Hands On Valkyria Chronicles 2 Multi-Map System

By Spencer . November 6, 2009 . 2:04am

image Valkyria Chronicles 2, even though it’s on a handheld, is faithful to its PlayStation 3 predecessor. The PSP game may not be as gorgeous, but the gameplay is the same.


Avan and his fellow military academy cadets run freely on open battlefields and target enemies, as if you were playing a first person shooter. The action point meter limits how far you can move and you get one shot per turn granting command point. Just like Valkyria Chronicles you can spend more than one command point on the same character, but each time you reactivate a unit they get less AP.


That should sound familiar. What’s new? Zones.


When your start the Valkyria Chronicles 2 demo mission you can deploy five units. Any mix of snipers, tanks, and scouts is OK. After you clear out the enemy forces with Nicol, your sniper, and reach the flag you can move to the next area.


Let’s say Cosette makes it to the supply point first. You can deploy her in area two, which happens to have a tank. Cosette isn’t going to be much help there so let’s get rid of her. We’ll use Lune, one of the anti-tank troops, instead and put Cosette on the bench. Once Cosette gets to the next area you can place one unit, her or anyone in your reserve, in the new area.




Meanwhile, her allies like Avan are stuck in area 1. You have to move them to area 2 before Lune can call for backup. Suddenly, Nicol is a problem. Snipers are excellent at taking out enemy troops, but they can’t move far. It’s going to cost a lot of command points to get Nicol to the area 2.


Back to Lune who’s about to takedown a tank. Once its blown to bits Lune isn’t as useful. You can swap her for Cosette by running back to the supply point.


At first, the multi-map system sounded like a solution to make the game work with the PSP’s limited memory. However, after playing the demo I believe this system has potential. Maybe I would have been better off if I didn’t use Nicol in area 1. He’s a hassle to deal with after the enemy forces are gone. Should I save my best units for area 2 so I can deploy them immediately? The multi-area system adds a new layer of tactics to think about.


Another quick note from the demo — Valkyria Chronicles 2 also has a data install option as seen in the game’s menu.


Can’t wait to see what kinds of scenarios Sega comes up with when Valkyria Chronicles 2 is released in Japan on January 21, 2010 and in North America next summer.

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  • badmoogle

    Played the demo a couple of days ago and loved every minute of it.
    Personally i think the concept behind the multi-map system is kinda the same as with the bigger maps of the first game where you had to change your tactics (and your roster) as you approached the final enemy camp and deployed your troops from the smaller enemy camps that you have occupied.
    But still it’s a good solution to overcome the PSP’s limitations.

  • Randgriz

    I really enjoyed the demo, i think i must have played it 5 times.

    In the demo, after i realised that youll be spending more points getting everyone from map A to map B, i played the demo again but used one scout to plow through the first map and then when i got to the other map i was able to delopy my lancers, snipers and shocktroopers.

    As for the tank on map A, you can send her back to the original outpost everyone starts the game with and then bring her out on map B with ease, since the outposts are all joined together.

    This was a much better strategy considering the way the enemies were layed out, the more stronger ones being on map B.

    Its still the same premise as Valkyria 1, but there will be ALOT more challenge in the full game considering enemies are going to have shileds and armour, plus the inclusion of vehicles on the battlefield. Its going to be one hectic game. Heres hoping for more difficulty settings!

    • badmoogle

      “As for the tank on map A, you can send her back to the original outpost everyone starts the game with and then bring her out on map B with ease, since the outposts are all joined together.”That was a cool feature but i think it made the demo way too easy.When i got my tank to the next map it wasn’t a problem anymore to occupy the enemy camp easily.I just used it to bomb their camp and kill the 2 shocktroopers and then i send my scout (who was hiding behind the crates on the left) to raise the flag.I didn’t even use my lancer.And i sure hope they raise the difficulty a bit in the actual game because judging from the demo the enemies were way too weak.

  • this game looks great … though i have to ask… why since persona 3, most of the rpgs released are on an academy/school!?

  • bugmeknot

    So you can play area 1 and area 2 in the same turn? Is there any loading when selecting a unit that’s in a different area from the last one you used?

    • bugmeknot

      I watched some videos from the official website. You can instantly move between areas, so I think the only hardware limitation would be draw distance.

      So I think the separate areas add something new to the gameplay rather than water down the experience.

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