Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side: 3rd Story Debuts On DS

By Jenni . November 24, 2009 . 4:12pm

tokimemo girls side 3rd story bs logBig news from Konami, yet another Tokimeki Memorial game is in the works. A brand new entry in the Girl’s Side spin-off series is being developed for the Nintendo DS. Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side: 3rd Story is the first new Girl’s Side entry in years, and the first one created specifically for the DS. The previous two games, 1st Kiss and 2nd Season, were ports of PlayStation 2 games. The news was announced in a recent issue of Bs Log.


Unfortunately, this announcement is so new that there’s practically no information available on the new game. Here’s what we know so far though:

  • It’ll be out sometime in 2010.
  • It’s set 7 years after the first game.
  • Once again, you’re attending Habataki High, the school from the first game.
  • There will be voice acting.
  • There skinship system from the prior DS games will be returning.
  • Tamami Konno’s, one of the rival/friend characters from Girl’s Side: 1st Kiss, little brother Tamao Konno is one of the chaseable boys.
  • Two other chaseable male characters, Ruka Sakurai and Arashi Fujiyama, have been announced.


Konami has a site up, but there’s practically no information there. Maybe by the end of December, 2009, there’ll be some more information.

  • Good for the girls who like this kind of games ( i know some that just go crazy on these games *sigh*)

    • Awww, let us have our guilty little pleasure :P

    • syvle

      Yeah, like me, for example :P

  • nyoron

    “Tamami Konno’s, one of the rival/friend characters from Girl’s Side: 1st Kiss, little brother Tamao Konno is one of the chaseable boys.”

    Shota? :O

    • Nope. Its seven years later, remember. He’s a year older than the heroine.

      • Though we can be sure there will be a kouhai/shota-ish guy around. Ahh, how I really wish that they will make the obligatory kouhai look older that you this time.

        • If it helps, Tamao Konno does look a year older than the rest of the announced guys so far.

          I agree with you though. Sometimes the teachers or older guys look around the same age as the younger ones.

  • I’m still playing through the second one, but I’m looking forward to this! Otome games are my guilty pleasure, I just wish my japanese was better…

  • Aoshi00

    So is Irino Miyu (Haku from Spirited Away/Sena from Eyeshield 21/Kou in Cross Game) part of the TokiMemo cast? His name is the biggest at the btm right corner. Why can’t they use nice arts such as these for TokiMemo 4, I absolutely don’t like those generic anime designs… *runs away from ikemen*

    • No clue yet. Konami has stated that it will have all new voice actors, and none returning from the previous games.

      I know what you mean, I love the Tokimemo GS art. I did like 2nd Kiss’ better than 1st Love, and 3rd Story looks even better.

      • Aoshi00

        The shot above kind of looks like Watase Yuu art. I feel like girls have it better w/ Otome games recently. I swear I would swoon too if I were a gal :)

        Though Love Plus’s art style looks great, it’s a totally different kind of game, and ironically TokiMemo 4’s anime art makes me want to not touch the game. I guess I’m kind of superficial, for these type of games, if the art off putting then I won’t try it.

        • It does a little, yeah. I was thinking it looked a bit like Kazuke Yone’s (Hiiro no Kakera) art style.

          I kind of thought the TokiMemo 4 art looked a little dated. The chibi versions of characters looked cute, but the actual art just didn’t pop.

          I can totally understand being superficial about the art with these though! You’re going to be staring at the characters a lot, so they’d better look good.

  • I do enjoy my shojo manga, but I don’t know how well I’ll hold with this kind of game :P

    • It really isn’t too difficult. Well, the date part is, since its all in Japanese, but the day to day isn’t too bad. All the classes/activities/locations/characters/etc are shown with icons, you can save and load at any time and you can see what clothes you’re buying before you buy them.

      The only difficult part for people who aren’t fluent or great at reading Japanese are the dates, and since you can save before you head out on one, you can always reload if you mess up. :D

  • anemonejhade13

    really? whoa!!! me really anticipating it…. I really love TMGS series!!! thanks for the info. really made me anticipate 2010…..

  • Yessss, finally. I see hours and hours wasted on this coming up.

    • I’ll be the same way. I still keep the 1st and 2nd DS ones with me when I travel. There are still CGs I haven’t unlocked and endings I haven’t gotten.

  • Joanna

    Never tried an Otome game, but I wish someone would localize one just so I could see what all the fuss is about. I can’t import since I don’t know Japanese and these kinds of games require comprehension to really enjoy them….which is the point of me wanting someone to localize one. I did enjoy the dating sim part of Harvest Moon….are they anything like that?

    • Depending on the game and series, they are.

      If anything, I’d say the Tokimemo Girl’s Side games are slightly similar to the Princess Maker games.

      You improve your character, taking classes/doing activities/working at a job, talk to guys, go out on dates with them and dress to impress. This is mostly done on a weekly basis, but on weekends/holidays you can focus on certain things or go out and do stuff.

      You can also make friends with the girls who are your potential rivals.

      I guess it’s also kind of similar to the day to day life simulation part of Persona 3 and 4.

  • I wonder why they made Tamami’s brother chaseable as opposed to the first game’s protaganist’s brother? I would have thought there’d be more appeal in that since we actually know what he’s like in the first game (I thought he was pretty cute and funny!) and it would be nice to see him grown up as opposed to Tamami’s brother who we never saw. I guess maybe they fear that it might feel too incestuous for girls who have played the first game since they essentially “are” the protagonist? :p

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