Who Are Nintendo’s Competitors?

By Spencer . November 13, 2009 . 5:46pm

imageNintendo of America CEO, Reggie Fils-Aime, isn’t just concerned with Sony and Microsoft. In his eyes, Apple, TV shows, magazines and books are also Nintendo’s competition.


“The way we look at it, we’re in the entertainment business consumers only have a limited amount of time for entertainment and so we compete with Apple, we compete with your program [CNBC], we compete with books and magazines, we compete with everything people do for entertainment,” Fils-Aime said in an interview with CNBC.


Out of those Fils-Aime isn’t as worried about Apple. "While they have a lot of these applications, you know, they’re very small chunks of entertainment. What we do is we provide a full meal in terms of a game you can play for hours on end. Very deep, very enriching," Fils-Aime boasted.


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  • If I were a jerk I’d jokingly say “Fisher-Price” since Miyamoto said the Wii was a toy. But I don’t actually believe that and sarcasm is pretty tough to detect on the internet, so I’m qualifying it this way.

    • tim_mbp

      They do make a “Wii Sports” type game that plugs directly into a TV. It’s more of an edutainment activity though.

  • Eddie

    Reggie is a cool guy…. I just wish better games would come out for the wii more often. It would be cool to see more new games from Nintendo instead of Mario Thumb Wrestling and Sonic Sky Diving….. I never new Nintendo thought of others besides Sony and Microsoft as competitors… Now that i think of it the iphone does get compared to the ds pretty often. But hey Fragile and Trauma Team are gonna be sweet!!! Wait you know what Reggie makes plenty of sense Nintendo has their own magazine and so does Sony and Microsoft and steve jobs has like one billion magazine plus he is on the cover of Forbes magazine i think (can’t remember) Tv shows I don’t know about that but i do know i use my wii for the world news more than anything for me its like my second cnn. But yeh they do need more games and they actually need games that are good. As far as the dsi they are during wonderful with that better yet they are doing excellent.

  • Pichi

    Might as well say everything is your competitor if you’re going after anything that can entertain anyone. There’s only so much Wii can do in certain areas.

    • That’s another thing I’m trying to grasp; if he really considers Apple and major networks to be a competitor would that mean we’re going to see them do something in the vain like an iMario Player, or maybe expect something like the Wii’s News Channel but expanded in some way?
      It’s just interesting that they would focus on something like that. It’s understandable, especially if they want to branch outside of gaming, but there’s still a lot of gaming I would want them to focus on, and his answer for not bringing out enough quality titles probably wouldn’t reassure anyone thinking otherwise.

      As for TV programs, I wonder if Nintendo Week is part of that strategy or that British show they bought (“Best Brains”, I think).

  • Tokyo Guy

    The trouble with Nintendo-staff commenting is that you never know who actually knows what they are talking about. How many times have we heard some PR comment from Nintendo Japan/America/Europe only for another branch to correct it. Thus I wonder if Nintendo of Japan would also agree with these other competitors.

    Though I will say that Fils-Aime sure seems to know a heck more than Iwata does. Why this man isn’t the one running Nintendo Japan is a mystery.

    • thebanditking

      Are you kidding me? Reggie is not qualified to run Nintendo Japan, we would never get any new real games out of them. Reggie may be a better business man then Iwata but, Iwata knows more about gaming. Reggie is just a suit.

      • I don’t believe that’s entirely true. I think Reggie understands the “gamer” aspect of the business but he’s a) limited by what funds NOA are provided with to conduct their own development, and b) trying to balance two completely different audiences.

        I agree Iwata is the best qualified person to run Nintendo though. He’s probably the best president they’ve had. Not quite as foresighted as Yamauchi, but he’s excellent at managing profits and resources.

  • kupomogli

    Reggie sure does know how to talk, you can’t help but to like him. However, every word he said on that video was nothing but sales techniques. Like how they’re sure they’re going to have enough product but depending on how fast retailers move it there “might be a shortage.” Basically everyone who may have watched it he’s probably hoping that they’re going to pick it up.

