Namco Bandai Posts Countdown Clock For Another RPG

By Spencer . November 11, 2009 . 11:33pm

imageThe Keroro RPG is out of the bag which means it’s time for a brand new countdown clock!


Namco Bandai is teasing another RPG and left clue in the URL. Do the words “RPG_LOST” mean anything to you?


I’m hoping for a new Xenosaga game, however unlikely it is. More realistically, “RPG_LOST” could be the untitled PlayStation 3 RPG which has been sitting in their game catalog for years.



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  • Ereek

    I’m sure you’re not alone when you say you really want another Xenosaga, since I’m with you too. But Monolith is owned by Nintendo, so no TT, and “Episode 5” is owned by Squaresoft, I have a hard time seeing it being on PS3.We can always dream, right? Though I’m getting sick of these countdowns.

    • nyobzoo

      Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo but guess who’s making the new Super Robot Taisen OG SAGA? That’s right, it’s Bandai Namco and MonolithSoft.

      And why not the PS3. Tales of Vesperia PS3 has already sold the same amount of copy in Japan alone then the 360 version worldwide. I think the PS3 is a great choice for them.

      • Kris

        I’m just worried that it will be another RPG for Namco to not localize.

      • Ereek

        What I meant by that is that Xenosaga’s creators, TT and his wife, are working for Nintendo. They’re in charge of Monolith Soft. Xenosaga is not the same without them. That is why not PS3.

    • BK0000

      “”Episode 5″ is owned by Squaresoft”

      No it isn’t. Xenosaga isn’t Xenogears.

      • Ereek

        So then why does it say Episode 5 right when you beat Xenogears?

        • BK0000

          Because it’s Episode V of Xenogears, not Xenosaga. Xenosaga and Xenogears aren’t the same.

          • fallen

            Hahahahahahahahaha, don’t even start this again. There are two camps on this, and each one thinks the other is absolutely idiotic. I thought the Internet got over this years ago.

        • Tokyo Guy

          In short, Xenogears was Episode 5 in what was planned to be a 6 episode story. The core elements of the story were all planned (see the Xenogears Perfect Works book). As Square owned the IP itself, when the creators formed Monolith they “re-imagined” Xenogears and made Xenosaga. Many of the elements from the Gears series were reworked into Saga, but they are two different story timelines. Esentially, had Saga not flopped, there would have been 3 more episodes、IIRC following KOS-MOS and and chaos in the future (I believe the staff had hinted at this in interviews).

          It’s really a shame if you ask me. Had Namco not set such absurdly high expectations for the Xenosaga series, chances are Monolith wouldn’t have been sold and we would actually have Xenosaga Episodes 4-6. They were expecting Final Fantasy-level sales.

  • badmoogle

    I didn’t liked any of Namco’s recent RPG’s so i can’t say that im particularly excited about it.

  • Xeahnort

    a Xenosaga Episode I, II and III compilation remastered for PS3 on a single blu-ray would be welcome.

  • Saturnus

    Whatever it is, a new PS3 RPG sounds good. Though can’t say I’m already behind on a playing a couple… :)

    Ugh, countdown clocks suck. VG trend of 09. Countdown clocks. Ugh.

    • Tokyo Guy

      I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if its another Tales game. I’m sorry but does anyone else agree with me in that the Tales series is stale and boring? It’s like they come out of a game creation template- generic story, generic characters, generic overworld, etc. I think the people who really love the Tales series are the anime otaku who love all the voice acting and “skits” and such. A shame really, because I remember how excited I was playing the first two games back in the 90’s…I’m not trying to offend anyone who loves Tales of, but at the same time I think Namco needs to try and develop new IP rather than continue with 2 Tales games per year.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I disagree with you, though there are a few of them that are real stinkers, as with any series. I don’t really think the story, characters, overworld, etc. are anymore generic than your average JRPG, but that’s just me.

        And don’t call me an otaku.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Ah, the otaku thing. Well part of that is bias on my part as the people I see going nuts over Tales stuff always tend to be otaku. I’ve been in Akihabara and overheard people gushing over Tales merchandising/anime or seen comments on Japanese message boards and whatnot. My main point was that unlike the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest series that caters to a diverse audience (heck every day I see unassuming women on the trains playing DQ9) the Tales series is aimed much more at gaming/anime enthusiasts. So I used the term otaku. And yes, I agree with you about the games not all being bad. But it’s more that something occurred to me a few months ago when Vesperia was ported to the PS3. I realized how many Tales games come out (in the past few years, a new Wii game, 2 versions of the DS Tales of Hearts, Vesperia, a traditional PSP game AND a fighting PSP game) and I actually took a second to consider how these games can just be churned out like that.Sure Namco gave the Tales series its own studio but not even Nintendo releases Mario games with such aggression. And those are platforming games. RPGs on the other hand, are suppose to have long and involved development phases and have deep and involving quests and stories, etc. It just seems like whereas every other game series has longer production times, the Tales series have shorter; that Namco has managed to churn RPGs out with the same speed as Capcom use to do Rockman games. That is no doubt a result of different teams handling different platforms, but still.Maybe the real issue is just that I-personally-have gotten tired of the cliched themes and archetypes Japanese RPGs represent. Though I really don’t care for the western variety at all. Though with respect to this series itself, the over-saturation killed it for me-were there only half as many Tales games they wouldn’t have lost their magic no doubt. But, as Namco deems them highly profitable, such is not the case.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Who owns the IP to Xenosaga though? Monolith or Namco?

    • BK0000

      Bandai Namco. They own Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga.

      • Saturnus

        If it were at all possible to remake Baten Kaitos to PS3.

        I will… I don’t even know. I’ll just go ‘blaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ and not move for a few days…

  • BK0000

    They’ve added some text to the site. Now, it says “That RPG will return”.

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