Lufia II Then Versus The Future

By Spencer . November 23, 2009 . 4:29pm

Estpolis: The Lands Cursed by the Gods is not an entirely new Lufia game. As revealed in last week’s issue of Famitsu, it’s a remake of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. Square Enix is giving the game a major overhaul by changing the system from a traditional role playing game to an action RPG and redoing the character art.


Here’s Maxim (remember him?) the protagonist in Lufia II from 1995.




And this is how he looks in the Nintendo DS remake.




Here’s how Neverland envisioned Selena fourteen years ago…




… and her latest look.



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  • maxim = meh
    Selena = jesus christ! god bless the future! dammit!

    • kylehyde

      100% agree

    • Also agreed. That’s more what I imagined Selen(a) to look like, anyway. Not sure why, but when I saw the picture I definitely thought, “yeah, that’s her.”

      • When I first saw the partial scan I didn’t realize Selena was the same character, but seeing the art side by side the two characters are pretty similar, aside from the added sex appeal.

  • Pichi

    I miss seeing older art like that in general. Leaning towards old for but will wait for more new art work, but I think I still like the older best.

  • I always think it’s neat to see updates in artwork, but Maxim’s design looks pretty boring. hmm.. maybe it’ll look better in other official art. Selena’s design is fine I think.

  • The new clothing suggests a more modern, magic-technology setting than a basic Medieval fantasy one, doesn’t it? So I wonder how much of an overhaul the game world is getting.

    I think the new designs are kind of generic… You could paste them in almost any PS3/360 RPG and I’d believe it. I would have enjoyed a modern translation of those ’90s designs, sort of like how Dissidia took mostly unaltered designs from the first few Final Fantasies and still made them feel new.

    But then again, I don’t think nostalgia gamers are their target for this new Lufia.

    • Pichi

      Agreed now that I think about it. The new art work does look a bit generic to me compared to the old art.

    • Joanna

      third. but I also like a more high fantasy look…so the old art appeals more to me regardless. XD

  • I much prefer Maxim’s original design.

  • ShinNoKami

    …wait, action rpg?! BUT WHY?!

  • marcosbh22

    Selena looks very much like jeane from suikoden series, the big diference is the hair and the “happy” face.But this may be a great spin in the gameplay part and i think that will enable the players to explore more the world of lufia.

  • This sounds fantastic. I hope they don’t change the music around too much. I loved the battle victory theme more then the Final Fantasy back then.
    As for new character art, I’m loving it. Maxim is fine to me, what else could they do with him in modern anime style? Well, I guess more armor looking, and less wild hair…
    Selena looks great, I want to see Guy and the other girl :P And Foomy!

    • kupomogli

      Arty/Artea is actually a guy.Also. Selan and her new art? O_O. Not anything really different than what’s being done with art today, but looks nice.

      • …totally forgot he was a guy, thanks for correcting me. ^^;

  • SeventhEvening

    I loved Lufia II so much. The idea of making the characters into generic “modern” characters and turning the game into an action RPG is extremely disappointing. I wish they could leave Lufia II alone and just make a true sequel.

    • Gestahl

      Neversoft – the company that developed Lufia II long ago, is making the changes. I say, let’s give them a chance.

      • SeventhEvening

        Oh, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. When I saw an announcement for a new Lufia game I was quite excited. But the idea of it being an action RPG and a reboot pretty much killed my excitement. I still give it a try, but I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

    • This is a start. It’s almost like Square Enix is “rebooting” or reimagining the series. If this does well there’s always a chance for more Lufia games.

      • MadMirko


        And if this does not well, maybe because of so-called fans shunning it because it tries to not be a clone of the past games, then Lufia will go (back) to Pachinko and cell phone games.

        Oh, the memories. Piloting the submarine was cool, and I had the big ass Euro box version. I later found out the there apparently were bugs in the NA version that were fixed for the Euro release. One of the very few times one could be glad to be a 16bit gamer in the old world, back then.

        • SeventhEvening

          Well, I could forgive it if it were a new sequel and they were making all of these changes, but most “reboots” I can think of were really underwhelming and no where near as good as the original. I mean, imagine if these roles were reversed and Atlus decided to “reboot” Final Fantasy VII, only now cloud wears a black leather jacket, fights with a small sword and the game is now a heavy dungeon crawling rogue-like with no chocobos. Could this game be good? Maybe. But it wouldn’t have the spirit or the feel of the original.

          And that’s my concern. If the game lacks the spirit of the original, that’s one thing, but if it seeks to replace Lufia II and lacks Lufia II’s spirit I’ll be quite disappointed. Look at other reboots: Bionic Commando, Alone in the Dark, Golden Axe, (the upcoming) Silent Hill. None of those were good. I think I have every reason to be skeptical.

          • MadMirko

            As if the “spirit or the feel of the original” had anything to do with such superficialities, but that was not my point and I’m not interested in speculating about how good a title will be based on 3 bullet points of information.

            If an attempted reboot (whatever that is supposed to mean) of a series that has been forgotten by the general gamer public fails, it’s most likely the end of the series altogether. If there is no second attempt due to financial reasons, there is no possibility that fan criticism is taken to heart and being regarded for the next title.

          • SeventhEvening

            I’m not saying the game will definitely be bad, after all, there’s not much information, you’re right about that. And maybe it will be absolutely fantastic. But Selena’s new design is the only thing about the game that I’ve heard that I like the sound of. I’ve got an open mind about it, and I want it to be good. I’m just afraid of the series being tarnished by a terrible new game. I’ve already watched that happen with Star Ocean III and with Silent Hill: Homecoming.

  • Evilhero1

    Anybody remember the art for Selan and Maxim in the instruction manual. The one where Selan has 4 fingers? That always kind of freaked me out. How does a professional artist miss a finger?

  • Code

    Haha I like both designs, rar, Lufia 2 was such a great game >w<! Can't wait! Although an action/rpg seems like a odd direction, I figure I'll give them benefit of the doubt. Oddly enough as an afterthought I have to admit I'd say the new Maxim looks much closer to how I always imagined Maxim looking then the old design though.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Ah…why must the remake the game and convert its genre no less. It will just anger all of us who played it originally…

  • I much prefer Maxim’s original design—now he’s like some smug-looking Nomura punk. But Selan looks a lot less frail and frilly this time around, and that’s great.I’ll take the good with the bad.

  • frostwave

    I think they both look good. I don’t understand why some people think Maxim’s new design is bad. It’s not mind-blowing, but I’d call it an upgrade from Mr. Constipated ’95 there. I mean, good God his old design blew.

    I agree that Selena’s is the better of the two. She looks hot, but also competent, unlike her old one.

    I’m pumped for this.

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