Design Your Dream RPG On Your DS

By Spencer . October 16, 2009 . 10:12am

imageEnterbrain is bringing the RPG Maker series to the Nintendo DS. RPG Tsukuru DS, as its known in Japan, is dated for January 28, 2010.


The design app let’s players modify parameters, pick a protagonist, and plant enemies to make a custom RPG. RPG Maker DS allows event cutscenes so users can make the Terranigma sequel Quintent never released.


What intrigues me the most about RPG Maker DS is its undisclosed Nintendo Wi-Fi feature. RPG Maker DS supports it and online game trading seems like the most logical feature.

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  • kupomogli

    While I’m sure this is going to sell(and the online trading feature is good,) wouldn’t this work better on the PSP? Since every PSP has a memory card slot meaning more space for the title you’re creating, the larger UMD format giving more options for characters, towns, etc, as well as possibly any variation of 2d graphics starting from 8bit on up.

    • MadMirko

      On the plus side you get the touchscreen to draw stuff on, be it maps, sprites or just selecting stuff from menus, etc and WiFi Connection vs. a self made online system the developers would have to come up with on PSP (and which would soon vanish when / if the game failed to meet expectations).

      They should really make it DSi enhanced, to allow games to be stored on the memory card, though.

      While I’m wishfully thinking, let me add a PC version / editor so would-be RPG makers can use keyboards.

      • I get the feeling the only real advantage of it being on the DS is being able to enter text much much easier than on any other console

  • That’s one series I could never get into for myself. I didn’t mind seeing what other people created out of it on the PC (and the MIDIs…hell, look for Freedom House 2 and some others) but I never had the mental fortitude to try it myself.

    • Soma

      I am of the same mindset. Never have I been able to get into the RPG Maker series. I have tried my hand at it a couple of times, but ended up getting bored/frustrated after tedious hours of creation.

      I think my problem with the game is that it feels too much like work. When I sit down to play a game, it’s to take a break from work. =P

  • I can’t seem to find a happy medium for this game on a console. The later RPG Makers were not 2D sprite based but supported keyboards for typing lengthy “text heavy” games. The earlier versions didn’t support keyboard support but had the 2D sprites. If I got this, the “rpg” would be very easy on the words as I’m imagining it would be difficult to type on the DS.

    • kupomogli

      The best console version is RPG Maker 2(RPG Tsukuru 5,) but you’ll want to use the middle option when starting a new game so it’ll have created a small bit for you, the necessities as well as a few necessary spell effects(like stealing items.)

      The game gives you no presets if you start from scratch. The battle system needs to be done entirely by scripts. This alone will take you an hour, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might never even get a working battle system. No effects when entering and leaving towns, so if you forget to input those it’ll look like the game froze for a couple seconds. Etc.

      The amount of content it has in making your own RPG is huge. Very good world map design option, very good dungeon creation system, if choosing the normal option it gives you a ton of very well done presets like attack effects, spell effects, that you can edit to your liking or create your own. Images can be added into the game, so you could have a painting of Tifa on the wall like in Xenogears.

      If it’s going to be text heavy, get a keyboard. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a BC PS3, this will work out easier.

      • Thanks a ton! It’s funny as this is the only console one I skipped out on. I also have a BC PS3, so it really seems like things would be in my favor. The only question I have: How would you add an image to the game?

        • kupomogli

          I forget how to add images into the game actually I haven’t played in so long, but it’s possible. You can use the images anywhere, but I’d say they’re most likely going to be completely useless aside from a picture or painting. The feature is there, but you probably won’t really have a need to use it.

          • kupomogli

            Also, if you haven’t played RPG Maker 2 and 3 on the PS2, you should probably look into both and see which one you’d like better. I don’t want you to pick up RPG Maker 2 and then not like it, so I’ll give you the pluses and minuses of RPG Maker 3 as well.

            I’d say go to to look up on these two games and see which one you’d like(also I’d suggest going here for help on either game, but mostly RPG Maker 2 if you need script help.) RPG Maker Pavillion is a site dedicated to the console RPG Maker games.

            RPG Maker 2 does have far more content, no contest(over double what RPG Maker 3 has and can color them any way you want) Harder to use but has far more options, graphics look like similar to Dragon Warrior 7(though PS2 quality) as well music sounds like PSX quality, which it makes up for it with the amount of music tracks.

            RPG Maker 3 has far better graphics and it’s much easier to make a game. The content options are terrible though. Specific character sprites are only able to equip certain weapons unless you make multiple dummy characters(there’s a way around it but I forget.) This one also has a good map system, good dungeon system, good town system, and high quality music, however, it’s overall a bit more limited in literally everything. If you want to make a professional looking game in no time at all though, then you may like this one better.

            I still say RPG Maker 2. I own both though.

  • eliel

    this could be good but the RPG’s i’d be making will probably be awful but it still would be cool to try this out…

  • Dasuzero

    I don’t know who “Quintent” is, but I distinctly recall Terranigma and it’s predecessors being action-RPGs…

    Of course, that won’t stop the average RPG Maker from trying to make a sequel using the woefully under-equipped engine, but you should at least pretend that nobody would ever try it.

  • kazalt

    While I’d probably buy this, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’d tell them to nab RPG Maker VX or XP instead for the PC. Since you’re able to mess with the back end (by that I mean the way the program functions, not the stats/item creation/monster maker/ ect), you’ll get way more bang for your buck. Plus, the PC versions allow you to import pictures, custom sprites, music, and (I think you have to do some janky stuff to get this to work) movies as well.

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