Ace Combat 6, Lost Planet: Colonies Packed With Xbox 360s For The Holidays

By Spencer . October 20, 2009 . 12:38am


Microsoft has a holiday bundle or value pack as it says on the box just for Japan. Their bundle comes with an Xbox 360 Elite, 120 GB hard drive, controller, headset, Ace Combat 6 and Lost Planet: Colonies for 29,980 yen $329.


Ace Combat 6 again? Japan got a pack with Beautiful Katamari and Ace Combat 6 last year. Even though it’s the “incomplete”, a Tales of Vesperia / Lost Odyssey bundle would probably be more tempting overseas.


Our Xbox 360 holiday pack contains Pure, Lego Batman, and an Xbox 360 Elite for $299.99.

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  • Xeahnort

    I can´t understand why Microsoft still focus on japanese market when they know very well that 360 is almost dead in Japan so investing on it is like a big hole in the pocket for them.

    I Think that now they has conquered the US market, they should focus on Europe and release

    • Aoshi00

      From the robust updates Xbox does on Jpn Live, one probably can’t tell the small install base of 360. I thought it’s gradually doing better? W/ the combination of exclusive arcade shmup ports/ JRPGs / simulation / western RPG/FPS/TPS? I watch the new Inside Xbox videos every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday. They’re doing a great job of interviewing creators, demoing and introducing new games. Hikari-chan was so cute playing Forza 3 and Bayonetta (BTW, the 360 demo had a different stage, it generally looked crisper and the animation seems to be faster, I played it better w/ the 360 controller too). I’ve said it time and again, Sony’s Christina Lee from Pulse seems so boring reading from a teleprompter, while Hikari-chan and Uchizawa-san genuinely seem to enjoy and actually play games. I dunno, to me I just really like the sense of community from Xbox Live, I was surprised there are still Jpn players playing Wartech Senko no Ronde the other day.

      Since my Jpn 360 was just fixed and shipped back to me from Texas, I have no immediate need of another Jpn 360. But I do want to upgrade to a quieter HDMI down the road when a good enough bundle comes out w/ the 250 Gb HDD (not modern warfare 2). Both my 120Gb & 20Gb are constantly running out of space.

      • I watch the Japanese Inside XBOX videos too! Though not as often as you. I’ll be honest; they even made GoW2 look amazingly fun after I had all but filed it away for eternity.

        I wouldn’t mind picking up this bundle to change over to an HDMI version. Anyone interested in buying a J360? Hahaha.

      • malek86

        “I thought it’s gradually doing better?”

        Compared to the first Xbox, yeah. However, sales have declined lately, so it can be hardly called a success, even in the wake of the first Xbox.

        • In my own sick, twisted little world in my head I judge a systems success based on MY preferences. =) So 360 has been quite successful concerning their Japanese market if only because I like the games that have been coming out over there in my head [obviously not the reality though]. I feel the biggest part is Xenophobia. There is really no excuse, otherwise. Sadly, the hardcore niche “gamer-elite” in Japan can’t keep this system afloat alone. Us importers are probably half of their sales sometimes. >_>

          • malek86

            I wish I could import a japanese 360, if only necause of all those shmups. However, I just used all my remaining money on a japanese white Saturn… well, that’s pretty good too, I guess.

          • Good buy. =) At least you don’t have to worry about a J360 for Mushihime-sama Futari.

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