Dreamy Dragon Quest VI Screens

By Spencer . October 20, 2009 . 11:50am

This Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie update has plenty of towns, a few dungeons, and an underwater area. Just like the original game, you travel through the real world, dream world, and dive into the ocean with a ship encased by a bubble.


Like talking to monsters? Artepiazza, the developer of the Dragon Quest IV and V remakes, are incorporating the party talk system into Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie. So you can have chats with hero slimes and allies like Barbara, the game’s black mage.


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    • Joanna

      maybe that’s the animation for a attack that is dodged? If not then it’s a screen shot of some cutscene because DQ is a traditional RPG through and through.

    • Good question. I think I’ve seen that screen from a trailer before, but it’s not representative of a new battle system or anything like that.

      DQ6 DS uses the same tried and true text heavy, monsters in front of you, interface as the other DS remakes.

    • If I remember correctly, the original DQ6 used a similar “fake” battle scene to show off the fight between Terry and the Battle Rex (or whatever the monster was called).

  • Joanna

    lovely as always. SE better release this here, even if they do a limited print run like with V.

    • BK0000

      It will definitely be released outside of Japan. They announced Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI at the same time when they announced them for America and Europe.

  • I recently played V, my first entry into the series, and I loved it. I picked up IV, but don’t have a chance to play atm. Will of course get this if it hits here. I wonder if they will ever change the style in the future?

    • Soma

      To be honest, I’m a little surprised that V was your first DQ game, but I remember you telling me that.
      You should borrow the PS2 one from JC sometime. =3

    • Welcome to the DQ fanbase! I’m so happy they’ve been re-released and pushed into the US market. I feel like there are lots of people out there who would love the series if they could give it a chance (being that JRPG’s aren’t as niche as they were when we were all kids playing them).

      @Somato: I never got to play the PS2 version of DQV but heard it was really good. Do you have an opinion on it?

  • Dragon quest 5 was just perfect, epic and the best, much more than 4, im hoping good thing from the sixth entry

  • Soma

    It looks so good.
    Oh, man. These screens totally reminded me of why I love the DQ series so much.
    Remember when the first one was released as Dragon Warrior in North America?
    I literally played that game until I was sick one day. XD

  • cowcow

    Dragon Quest 3 Remix for Super Famicom was my first DQ game.

    • Joanna

      me too, except I played the remake for the GBC.

      • cowcow

        Yeah I got that later but I didnt like it. The Super Famicom one had amazing animation and graphics for its time

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