Yggdra Unison’s Concentration Style Combat

By Spencer . November 30, 2009 . 2:43pm


Got a chance to play a little bit of Yggdra Unison on the Nintendo DS before it comes out on Thursday and it’s not like Yggdra Union at all. Yggdra Unison shares more in common with a real time strategy game.


In the demo, players control Milanor, Kylier (plus her griffon), and one more character by drawing move paths with the stylus. Once you make a line Milanor follows it until he runs into one of the three undines on the map. When he does a Fire Emblem-esque combat scene plays out with Milanor charging at the Undine on the top screen, but you don’t have time to watch that.


The real action happens on the bottom screen where “touch” flashes. Touching the screen when this pops up triggers a unison attack where you can call Kylier – if you remember her number. Before the Milanor strikes, random numbers between 0-9 are assigned to your two allies. They disappear quickly so you have to remember them, sort of like the Concentration.


Let’s say Kylier was number 5 and you hit “touch” on time. After Milanor attacks, a text box pops up. Write 5 and hit attack to call Kylier for a follow up attack. Once she’s done you get a chance to write your other teammate’s number for a third strike. Each hit has knockback so you could, in theory, ward off an invading army by chaining unison attacks. That’s not the point of this mission, which is to defeat the Undine guarding a castle. The game gives you 300 seconds to complete the mission. Take over the castle before the time runs out and you win!

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  • malek86

    … I still don’t get it. Does one just have to write numbers?

    • No, but writing numbers is a key part of it, I suppose.

      It’s a RTS. On the bottom of the screen you poke and draw paths for your units, just like Blue Dragon Plus or FFXII: Revenant Wings.

      When one of your troops meets an enemy troop (also moving) a battle sequence plays out. Then you have to hit “touch” during the bottom screen to do a unison attack and start the number writing stuff.

      These impressions are just based off the demo so there is probably more to the system. Consider this a look at the game’s fundamentals, perhaps.

      • jj984jj

        It looks more like Dragon Force than either of those shitty games to me, but this still retains the cards from the first game and you use characters in unison attack combos instead of having groups. And this isn’t Sting’s first shot unconventional RTS for the DS. Granted I don’t expect this to be as great as Shinichi Ito’s KitN or next Dept. Heaven game, but I’d hope it turns out better than Blue Dragon Plus.

        • Yeah it’s sort of like Dragon Force on a much smaller map. I made the Blue Dragon Plus comparison mainly for the control scheme since it’s similar with all of the drawing and dragging.

  • kupomogli

    I’ll stick with the PSP version or GBA version. I own both.

    • MadMirko

      That’s nice but this is not a “version” of Yggdra Union. I guess there are certain connections regarding the storyline, but the gameplay is entirely different.

      • malek86

        From what I heard, this is basically Yggdra Union with a different combat system. The story should be pretty much the same.

        But maybe I’m wrong.

    • Joanna

      Isn’t it a port of the cell phone game that has a whole new story? So it’s not the same game as the GBA and PSP Yggdra Union. I don’t know, but that’s what I got from following Siliconera posts on this game.

      I wouldn’t mind a port of the original, since I missed it the first time around and it sounds interesting.

      • You got it right! Yggdra Unison is a cell phone to DS port. It’s like an alternate version of the story so you have the same characters with new gameplay.

  • jason245

    But what if I don’t want to attack the Undines? What if I want to ask them to pose for a series of doujinshi instead?

    Seems like they’re continuing to explore unusual control systems with their DS games (like Knights of the Nightmare)… sounds interesting…

  • Very interested. DS needs more RTS RPGs!

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