Final Fantasy XIII Screens Show Alexander Summon And Crystarium System

By Spencer . November 18, 2009 . 11:08pm


Final Fantasy XIII is too modern for “levels”. It has a Final Fantasy X style character growth system where players spend Crystarium points to purchase abilities and stat boosts earned from encounters. As seen above, Lighting is playing the role of a blaster and can purchase HP +15 or the magic spell thunder. Snow, being an attacker, has different options like the ruin spell and HP +70.


ff13_11 ff13_12 ff13_14 ff13_13  ff13_16 ff13_17


Hope’s summon, Alexander, crushes enemies with its giant fist. When it switches into Gestalt mode, Alexander transforms into a laser shooting fortress.

ff13_01 ff13_03 ff13_02 ff13_04 ff13_05 ff13_06 ff13_07 ff13_08 ff13_09 ff13_10


In Final Fantasy XIII, you aren’t impervious to enemy ambushes while riding a chocobo. Your chocobo looses a bit of life whenever you bump into an enemy. In addition to speeding up travel Chocobos can find hidden treasures.


ff13_22 ff13_23 ff13_24 ff13_25 ff13_26 ff13_18 ff13_19 ff13_20 ff13_21 ff13_27 ff13_28 ff13_29 ff13_30 ff13_31 ff13_32 ff13_33 ff13_34 ff13_35 ff13_36 ff13_37 ff13_38 ff13_39 ff13_40

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  • Advent_Andaryu

    I knew they would do something like this for the leveling system. I love the old school level system, but Square Enix is great about making new ways of character growth! If this is as good as the sphere grid, I will be hooked. I hated the license grid in XII it really made leveling boring… I hope they learned from their mistakes.

    Crystarium sounds awesome!

    • Aoshi00

      If this is like the Sphere Grid like X, it’s definitely welcome. Hated the license board as well, very tedious grinding for LP and loot to sell for gil. The environment from the screenshot look reminiscent of X (or VIII) as well, futuristic yet exotic. Ah, finally an FF that I like after almost a decade :). I can’t wait! After this will have to skip XIV and need to wait for XV, lol…

  • mooncalf

    So to avoid being spoiled, am I going to have to stay away from the net for 3 months? Or learn Japanese? This game is just too incredible.

    • bubbba123

      Yeah probably. Seems like they reveal new information every week. Leavin’ nothing to the imagination…

  • bubbba123

    Damn, Chocobos got BIG.

    • Aoshi00

      But then we also have a baby chocobo chick on Sazh’s afro as its nest :)

    • Chow

      Everything’s bigger in Texas, boy.

  • Kaoro

    Holy crap those environments look beautiful. Everything about this game is very appealing to me, not sure why.

    Oooh how I wish I spoke fluent Japanese so I could import :-(.

    • Tokyo Guy

      It looks beautiful but the gameplay movies have shown some major slowdown issues, akin to what Bayonetta was ultimately left with (at least the PS3 version, no idea about the 360). I certainly hope Square fixes that for the final product.

      • Kaoro

        Well, I have the FFACCC Demo and everything was very smooth in that. I assume that if such an old build is up and running smoothly, the final game will too.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Ah but the slowdown in the gameplay footage occurs when there are huge open environments with tons of stuff going on. There is one movie in particular with Hope running around in a giant plain with dinosaur-type things walking around (or were they ships?) and there is significant slow-down. Why Square would use that footage in a promotional movie is beyond me.

          • Kaoro

            Yeah, I remember that. I don’t know if you’ve seen the NA release announcement video, but they show a chocobo running around in that same grassy field and it’s all fine. My hunch is that somewhere along the line of editing and encoding the gameplay videos, something got messed up.

  • *______________* i browsed it very fast so i didnt get too much spoiled XD but oh those last shots are indeed very beautifull , im glad FFXI fills up my time XD been wating for this wayy too long … but if it is inded why this is truning out soo good then its worth the wait.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Sorry to get somewhat off-topic, but am I the only one who finds the cast of characters in Final Fantasy XIII to be atrocious? Lightning is fine, but the rest? Snow, for starters, seem like little more than Seifer with a better attitude. Sazh is so stereotypical I’m surprised there weren’t comments made akin to the Biohazard 5/Africa issue. Vanilla and Hope…why must this game be filled with cliched teen-angst?I kept waiting and waiting for Square to announce someone I actually cared about and yet in the end, have been sorely disappointed. Neither the designs nor the characters themselves seem remotely interesting to me. I really hope that after playing the final product, my disappointment will be replaced with satisfaction at being proved wrong.

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