A Look At Sands of Destruction’s Original, Darker Scenario

By Spencer . November 13, 2009 . 4:07pm


In Sands of Destruction you guide Kyrie and his companions on a quest to destroy the world, a stark change from most RPG storylines where you’re trying to save it.


“So, for this game in particular, Kato’s original scenario actually came back saying… In the final game, humanoids are ruled by the ferals, the beast men. The humans were food for the beast men in the original scenario, and there were scenes in there where the beast men would actually eat the humans,” Ryoei Mikage said to Gamasutra in an interview.


Due to rating concerns, the story was altered. Instead of being dinner, humans are feral slaves. “Obviously, that would be rated Z in Japan. But for an RPG on the DS, the board felt that it would be more appropriate for the actual gameplay content to be something that even kids can pick up and play.”


The switch was also a profitable move. Sega turned Sands of Destruction into an all ages mixed media franchise with an anime series and manga. Still, I’d like to see Image Epoch’s scenario fully realized someday. Perhaps, a Sands of Destruction director’s cut in the future? Yoichi Shimosato, Producer at Sega, also said “the original idea would have been more fun and compelling.”

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  • Wow. I agree… The original idea was better. That would have been a pretty interesting game. I don’t think it would cause a Z rating though, unless it was especially graphic. Was that the only reason why they changed the story?

    • >Was that the only reason why they changed the story?

      Well, like they sort of mention, it’s much much easier to make a profitable franchise out of something that’s kid- (or, rather, parent-)friendly.

  • Whatever the changes they make, im looking forward to this game, and for any rpg coming to us

  • Tokyo Guy

    Ah…World Destruction. This game was amazing, though I was let down by the broken battle system (i.e. once you max out a few attacks you can’t loose). There was also a frustrating dungeon that you need to visit THREE times that also irked me. Everything else was fantastic though, and I wonder if the darker story would have drawn more comparisons to the “inspiration” from Xenogears.

  • i’ve watched the anime version, and have to say it’s kinda…meh. It’s got a promising start, but middle to ending is quite mediocre.

    In the anime, the only ones who can fight is Morte and Toppi and they only use physical attacks, which is quite contradictory since the plot is Morte wanting to destroy the world. Can you destroy the world using only physical attacks? That’s why the anime feels rushed and they don’t give special effects like spells or something that would be much much suitable with the world destruction theme.

    • Tokyo Guy

      The anime is, unfortuately, a horrible thing to base the game itself on. I played the game first then saw the anime and wow…it seems like a typical soul-less cash-in.

      • Aoshi00

        I was excited about the game initially for the Xenogears story (they really should’ve stick w/ the human being food darker scenario) and Mitsuda music, and would’ve imported it long ago if not for the across the board negative reviews saying the gameplay is unbalanced and encounter rates being extremely high, issues that seem to be addressed in the US version.

        Despite me liking Jpn dub most of the time, I can’t stand Miyano Mamoru’s voice as Kyrie (does he sound as whiny as in the anime?), and they should never use actors who are amateurs to do voice acting (Mizushima Hiro), since its sounds like they are just reading from the script. I only like Sakamoto Maya and Furuya Tooru as Toppi. I don’t know how similar the anime is to the game, but after watching 4 episodes of the show, it dampens my interest in the game to zero, and the feeling still lingers..

        BTW, thanks for your suggestion w/ Sakura Note, I just started the 2nd chapter, I like the down to earth story so far and the animal dialogue is hilarious, and Uematsu’s light hearted soundtrack reminds me of FF IX, but I’m not going to listen to the bonus soundtrack yet until I finish the game.

        • Moriken

          The actual story of the anime is really quite different from the game (the latter is better), but they’re both more on the light-hearted side of storytelling, despite the initial premise. Calling a game World Destruction and then leaning towards comedy? Alright~~~~
          (btw, the anime OST was pretty good, though)

          • Aoshi00

            So I suppose it’s kind of like Blue Dragon, the game had a decent story and the anime a horrible (non-existent) one. I was totally turned off by the anime because of the stupid comedy and sloppy animation, how about the game’s soundtrack by Mitsuda?

            I don’t know how much changes they’ve made to the US version, would you still recommend getting the Jpn game? Every time I wanted to buy it, then I looked at it being sold for 749 yen on Amazon Jpn (Sigma Harmonic 1000 yen and that’s generous), that’s very discouraging, like saying the game is absolute garbage, a waste of time and money…

          • Moriken

            Hmm…the soundtrack had that certain 16-bit-era charm. But I think Mitsuda only wrote a couple of tracks? Maybe a third of the music or so…there’s quite a lot of voice acting btw, for a DS game.

            As it is, the game is horridly unbalanced (aka way too easy thanks to the broken battle engine), but it’s okay, I think. I did enjoy it most of the time because it felt a lot like playing a mid-90s era RPG and Toppi and Morte are amusing characters. It’s also not exactly long, I think it took me ~20h gametime including getting the best equipment (which you don’t need anyway). It’s also nowhere near as boring as, say, Nostalgio no kaze, so less than 1,000 yen wouldn’t be exactly wasted. But it’s not one of the games you’ll get an urge to replay years later, or whose story will make a big impression on you.

            The US-version seems to address the broken battle difficulty though, which could surely be pretty significant for some people. But I have no idea what else they changed, except the title of course XD

          • Aoshi00

            I see.. problem is I wouldn’t be able to get it for 1000 yen, it’s sold for $30 here at least.. I know the US version would be improved upon, but I want that shiny Jpn cover art :) I actually prefer the Eng. title since, as you said, the game’s story was half comedic and hardly warrant the serious title “World Destruction” (at least that’s my impression from the anime anyway). I like the simple old school RPGs, but if the system is broken to the point that is boring, then it’s a little hard to put in even 20 hours of it (and not a good story too…). I guess the only reason for me to get the Jpn ver would be Sakamoto Maaya’s Morte and the decent cover art… I just don’t want to buy a game (like Hercule’s Glory) and leave it to collect dust.. I mean, if you read most of the reviews on Jpn amazon, the review of this game is just horrid, many 1 out of 5 stars :(… I know I have made mistakes before by not trusting those reviews since people don’t give 1star for no reason.

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