Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors Of Light Sells Out In Japan

By Spencer . November 12, 2009 . 4:19pm

image Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors of Light is a breakout hit. The initial shipment of the game sold out and Tomoya Asano, the producer, posted an apology to fans. (Thanks for the tip Marvin!!)


Square Enix released The Four Warriors of Light on October 29. According to Media Create 150,000 units have been sold as of last week. Additional shipments are expected to arrive in late November.


Considering the game’s popularity, chances are good we’ll see an English version of The Four Warriors of Light someday.

  • Tokyo Guy

    It’s kind of surprising though, because up until a few days ago I don’t remember seeing any sold-out signs in the Tokyo game stores yet, sure enough, now all the major stores are indeed out of stock. The game is a bit deceptive. It looks absolutely hideous (anyone else recall the leaked Final Fantasy IX concept art?) and it plays like a game aimed at 4 year olds, yet there is a surprising amount of challenge and whatnot to be had. I found myself glued to the game for a bit.

    I would question the word ‘hit’ however, as 150,000 units and Final Fantasy aren’t usually used in tangent with each other. Then again considering that Blood of Bahamut went straight to the clearance bin perhaps that is indeed an accomplishment. I dunno…it just seems like in the wake of the multi-million selling game era, where one after the next sells like mad, anything under 500,000 is “bad”.

    • It looks absolutely hideousThat’s YOUR opinion. I was blown away the second I saw the trailer.

      • Tokyo Guy

        You like the way it looks? How? It’s so messy and blocky. I’m not quite sure what the developers were aiming for when they made it-a child’s picturebook type thing?

        Then again I’ve been dissatisfied with all of the DS FF games. It’s kind of like if Level 5 can make DQ9 look like it did, why can’t the FF developers do likewise?

        But don’t read too far into my comments, it’s only the visuals not the core gameplay.

        • a child’s picturebook type thing?

          It worked for the Chocobo DS games. Somehow this reminds me of 7th Dragon’s art too. Also it’s sort of unfair to compare Matrix Software to Level 5.

          On a related note, when the hell are we getting Dual Hearts 2 and Alundra 3, Matrix???

  • kupomogli

    Considering the title has Final Fantasy in it, I assumed it’d be released over here regardless.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Lol I was going to say the same thing.

  • Josh

    I’ve heard that the battle system ruins the game, since *everything* is randomly targetted (attacks, attack and healing spells, etc.).

    • Tokyo Guy

      Well in a way it does. But the AI almost always distributes the attacks fairly or the healing magic to those who need it the most. But this is why I said the game is somewhat childish, because it simplifies everything to a fault.

      • Yeah I read about the annoying AI, you seem to have a point there.

        • I happen to think this “style” (yes, I consider it somewhat of a style, just my opinion) of graphics is interesting. I loved FFIII’s and FFIV’s graphic style. There’s something heartwarming about it to me. I guess that makes it easier for me to stomach something like this that could be so atrocious to others. @TokyoGuy: I’d reserve calling things ‘blocky’ for older PSX games =) The DS games aren’t nearly that bad.

          EDIT: Sorry Denpa, I replied to you but on your wrong comment. xD

      • Josh

        Again, just going by what I heard, the healing spells always go to the character with the lowest HP, right?

        Which is a problem because the character with the lowest HP is not necessarily the one that needs healing the most (a mage with slightly higher HP might be a better target for the healing spell, etc.).

        • Jirin


          That reminds me of certain times in Persona 3. Say, you’re on a boss that can do 70% of your HP in one hit. Yukari is at 49% max HP. MC is at 51% of max HP. Yukari’s turn comes up. She could cast mediarahan. Nope! She casts diarahan on herself instead! Boss attacks MC, he dies, game over.

          Not giving the player control over targeting is one of the dumbest design decisions any RPG company could make.

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