Arc System Works Bringing BlazBlue To PSP (Update)

By Spencer . November 3, 2009 . 8:46pm


Want to play BlazBlue on the go? Arc System Works has the game for you, BlazBlue Portable. This week’s issue of Famitsu lists the game, but scans for it haven’t leaked out yet.


Technically, there is a way to play BlazBlue on a PSP already. If you have a PS3 handy you can utilize remote play. Perhaps, Arc System Works used that as the base for the PSP port.


The scan is out and has details about the PSP conversion. All twelve fighters, including unlimited forms, will be in BlazBlue Portable. Want to challenge another player? BlazBlue Portable supports ad-hoc play. Legion mode is the port’s brand new feature and it has players pick fights on a branching map. Sort of like Dissidia’s story mode system without items and a barebones interface.


BlazBlue Portable is dated for February 25, 2010 in Japan on UMD and as a PSN download.

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  • Kris

    Wow, this was unexpected! I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up though, since I don’t like BB’s layout on a pad.

  • ndjn3979

    Huh, totally forgot about it, but figured that with Accent Core+ on the PSP, BlazBlue would be inevitable. Now here it is.

  • psp pwnz

  • wow there are sooo many great fighting games for the psp! The DS has barely any in comparison.

  • EdgeKun

    I’ve had a hunch that they’d be bringing this one to PSP, and it makes me happy that they are. =D Now to just find some means of connecting my stick to my PSP and I’ll be set! ^^

  • shion16


  • Code

    rar, I love Blazblue, but I don’t think I need portable Blazblue, what with remote play on the PS3 version, online play, and more straight forward versus on the console versions, (plus with no new characters), this seems sort of like a narrow demographic to sell to. Maybe the Japanese train goers, demographic I guess?

    • Nite

      It’s mainly a convenience factor for me. I’m really too lazy to boot up my PS3, take out whatever disc is inside and put in BB, and then connect my TE stick to play the game sometimes. Of course I’ll mainly stick to the PS3 version for the online play, but I’d keep the PSP version around for practicing various combos.

      And I don’t see why everyone keeps bringing up remote play. That thing was an ugly and terribly laggy mess for me.

      • Code

        Yeah that is true, remote play wasn’t pretty, and certainly isn’t good if you wanna play the game on the go. I dunno I guess at least for myself the purpose of it is kind of lost without online, or the ability to play friends (since most people I know would rather play it on PS3/360 any ways even if it supports download play).

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Can’t wait to play this! The reason I’m excited is not b/c it’s on PSP (I’d rather it be on PS3) but rather, the new Legion mode

    Anything new BB gets me happy! :D

  • DerrickDnaruto

    if it has the opening i’ll get it

  • eliel

    thats cool(sadly i have’t played the origanal one YET!)…

  • lostinblue

    PS2 and Wii port, please.

    I’m all for SD versions of that game and all… but I really dislike fighters on the PSP.

    • How about a DS release, too?
      GG got one!

      • malek86

        I thought nobody liked that one.

        • I suppose not since nobody seems to talk about it. Maybe its the platform aspect that was disappointing? Book-style might work too.
          I was hoping it’d play more like Bleach DS.

      • lostinblue

        I’m not a big fan of fighters on portables, so I excluded DS.

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