Capcom’s Lineup Is Optimized For Overseas Markets

By Spencer . October 30, 2009 . 11:20am

imageMonster Hunter is huge in Japan, but what about games like Bionic Commando? Those games are made primarily for the West and Capcom is fine with that.


Capcom plans to have overseas titles account for 75% of all their games. Lost Planet 2 and Dark Void, which is only slated for North America and Europe, are listed as examples of their overseas strategy. It also seems like part of their Western sales strategy is releasing more of their Japanese games over here too. We got Fate Unlimited/Codes and Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes is coming out here next year.


Their financial report also commented on DLC plans. Capcom will “constantly offer upgrades and earn profits by using PSN and XLA to distribute additional content.” So, should we expect Super Street Fighter IV costume packs?

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  • ECM

    Am I alone in wishing Japanese companies would stop trying to cater to us in the West? (Yes, I liked Bionic Commando, but that rather seems to the exception than the rule with Japan Inc.’s newfound focus on catering to non-Japanese over the last year or two.)

    • Right. “Catering to the West” sounds like marketing speak for “removing what makes our product unique to blend in with an inferior grouping of people.” I think it’s a horrible practice and really looks to treat “the West” as ignorant people who can’t understand or relate to anything that isn’t part of “Western culture.”

      It’s actually sort of rude. Just make what you rock at making and it’ll do well. None of these “catering” titles have made a splash, anyway. At least, not yet.

      • daizyujin

        Actually some have done quite well. Dead Rising is a great example of this. Of course some people don’t like the game and I can understand that, it isn’t for everybody.

    • MadMirko

      Nothing wrong with trying to please more gamers, but unfortunately Japanese studios tend to think imitating western developers is the way to go.

      Nothing pleases me as a gamer more than variety and unique titles with all kinds of influences to choose from. It would be best if every developer did what they are best at / feel comfortable with. But somebody has to pay the bills, and especially in troubled economies: profit > street cred.

      • You raise valid concerns and valid points =)

        I think we’ll see most of the dev companies segmenting themselves to fight for those two very things. One group will aim to increase profit above all else, the other will maintain street cred by catering to its existing fanbase.

        I estimate larger companies will be the former, and smaller companies, the latter. The big get bigger and the small stay modest.

    • Hraesvelgr

      They want to make money off of console games and the major console market is in North America right now. Europe too, but Americans are buying the most console games at the moment. As for Japan, it seems that their interest in console games is waning with portable gaming’s popularity rising substantially over the past few years.

      Personally, though, I think their games have mostly gotten better with their focus on Western gamers. Especially Capcom’s games.

      • daizyujin

        I agree.

  • Ereek

    All I can say to this is “No wonder Capcom abandoned Breath of Fire.”

  • Would Spyborgs count as catering to the Western market? That wasn’t too hot of a seller… and those crazy rumors surrounding Bionic Games and Capcom makes me wonder if they’re going to achieve this by reaching out to western developers or stick closer to studios they already work close with.

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