Atlus Dates 3D Dot Game Heroes For North America

By Spencer . November 16, 2009 . 10:11pm

image Atlus picked up the rights to 3D Dot Game Heroes, which was just released in Japan a few weeks ago. The game will come out in North America on May 11, 2010.

From Software gave 3D Dot Game Heroes a suggested retail price of 7,140 yen ($80!). The game will cost half that here. Atlus is selling the game for $39.99. Aren’t you glad you didn’t import?


I, on the other hand, imported 3D Dot Game Heroes, made a custom hero, and got past the third dungeon. Go bombs, boomerang, and reflection spell! Look for impressions later this week.

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  • There’s a website available too:

    Also MSRP is said to be $39.99

    • MadMirko

      The budget price is a very sensible decision, considering how badly it sold in Japan. It’s probably not enough to make much difference, though.

  • Ereek

    I got this in my Faithful newsletter just 10 minutes ago. Somehow I’m not surprised, but still very excited. I’m loving the price point, too.

  • Kris

    Well that’s just awesome!

  • Tokyo Guy

    Yikes. That’s a long localization window for a game with no voice acting and a relatively short script…Still, the game is a TOTAL throw back to the original Zelda and should not be missed.Also, as a pricing note, stores rarely sell games for the MSRP; most have this game for about 6400 yen.

    • fuzaku2

      >the game is a TOTAL throw back to the original Zelda and should not be missed.Even if you already own the original Zelda?

      • Tokyo Guy

        Oh its not the same as Zelda literally, but the design and story is similar. But if you played the original Zelda when it was originally released then this game will probably have more impact for you.

  • It is necessary since Jan, Feb and March are packed with great games (Bioshock 2, FFXIII the list goes on)

    • bubbba123


  • Awsome looking foward to this ! i really liked the trailer i saw on psn , and cant wait to costumise my chara XD ! maybe ill put up a sephi XD !another thing ive noticed , imports really get expesive for people that live in USA O_O ! You see since i live in europe and euro is higher than dollar these days , and games here cost 70 euros ( yes full retail price ) , soo for instance im importing FF 13 wich costs US$92.99 and its gonna cost me [~€62.18] less than full retail price . Its not that bad of a deal for me ,anyway love Atlus hope they bring more games and will get this as soon as its out! And im looking foward to HD persona Atlus you hear me!

  • Alright ill be waiting for that impression, since im still not sure (its a weird vibe i get from this game) so i need to hear more, to feel i like it xD

  • nyobzoo

    great news and for only $40 :o

  • azez

    wHY THERE IS NO limited edition?

    still great news

    • When I got the e-mail of the announcement I was sort of looking for that, too.
      We’ve really been be spoiled by Atlus ;)

  • Gonna sound like a complete snot-nosed kid here, but I actually never played a Zelda game, so when I read “it’s totally like Zelda!” my only response is “oh…?”.
    Since the game is set for release, maybe I should now…

    • Wow. That doesn’t make you sound “snotty” but it is surprising you haven’t played any in your time. There are some very good Zelda games out there. Some of my personal favorites: Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and A Link to the Past.

      Does anybody know if there are any rumors of USA Japan sharing servers for create-a-character? I’m sure it’s not likely, but I’m clinging to hope.

      • Marcus70

        According the PS Blog – Per Aram Jabbari at Atlus writes:
        “While the game does not have an integrated custom character trading system, you will be able to save your creations, put them on a compatible USB storage device, and share them online. In fact, you can see plenty of great fan designs online in the various communities following the game, such as NeoGAF.”

        • That’s even better. Thanks for the input!

    • Ereek

      You should know that there are a few references to DQ and Castlevania, it’s not a Zelda-only parody, which some people seem to think. A friend of mine imported and, from what I saw – which was only a bit -, the towns are far more Dragon Quest than Zelda.

  • Marcus70

    I like the way you get enemies into the monster encyclopedia. You need to hit the monster over the head (literally and repeatedly) with your encyclopedia to force it into their profile. :)IGN preview:

    • Like a more intense Avalon Code, eh…?

      • Marcus70

        Sorry, Nick I never played Avalon Code, so I can’t draw the comparsion.Hey, being a NIS employee, any hints about the next Nippon Ichi SRPG coming to home consoles? I remember reading an article a few months back interviewing one of the officers at Nippon Ichi saying a new SRPG (i.e. Disgaea 4) was a long ways off. Over the past 3 years only one Nippon Ichi SRPG (Disgaea 3) has hit consoles in Japan and I hope a few more are coming someday. :)

        • No need to be so formal! I was commenting on here long before I changed jobs, after all.

          As for other SRPGs on home consoles… hmmm… can’t really say I know much, honestly. That’s more NISJ’s decision, though what you read about D4 is probably true – another year or two until that one.

          Sorry I couldn’t leak anything awesome! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to talk about the stuff we’re working on, but until then I must be hush-hush.

          • Marcus70

            Hi Nick,

            Thanks for responding and good luck with your job at NIS America. I really look forward to all of NIS America’s upcoming projects.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Unsurprising announcement, but I’m still not interested. The price is great, though.

  • Kuza21

    AHHH! why so far!

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