Get Ready To Import, PS3 Bayonetta Is In English

By Spencer . October 27, 2009 . 10:15pm


Can’t wait until January to play Bayonetta and have a PlayStation 3 handy? Import it!


We can confirm the Japanese PlayStation 3 version is region free and entirely in English. OK, so the instruction manual isn’t in English, but the game is – voices, menus, and all in-game text. Play-Asia still has some copies left too.


We’ll be posting impressions of Bayonetta (PS3) and Sin & Punishment 2 here soon. Please look forward to them.

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  • Kuza21

    NIIICCEEEE! Is the 360 Version in English as well? I want to import the 360 version.

    : D

    • ElTopo

      Do you have a japanese 360?

      • Kuza21

        Why Yes. I actually do! So can someone tell me if the 360 version is in English as well?

        • ElTopo

          I’m gonna give you a preliminary no, based on the fact that the PS3 version is being developed by Sega who have a track record of producing games in English (DMC4, Chromehounds) and that the PS3 is region free while 360s library is usually region locked and its developed by plat.

          • Kuza21

            Oh well that sucks. -___-.

          • ikki

            DMC4 isn’t a Sega game. ^_^

          • ElTopo

            Lol yeah I know, for some reason I was thinking it was published by them…not sure why.

        • I only have the PS3 version so that’s all I can confirm now, but I’ll ask around to see if I can get a concrete answer.

    • Jampirow

      The japanese 360 demo had english menus and subtitles as well, so it might be a possibility.

  • ndjn3979

    I like the new Tekken layout.

  • neo_firenze

    I’d say it’s worth playing the 360 version instead if you have access to a 360, it’s the lead platform and noticeably better done. Even Famitsu scored the PS3 version lower, quite an uncommon occurrence. And the 360 version is not region free, so unless you have a way to play Japanese games (like, say, a Japanese 360) that’s not an option.

    Even if you can play Japanese 360 games (and yes, I’m crazy enough to own a US and Japanese system, that’s what being a 2D shooter fan will do to a person)… If you just can’t wait for slightly over two months until the first week of January, you’ll pay $20 or so more to import. Me, I’d say there’s plenty to keep you busy right now and the $20 might come in handy for buying some of the flood of games releasing right now. In fact, I don’t know why I’m even on here when I need to get back to playing Tekken 6, Forza 3, Uncharted 2, Demon’s Souls, and my as yet untouched Ratchet & Clank ;)

    • ElTopo

      Yeah you can thank Sega for that, I wonder if the differences are really going to be that noticeable, or if its just some minor lighting effects or something.

    • Aoshi00

      Lol, you just said everything I had to say since I’m in the same boat. I figure the Jpn PS3 version would have English everything like most action games such as Ninja Gaiden. But I too plan to get the 360 version and I’d rather wait for the domestic release, despite owning a Jpn 360 (I don’t really trust my older system, I only reserve it to play shmups and RPGs), one to save money, the other I also have several games keeping me busy till next year, like Uncharted 2, Demon’s Souls, the upcoming Mushihime-sama Futari (the LE will cost me) and FF XIII, not to mention a bunch of backlog (Trying to finish FF 12 now on PS3 upscaled , taunting me to play hooky from work every morning but I’m too cheap to take vacation, rather shocking I put off this FF for as long as 3 yrs, imported it on day 1, last time I stopped at about before going to Archades, so it must’ve been close to end game?) Also they’re doing all these buy 2 get 3rd free everywhere lately (Toysrus, Amazon, Best Buy) and I can see more coming, so it’s not just saving $20, probably like $40.

      I’m not sure if it was you who suggested me to forget about waiting and just get Deathsmiles, which I did and I can’t believe putting off buying it in the first place, awesome game, still can’t finish it on 1 credit though :(… Shelled out extra for the Mega blk label and full voice card too, though I have to say I was really vexed by them bloodsuckers locking away something so simple as voices as pre-order bonus, and not make it available for purchase even (had to go to ebay).

  • Trotmeister

    Mine is already on the way. <3

  • Ereek

    I want it, but I have too many games on my plate this month. I will, however, buy it on North American release.

  • Kris

    I’m considering importing it, but I’m not sure if getting it a few months early is worth the extra cost.

