though the game looked pretty sub-standard, bland colors poor texture work and lighting. Oh well to each his own.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, I was going to mention, strictly speaking on graphics, it’s not going to win any awards, but it’s not bad looking either. Also I like the world setting and the design, not just because of the Korean artist, but the in game models who actually don’t look like his drawings (and more like the manga/anime Claymore which I really like, I heard the Claymore DS game is crap). Also maybe I was expecting worse from Unreal 3 engine, this doesn’t have any slowdown and load time is almost non-existent (compared to the Last Remnant, load time between room to room, waiting 2-3 secs for textures to fully show up).

      I tried the demo and was really frustrated w/ the overheating because I didn’t know how to do chain breaks, but it’s rather fun once you get used to all the aspects of the game, like each char as two types of weapons and fighting styles, etc. I thought this would feel like lots of grinding in a big overhead map in MMO fashion, but the pacing is rather nice that fighting doesn’t feel like a chore. Maybe some feel $60 is too much, if that’s the case, wait for a price drop to grab this, definitely worth it. I love the artbook, and the game exceeds my expectation. If only this has optional Jpn voice acting, it would be totally perfect…

      Also important for me is I find the characters likable. Johnny Yong Bosch (hate him for overexposure or not) really nails it here for Juto, very nice performance, he was rather annoying as Rush in TLR, although I want to hear Fukuyama Jun too.. and the soundtrack is rather nice too. A solid RPG if anything.

  • I’ll wait for the “Fun Time Beach Swimwear” DLC before buying the game.
    This game clearly does not have enough cleavage.

  • I never liked the idea of DLC, but extra scenes that we have to pay for? That’s too much.

  • ElTopo

    I’ll pick it up in a year when it comes out for PS3 with more content.

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