Casting Call Tips Off Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Reveal Presentation

By Spencer . October 28, 2009 . 12:54pm


We’re still waiting for Square Enix to announce a North American release date for Final Fantasy XIII. Whenever they do it appears it’s going to be an event.


A casting call held by Los Angeles based commercial ad agency Liz Paulson Casting is looking for someone to read a script which presents developer commentary and “an exclusive never before seen look at Final Fantasy XIII” before the camera pans back to reveal a release date.


If Square Enix plans to offer a “never before seen look” at the game a release date announcement must be looming. Once Final Fantasy XIII arrives in Japan on December 17 the entire game will be spoiled on the internet.


Here’s the slide from the casting call.


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  • nyoron

    If only Don LaFontaine were still with us ;_;

  • cowcow

    This is why I think simultaneous releases are important now with the internet rushing to spoil everything

    • Yeah, it’s why I stay away from all information regarding a game I’m currently playing. Ever since some bastard spoiled Persona 4 (WITHOUT ANY WARNING) for me, I’ve been extra careful. That was even before the game came out in the US! He had played or seen the Japanese version…

      • Aoshi00

        I hope P-A would ship fast so I could be playing during Christmas/New Year. Don’t worry, I won’t be the inconsiderate bastard who spoils things :) *looks at Fang*.. pleasant sigh…

        Seriously though, like you too, if I’m planning on getting a game, sometimes I try even not to watch too many trailers. To be specific, one shouldn’t “go back” to the trailers once you’ve started a game. When you know nothing about a game fine, the fancy flashing cuts don’t register since you don’t know anything about the story yet, but once you start playing, things start clicking and you’re like crap, I just got spoiled… I was actually on Magna Carta 2 binge and on disc 2 (until FF XII, which i nearly finished before but didn’t, beckons and steals my undivided attention).

    • Pichi

      Why we don’t see more simultaneous releases probably has to do with the usual suspects(translating, marketing, etc) and profit. SE probably wants to spread their earnings, so releasing them on different quarters on a high profile game like this is good for them.

  • Is nobody else bothered by “come quiet”? These… are fansubs, right? Please?

    • Kris

      It bothers me too, but SE is generally good with their localizations these days, perhaps Fang just talks in a very slang-y way…

      • It’s possible, if they dub her with some kind of Russian accent. I didn’t think of that!

        • Aoshi00

          I heard the trailer and I don’t think Fang has any accent, I don’t think any of the main characters do, except Vanille (I’m not sure if the opening narration was by Vanille in the TGS 09 trailer, that’s a horrible made up accent).

          Hm.. I didn’t think anything wrong w/ “come quiet”, I thought of it as like a masculine way for a tough gangster chick to say it, like “kina” (kuru, kite). Like theCleaningGuy said, lots of effort seem to go into S-E localization these days, if FFXII is an indication, something so big as XIII should be no exception.

          • Kaoro

            Fang has a strong Australian accent.

            Anyway, I hope this release date reveal is soon!

          • Aoshi00

            Ah, you’re right! I just went back to watch the trailer again, I guess it went over my head since she only spoke one short sentence.

            That explains Vanille’s accent since both Fang and her seem to be from the same tribe down in Pulse. I was wondering if it was British but that wasn’t it.. I wonder if it’s real Aussie or just pretend though (like Ginyu Special Force in DBZ which sounded pretty funny and unique).

            Amazon listed it as Jun 20, 2010, but I think I heard April.. it shouldn’t be that long a wait for the US version. I will play the Jpn version first, but I’m equally interested in the US dub.

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, I just went and watch the Jpn trailer again (god how many times I’ve watched them now…), Fang does talk in a tough way when she tells Snow to worry about himself “Temee no mi wo Shinpai shite oki-na” (as in “You watch your own back”), I love that type of talk, like Ayukawa in Kimagure Orange Road (delinquents w/ long skirts and chain lol), just tough chick sexy you know :) And now I’m told she would have an Aussie accent in Eng, so I guess that’s kind of cool too.

          Pulse is officially the Outback now :)

    • Hraesvelgr

      I assume that shot isn’t from the final version of the game, so hopefully it’ll be fixed. When they first showed English videos of Tales of Vesperia’s skits, the text was a terrible mess (misspelling, letters being different colors, etc.) and… well, there were still a few issues with the game’s text, but they fixed most of it. I assume Square Enix, as a larger company that’s more focused on RPGs than Namco is, could do a better job.

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t think there’s any mistake in this particular shot per se, like when people say “come quick” or “drive safe”, etc. However, I have seen different translations from S-E for the last several trailers so far which are all correct but w/ slight variation depending on who does it. I doubt they’d be sloppy w/ the final release though, even these trailers are mostly preliminary.

        The Jpn version of Vesperia actually does have those funky colors for people’s and places’ names that was kind of distracting to read, the all-white text in the US version is definitely easier on the eyes.

        A wild Aussie Fang huh, me like :)…

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