Bayonetta: Climax Edition Weaving Into Europe

By Spencer . November 10, 2009 . 8:38am


Bayonetta, if you’re content with the PS3 version, is easy to import so Sega made their own “stop importing it edition”.


Bayonetta: Climax Edition comes with the game, art book, and a soundtrack CD in special packaging. The bundled CD doesn’t appear to be the complete soundtrack since that’s a five disc monster. Bayonetta and the special edition go on sale on January 8 in Europe.


Sega of America has not announced a special edition of Bayonetta at this time, but there was word about a collector’s edition with a Bayonetta action figure from those leaked Sega minutes.



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  • Nifty. I imagine that CD is what was included in the Japanese Pre-orders (Rodin’s Selection). Though, I really like that packaging it was included in. Perhaps that Artbook and CD together will be the same thing. Go Europe!

    Edit: Oh, I forgot I was going to mention Rodin’s Selection’s translated track listing: 1}One Of A Kind , 2}Riders Of The Light, 3}Battle For The Umbra Throne, 4}Theme Of Bayonetta ~ Mysterious Destiny, 5}The Old City Of Vigrid , 6}The Gates Of Hell.

    • MisterNiwa

      There is an even better version coming out~

      The Scarborough Fair Version~

      • After the J360 version, I didn’t want to double dip, but if that comes out in Europe only, I’ll import the PS3 version since that is an awesome package!! If it’s 360 only I’ll buy it anyway and have an unplayable PAL game. =3 I hope that’s real, but I’m going to pretend it’s not until I see more confirmation. Thanks!

  • badmoogle

    I’ll probably buy the full soundtrack either way so i’m curious how much more will i have to pay just for the art book?

  • UnleashTheCasey

    Comooooon figurine…action figure, statue…whatever!

  • UnleashTheCasey

    Oh, off-topic but on-topic. You know that one article where you said the PS3 version was 5 bucks cheaper on Gamestop?

    No it’s not. :( They’re both 5 dollars cheaper.

    • When the post was made the PS3 version was $5 cheaper. Gamestop changed the price afterwards. Amazon evened out the price for both versions too.

      • I noticed that also, Spencer. It seems Amazon drops prices for a little while sporadically. Even Demon’s Souls is $49.99. I never feel like each drop is “news worthy.” Maybe I’ll make a post on the FB Group and we can all just drop little links or messages there when we see games on sale.

  • malek86

    An artbook and music disc? Not too shabby, but not too good either. This can’t be more than 10€ of difference, or I’m getting the regular one.

  • eliel

    thats awesome i’d buy this (recently played the demo and liked it)

  • Volcynika

    I imported the game, and it’s pretty amazing. Hope the US gets a nice collector’s edition or whatever too.

    • Aoshi00

      I suppose this is all we’re getting from Gamestop, not even an artbook :(?

      Since I ordered the OST which is what I wanted the most, I’m good w/ just the game now. I can’t believe I’m craving for this game so much…

      • Volcynika

        Yeah, that’d be some major BS if that’s all Sega had planned for the US release.

  • thebanditking

    I soo want this. If we dont get it over here, then I am importing it. Also big +1 for Sega Europe for using the new box and not the nasty spider-man font one. I think I am going to get this on PS3, especially if I am importing this as for the sake of style alone the 360’s color scheeme just messes up the sexy of the design ;)

  • Ereek

    Does this “Climax Edition” cost more or are they pre-order bonuses? I couldn’t find a price on that blog.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice bundle.. Originally I have it pre-ordered from Amazon, but I just found out Gamestop’s in-store pre-order bonus, w/ “a collection of her 8 hottest poses in tear-off poster format”, so I think I’m going to cancel it and head over to my local game stop. Both version are sold at discount for $54.99 as well, same price as Amazon. So you get posters by just paying some tax pretty much..….I’m good w/ soundtrack, I just ordered the 5-disc one, I like its music too much.

    • I’m going to try and pick up the posters without buying the game. It’s great that there is so much bonus for this all across the board.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Wow…I totally missed the Bayonetta OST and now everyone is sold out.

    • Aoshi00

      Amazon Jpn says they’d be restocking on 11/27. I hope P-A would be able to fulfill my order. I actually went cheap and ordered it w/ the FFXIII LE OST pre-orderr to save shipping, guess I won’t receive anything till early Feb :( At least by then I would’ve played the games first and could enjoy the soundtrack much more..Thanks for the heads up on Sakura Note, I also saw the long track list.. The dog/cat scenario definitely sounds interesting. If they’re not releasing a separate soundtrack, I guess I shouldn’t miss getting the game while I still have the chance.. I assume you’re in Japan right? It’s lucky you get it much cheaper there, over $60 is a lot for a DS game that I’m on the fence on :(…

      UPDATE: I ended up from getting it from NCSX for $60, just couldn’t stand the thought of passing up the soundtrack since I love Uematsu. Hope the game would be good…

  • Tokyo Guy

    It’s kind of funny that these companies need to make “Stop Importing It” versions as you say, Spencer; I recall the same being said on gaming sites about Demon’s Souls as well. The best way to discourage people from importing games, and thus promote domestic sales in the respective countries, is for these companies to just cut the crap with staggered release dates, ESPECIALLY when the product is already fully localized to begin with. I mean come ON Sega, who actually believes the garbage about “January being the best time”. It seems to me that in this period of recession MAYBE people will be more likely to spend money for the holidays, but not so many right after. Bayonetta is a fantastic game that should truly receive the attention and sales it deserves. Yet I am quite confident that won’t happen for a variety of reasons, one of which is now that the foreign releases are just AFTER the largest shopping season of the year.

    Beyond all that, in this day and age there is really no excuse why games aren’t all being released simultaneously worldwide. I mean sure things have improved dramatically since the early 90’s, but companies like Square have commented that international sales are so important to them and yet lo and behold look at the continued delay with localizations. (Perhaps if they offered more competitive salaries for localization work it might be completed quicker?). Final Fantasy 13 should have a worldwide release this December which would work quite well given the holidays overseas and boost both game AND console sales…

    Sorry for the rant, but it just bugs me that the very markets that comprise a majority of sales for the Japanese gaming industry continue to be relegated as back-burner status.

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