    I also like how he mentioned “third party developers” didn’t say anything about them, but then again tried to sell on Nintendogs for those who like animals or Wii Fit and Wii Fit 2 to lose weight, and going back time and time again throughout the entire thing trying hard as hell to push that New Super Mario Bros. sales pitch out there.

    It’s obvious.

    • abasm

      Reggie is a by-the-book salesman, through and through.

      To be honest, I’m getting a bit weary of his canned responses. I sometimes wish he would say something that didn’t sound completely rehearsed.

      • Ereek

        Seconded. I don’t trust a word he says because he practically has “salesman” written all over his face. It feels more like he’s speaking to your money than to you.

        • Hraesvelgr

          I can’t think of too many others in the industry who are any different, though.

          • daizyujin

            In the end you are right, but it doesn’t help that Reggie even looks like he is just trying to sell you something. He “looks” like a sleezy salesman to me. Balmer on the otherhand, just looks like an asshole. :)

            But yeah, they are all just trying to get money from you, that is their job.

            On the other hand, he isn’t wrong either. Given Nintendo’s target demographic of the more casual crowd, they probably are more susceptible to other forms of entertainment. To us on this site, it sounds like bullshit, but the guy sounds pretty spot on to me.

            The full meal bit comparison is hilarious though when you consider the mini-game setup of a lot of Wii games, including first party ones. Now there is a hit on the bullshit-o-meter.

          • Tokyo Guy

            I have to agree as well. I’ve never cared for Fils-Aime in the slightest. He essentially went from zero to hero by pushing sales and yet you have all these rabid Nintendo fanboys who absolutely worship him. I’m not talking about admiring the man for his ability to talk talk or promote products, I mean they defend him like their own father or deify him as if Nintendo was some kind of religion.

            It’s so ironic that the “savior” they worship is indeed just a salesman. But then again perhaps that’s why the Nintendo fanboys are so many in number. They’ve bought his lines hook, line, and sinker.

        • abasm

          Don’t get me wrong, though. I just remember that he used to be a bit more free, a bit more adventurous in his presentations, back when he had a lower standing in the company.Remember this?http://img.qj.net/uploads/articles_module/73421…With great power comes great bureaucracy, I suppose.

  • thebanditking

    Honestly this is a very stupid comment for him to make. How can Sony and MS not be their competition? I am pretty sure most would agree that PS3 and 360 are videogame consoles, so is he saying that Nintendo doesnt make videogames (I know sometimes it sure feels that way ;p )? This is the same stupid opinion that has landed them in last place in each of the past 2 generations, only difference now is that have a gimmick that has carried them….. so far anyway.

    • That’s not what he is saying. He’s saying that in ADDITION to Sony and MS, they also compete with Apple, TV shows etc. for mindspace, time and money.

      For example, I have 30 minutes to spend. Do I start up the 360? No, because its games rarely allow for a quick 30 minute session. But do I play the DS or Wii, or surf the internet, or watch a 30 minute TV show? If I choose not to play, and make that choice over and over again, that is a loss for Nintendo, they have failed to compete with other entertainment. That is the big picture that Nintendo is looking at and that has ONLY RECENTLY started affecting their strategy, which has helped create more successful and better competing products like the DS and Wii.

  • cowcow

    Reggie is responsible for us not getting Disaster Day of Crisis, Fatal Frame IV and Another Code R in the U.S. so as far as I’m concerned he can suck it

    • Joanna

      is he really? from what I can gather, Nintendo of Japan (Iwata) has just as much influence if not more in deciding what makes it stateside and what does not. I don’t think anything can be blamed on Reggie 100%, sure maybe if he pushed for these games a bit more, he could have convinced Iwata to give the OK.

      • cowcow

        I just remember him making up som BS excuse for one of them as to why he didnt think it was worthy coming over or something and it pissed me off.

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