    • Aoshi00

      Even though I really can’t wait to play Bayonetta after the awesome demo (the 360 version just felt better w/ graphics and control to me), I would wait a short couple of months too, it’s more justified to import stuffs that wouldn’t be localized any time soon or at all. The only exception for me was Lost Odyssey, I imported it on day 1 and then bought the US version only 2 months later, the Jpn version alrdy had English dub alrdy, just not in-game text. In retrospect, I really should’ve waited, so I learned.

      Though I have to say if there’s one reason/excuse for importing, it would be the cover art, her back is so sexy :) I remember why I wanted LO, it was the manga cover drawn by Inoue Takehiko (not the best looking cover, but still nice and artistic compared to the generic CG montage). But no, my US 360 is much quieter..

  • malek86

    I knew it. There was no reason for it to be region locked. The guy at Sega was probably just referring to the 360 version.

  • nyoron

    Has anything been said about possible DLC? The only reason I’m hesitant to import it is that if any interesting paid DLC comes out in the future it would be a lot less of a headache to be able to get it from the US store than the Japanese one.

    • Ereek

      The developers have already declined DLC. They’re not going to put it in, they don’t support DLC.

      Edit: Source

      Thanks for re-enabling links in posts!

      • nyoron

        Cool, thanks for the confirmation. Time to import!

    • ElTopo

      The games not even out yet and your worried about DLC? Sheesh

      • Aoshi00

        Things is DLC are a pain to buy for the Jpn version since you either need to import 360 MS point cards or playstation tickets, which don’t come exactly cheap, compared to the US ones. Say if a DLC here is 300 MS points, on the Jpn Live or PSN it would cost you much more, like double. And in Magna Carta 2’s case, the same DLC cost a measly 400 MS pts here ($5) and a 2880 pts in Jpn ($36, but more like ~$50 considering the need to import a MS point card), so subsequent DLC for imports do pose a concern if they are not compatible w/ the other region.

        • ElTopo

          I understand it can be an issue, more a point in that the game is not out yet, and people are concerned about potential DLC. What happened to enjoying a game for what it was, and not worrying about a possible costume pack you might be able to buy or an extra mission.

          Its getting to a point where its a bit ridiculous, gamers ponying up to expensive DLC, many times just shelled out unnecessary cash grabs by developers. In many cases, gamers now EXPECT dlc to be released and cry fowl without the promise of additional content (Map packs, LFD, Valve fan douches). Imo its a stupid trend in the industry, the less people support it the better.

          • nyoron

            What happened to enjoying a game for what it was, and not worrying about a possible costume pack you might be able to buy or an extra mission.

            “Next-gen” happened.

            But jeez dude, I’m not asking them to make DLC for it. The fact is that IF some paid content came out down the line, and IF said content was substantial and awesome enough to warrant a purchase, it would be a relative pain in the ass to get for the JP version compared to the US version. And so instead of importing it might be worth waiting a couple months just in case.

            That’s why I asked if the devs have commented. And they have. Everybody happy!

          • ElTopo

            Ha not trying to single you out or anything, just a rant. Nothing like a good old launch day 5$ DLC to ruin your shi*t. Seriously I think the DLC trend is one of the worst things to come out of this generation, up there with hardware that just doesn’t work.

          • ElTopo

            Ha not trying to single you out or anything, just a rant. I really think the DLC trend is one of the worst things to come out of this generation, up there with broken hardware.

          • nyoron

            Won’t let me reply directly to you for some reason ElTopo, guess there’s a limit to how nested replies can get.

            I tend to agree with you though. While I’m not against it as a concept, DLC is too often used for evil rather than for good. Namco and EA immediately come to mind.

  • Soma

    While I’m not going to be rushing to import this game, I definitely think that it’s interesting that more and more Japanese games are being released entirely in english.
    I think it’s a good way to help boost sales and it also supports import distributors. It’s great that the PS3 isn’t region locked when it comes to games. =3

  • Hraesvelgr

    Not worth the money to import, especially since it’s just the PS3 version. Nothing against the PS3, of course, but it does seem to be inferior…

    • ElTopo

      Well when Platinum games basically had nothing to do with it and just dumped it on Sega because they’re frankly, well just plain lazy, yes its going to be inferior.

  • Akimitsu

    Although the PS3 version is said to be inferior, it is still pretty good (at least from what I’ve played of the demo).

    • neo_firenze

      Totally – the PS3 version still looks like a really good game. I enjoyed the demo. If own a PS3 and not a 360, you’ll still be getting a good game. But for people who have both 360 and PS3… go for the version that’s a little better.

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