Crowns Of Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden

By Laura . October 16, 2009 . 1:11pm

Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden has a job system that isn’t called a job system. By equipping crowns players can change stats and abilities. On top of staples such as Knight, Bard, White Mage, and Black Mage, Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden, has crowns based on several other classes. Let’s take a look at them.


image image 

Carouser (which is a far better translation than “Player”): this job focuses on increasing battle strength and dealing damage at the same time.


image image 

Dancer: this job can increase an ally’s AP while decreasing his/her own. Attacks best with a dagger.


image image

Ninja: this job excels at dodging enemy attacks. The encounter rate on the field also decreases.


image image

Magic Swordsman: can cast magic on him/herself to increase an elemental affinity and attack with it. He/she can also attack with magic for great damage.


image image

Thief: this job focuses on stealing items from enemies. The item drop rate of the enemies is higher when a Thief is in your party.


image image 

Musician: can grant various effects to the party through the powers of music. The abilities of the party are increased when a Musician is in the party.

  • MadMirko

    Thief looks most badass. I’m so excited. SO excited.

  • cowcow

    I cant get into these crappy graphics. It makes FF III DS look like gold

    • pedrron

      What? Graphics look great and screen-shots NEVER do a DS game justice. I for one am stoked for this. I just hope its localized and soon.

      • cowcow

        Yeah but I’m currently playing these RPGs:
        Blue Dragon 2 DS
        Shonen Sunday & Shonen Magazine White Comic
        Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
        Infinite Space
        Avalon Code
        Dragon Quest IX

        and they all look better to me :P

        • Dasuzero

          wow, you must have a lot of money to waste.

  • Dasuzero

    wait, do they mean carouser as in…..partying? So there’s a dancer, a musician AND a dangerous drunk?

  • The graphics and style looks amazing. I’m loving every little bit of it. And the classes remind of Ragnarok Online. Awesomeness. I can’t wait to play this game and get a awesome party going.

  • I hope this comes over here…with an artbook!

    Staple class though it may be, I LOVE the Black Mage redesign. What a striking hat ❤

  • Vanilla

    The graphics aren’t anything to call home about, but the characters and the designs are adorable. I feel like this art direction is the proper medium to convey the kind of mood the game is trying to set. I’d like it if everything wasn’t so jagged (it takes me back to the days of FF on the PS1…and not in a good way), but then again, it’ll probably look nicer on an actual DS.

  • I don’t mind the graphics, it seems rather quirky and “watercolor” like (hard to describe) it’s seems to have an edge over the FF remakes on the system, making it stand out better.

  • Cloud_ST

    If I were playing,my picks will probably be…..Carouser,Musician and Thief.

    Stealing is always kinda necessary in most FF games I’ve played.

  • Joanna

    bard, dancer AND musician?! not to complain or anything but I would rather have one of those classes dropped and be given something more unique, like cook, or something.

    Overall lots of variety and it looks very nice, even the graphics, but that’s just me, I’ve never really cared about graphics so long as they did not impede gameplay.

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