Last Rebellion Launches Next Year

By Spencer . November 2, 2009 . 7:47am


Last Rebellion won’t make its winter 2009 release window, but the 3D action RPG is still coming out this winter. Nippon Ichi will release the game on January 28 in Japan.


Hit Maker’s game stars Nine, a brooding anti-hero, and Aisha, a magic user (aka sealer), who are trapped in the same body. In combat, you switch between the two characters. Nine uses a sword and Aisha slings spells. Last Rebellion has a Vagrant Story style targeting system where you can attacks different parts of an enemy’s body. Hit an arm to cripple an enemy’s attacks or a leg to slow it down.


When originally announced, NIS America had Last Rebellion slated for fall 2009. NIS America hasn’t mentioned the game since E3 where we learned it was delayed.


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  • MisterNiwa

    Well, i dont know if this game is good.

    What do you think, guys?

  • azez

    Well something for sure January is bad timing for a new IP

  • nyobzoo

    well Jan 28 isn’t bad in Japan I suppose….wait nvm. That’s horrible time for NIS to release that title in Japan.End of Eternity and Ar Tonelico 3 comes out that day also :( good thing it’s not releasing in Jan in the US cause that’s also a very bad time. Since Mass Effect 2, MAG, Bayonetta all come out that month.

  • cowcow

    this game looks really unimpressive. I like the 2D art, but the 3D designs look like a bad PSP game!
    And the 2D scenes should have been animated imo. PS3 Blu Ray can hold up to 50gb of information! Why release this on the PS3 if theyre gonna be that lazy? Seems like a PSP or a Wii port at best.

  • vrakanox

    I’ll probably be passing this one up. *shrug*

  • Xeahnort


    The level of detail is not spectacular or mind-blowing, but they´re good enough. It seems that HD sprites are too expensive for niche developers like NIS or Hitmaker.

    Gameplay is whats most important to me and LR it might have a battle system ala Shadow Hearts


    That´s because NIS is a great Sony supporter and they have other plans
    for psp.

    On topic:

    The same day as Ar tonelico III, looks like the PS3 is going to take back the title of “king of JRPG”

    • MisterNiwa

      Good to know, thank you, cuz i really dont know anything bout this game.

  • Ereek

    For all of us who don’t care about graphics, this game shows that there are a good deal more that do. It’s sad that gamers will avoid a game they perceive to be “low quality” because of graphics, even when they know practically nothing about it.

    How many people pass up gems like Half-Minute Hero for silly things like this?

    Though I agree, January is a horrible time. Ar tonelico 3 is coming out and that is an instant-buy for me.

    • Slashlen

      I wouldn’t put this in the same boat as Half-Minute Hero just yet. A lot of people bring up the graphics(and they do look underwelming), but I think the real issue is that there doesn’t seem to be ANY reason to get excited or even interested in this game. All we have is some weak screenshots and Hit Maker’s name attached to it. I’ve never tried a Hit Maker game, and I haven’t heard great things about them(haven’t heard much period). We seem to know nothing concerning the quality of the gameplay. The only think we seem to know is that the graphics are bad.

      Can I ask why we should be excited about this game?

      • Ereek

        The best reason would be because from what we’ve seen so far they look to be taking a somewhat new approach with the battle system. It’s something like Vagrant Story, but not quite. Two playable characters sharing the same body is an interesting idea as well.

        I’m not saying anyone can, or should, be excited for it. But I don’t think people should dismiss a game based off of graphics and screenshots alone. Especially a game we know so little about, like this one. I wasn’t talking about this site specifically with my comment, but all I’ve seen are negative remarks about the game when there’s not enough information available that we can judge it one way or the other.

        • Slashlen

          It’s definately too early to write this game off, and I’ll be watching out for impressions after it comes out in Japan.

          I agree with you about too many people caring too much about graphics. I guess my point was more about not everyone complaining about this game is obsessed with graphics. I worry about the gameplay, too. There was a trailer at TGS, and if they were trying for this year, they should have been able to show off this battle system some. But the trailer is 90% artwork. I’m having doubts they can pull this off.

          • Just one teeny-tiny correction about this post. It’s not an A-RPG; it’s straight-up turn-based.

            I do enjoy the battle system. It’s not quite as Vagrant Story as everyone’s quick to suggest (I was one of those, as well), but more like a bunch of mini-Sudoku number games. Attacking parts in the right order reveals the right sequence, yielding bonus XP, etc.

            The artwork isn’t for everyone, nor is the game presentation. The story actually reminded me of a little better realized Chaos Legion – it’s dark, gothic, morose and pretty low-key. Not exactly epic, but each character has motive to act.

            What people need to remember is that every dev out there can’t afford a budget like those allotted to Sony first and second party studios… or the big-name devs. We’re getting spoiled by the shiny, flashy games specifically meant to showcase our newer consoles, but forget that’s not why we play games. We play to have fun.

          • Gestahl

            Thank you, NickyD, I’m actually very interested in this game after your comment. You had me at the “mini-Sudoku battle system” part. :-D

      • JeremyR

        Hit Maker games are decent, though not anything great, but hampered by really awful endings. (At least based on my experience with their PSP games)

  • eliel

    If this is coming to the U.S. i will welcome this with open arms, i would like try this out altho i don’t really know nothing about this…

  • Aoshi00

    I don’t know much about this game, other than constantly hearing its graphics bashed, but just looking at the 2D painting-like arts, I love it, and I’m interested.

  • I can think of a couple of things I would like tweaked in this game, however..all things considered, I’ll probably be picking it up anyway. It’s hard enough to come across a decent RPG on the PS3 these days (which is so odd, considering the PS2 was dominant in that genre alone, lol). Sure, I don’t think this will be as good as say, Ar Tonelico III, End of Eternity, or Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but I wouldn’t mind adding Last Rebellion to my collection anyway.

    My collection is kind of small as it is, but my RPG collection for PS3 is even smaller, lol.

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