Final Fantasy XI Shantotto Scenario Goes Live On November 9

By Spencer . October 26, 2009 . 9:56am

image Shantotto, the Tarutaru that made a cameo in Dissidia, will star in her own Final Fantasy XI downloadable scenario tilted A Shantotto Ascension: The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born.


The extra storyline brings the Black Mage back to Windurst with a puzzling personality change. Upon her arrival she declares herself ruler of an empire and it’s up to Final Fantasy XI adventurers to find out what happened to her.


A Shantotto Ascension is the third tale from of the three episode Final Fantasy XI expansion announced earlier this year. Square Enix will have it ready for download on November 9, one day before Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection arrives in North America, except on the PlayStation 2.

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  • ElTopo

    That’s just so many levels of creepy

  • Ereek

    I’d totally buy it if I was still playing FFXI.

    • neo_firenze

      If they follow the same formula as the last two $10 mini-expansions, this is little more than an excuse to sell a nice piece of gear. That being said… the last two were REALLY nice pieces of gear. The previous two mini-expansions gave a body and head armor, and had missions that were little more than simplistic wastes of time along with a sort of annoying final fight that tends to be hard to get people to come help on if you waited longer than 3 weeks after the scenario was released.

      This time the reward is a leg item with two additional “augment” stat choices of the player’s choice (list of possible augments not yet released).

      I do still play FFXI, and I’m pleased with getting legs – I never did Sky gods due to my jobs getting little benefit from Sky gear (Puppetmaster and Corsair, I’m really only missing out on Crimson hands for COR and I have a close-enough alternative), so I don’t have Byakko’s Haidate (a pretty standard high end leg piece for the jobs that can use it). Now I have a level 70 Monk on the way to 75 and I wasn’t looking forward to feeling that gnawing feeling of missing what I *should* be using since I don’t have Byakko’s Haidate. Looks like I might be able to deal with that issue for a mere $9.99 ;)

      • Ereek

        I quit before they released the other expansions. What were the stats on the items? I just feel like they probably wouldn’t have much to give to my character and probably wouldn’t have bought them. All of my classes had some of the best gear possible. I won’t get into what I had, because that would make me sound rather rude and like I’m trying to compete, but just know I had over 1,000 -days- over the course of 5 years.

        In other words, way too much time spent on FFXI and I don’t see myself returning any time soon even though I could since I didn’t delete the character. I’d buy this simply because Shantotto is adorable.

        • neo_firenze

          Get ready for a novel-sized post ;P

          The mini-expansion rewards are quite unique in FFXI. For some jobs they’re less impressive than others (e.g. the body for White Mages or for DDs who can wear the Haubergeon), but for most jobs you can make THE best piece in the game at least for a particular situation. Depending on the job, it may be a full-time piece or maybe something that just gets pulled out for a specific situation or macro.

          There are three reward items – one for “heavy DD” (WAR, PLD, DRG, DRK, SAM), one for mages (WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SMN, SCH), and one for “light DD” (the other 9 jobs). The base item is just a piece with a few basic stats (for example, the light DD body has +5 to STR, DEX, and AGI), but the twist is that you get to choose TWO extra stats from a list of 20+ “Augments”. Some of these are just big amounts of common stats, and S-E came up with some brand new ones too.

          The list of augment choices (you choose two)for the body piece is below:
          Acc. +10
          Att. +10
          Rng Acc. +10
          Rng Att. +10
          Eva +10
          Magic Acc. +4
          Magic Att. Bonus +4
          Double Att. +2%
          Crit. Hit Rate +3%
          Store Tp +4 Subtle Blow +4
          Enmity +5
          Enmity -5
          Fast Cast +5
          Call Beast delay -15
          Snapshot +5%
          Dual Wield effect +3%
          Blood Pact delay -4
          Avatar Perpert. Cost -2
          Quick Draw delay -5
          Pet: Acc. & Rng. Acc. +15
          Pet: Att. & Rng. Att. +15
          Pet: Magic Acc & Att. Bonus +7
          Pet: Double Att.+ Crit hit rate +2%

          As you can see, there are some potent choices there. Best MNK body in the game with choice of Accuracy and Attack (beats Shura Togi, Kirin’s Osode). Great unique pet augments for SMN, BST, PUP. Great ranged attack choices for RNG and COR. Some unique options like COR being able to make the ultimate Quick Draw piece with Magic Attack Bonus and QD recast -5. NIN, THF, and DNC tend to love the Dual-wield effect +3% augment.

          The head piece was the same idea, as is this newly announced legs reward. A common choice for the head piece was to make a fantastic weaponskill piece. This is the one I chose, the “light DD” type armor, used by MNK THF BST RNG NIN BLU PUP COR DNC. Stats for my hat: STR+4, Weapon Skill Accuracy +15, Accuracy +10, Attack +5. Clearly the best thing you can have on your head for something like Asuran Fists from a MNK, or anything that needs Accuracy like the notoriously finicky ranged weapon skills (Slug Shot, Sidewinder).

          List of the head augment choices can be found here (link is to the heavy DD piece, but the augments are the same for all 3 choices):

          So yeah… VERY nice gear. The mini-expansions themselves were kinda disappointing though. A challenging final battle, a kinda fun but less challenging mid-battle, and lots of running around killing weak monsters for random drops or being sent to long forgotten corners of the world to see an underwhelming cutscene. No new areas, since the idea here was to re-use existing (original FFXI and Rise of the Zilart) zones and just make a new set of missions within those zones. Most players weren’t impressed with the expansions, but they paid up anyway to get the very enticing final rewards.

          This is no Chains of Promathia or Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion, with epic battles and new zones. It’s just a not-too-fun grind with a really nice reward at the end.

  • gonne get ofc XD love shantotto , hum ive starter playing ff XI over 2 years ago , in fact its gonna make 3 years in february XD , no i think ill only stop playing it when it dies !Sure its too timing consuming i know , but i dont play alone so its fun ! cause id probably wouldnt be playing as much if i didnt had Rl friends with me ! XD

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