Eat Your Heart Out, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Localization Underway

By Spencer . December 1, 2009 . 5:48pm

image Dispel doubts of Square Enix and Disney Interactive skipping Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Roxas’ voice actor Jesse McCartney said on his Twitter account, “Recording yet another Kingdom Hearts Game. All you Gamers eat your heart out!”


While McCartney didn’t name any particular Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is on the horizon and Ventus, the blonde haired kid that looks just like Roxas, needs a voice actor. Seems like we’ll be able to hear the following trailer in English sooner rather than later.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep wakes up for Japan on January 9, 2010.


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  • I hope I’m not the only one that isn’t enjoying any of the handhelds thus far for Kingdom Hearts. I’m hardcore in love with the console iterations but the handhelds are trashy time wasters. There has to be .0005 ounces of storyline in 358/7 Days. And Chain of Memories? Have fun playing the game to have it all erased from your memory and not have purpose really. :/

    Stop wasting time and just make KH3… PLEASE!

    • Aoshi00

      I actually still haven’t finished KH2 and haven’t touched the DS game so far. It looks like Birth by Sleep would be closer to its PS2 brothers due to his graphical capabilities, so it should have a more epic story being a prequel and all?

    • Playing on the psp will be the same as the ps2, so just imagine is for ps2 :P

    • I’ve been talking with lots of KH fans and they weren’t pleased with the DS game. I played KH and KH:CoM but never finished KH2 so I’m a bit behind myself.

      • Yup, a first time KH player wouldnt enjoy KH too much, and an old player will just try to like it to know more of roxa’s and organization’s story.
        But this the first that is going for psp, and as we all have seen, is almost as watching a ps2.

      • JohnCasey1

        Apparently you’ve never been to Gamefaqs; say ONE negative thing about Days, and 99% of the population will call you a troll, and whine non-stop to moderators to ban you.

        Or at least they’ll attempt it; you’ll need at least FIVE negative critiques for a banning….but one is all it takes to get them to hate you.

        • Well, you’re right there. I don’t go to gamefaqs really, so I got my opinions from some local friends. I have an ongoing joke that the DS game is an “Ice Cream Eating” simulator because everytime I look over at the game it’s inbetween missions where they are just eating ice cream.

          I dunno about hating the KH series. It always seemed fun to me. I played the first one a LOT. It just seems like it’s gone a different path. It’s lost me but as long as the main fans are happy, that’s fine.

        • there is always ppl who like “X” game and ppl who doesnt. I liked this KH, but i was already bored of always doing the same. Talk-mission-do whatever i have to do-again back to the same place. But the only thing i didnt liked is that the finger i always use to walk ends up numb D:

    • I actually felt that they were milking the franchise after KH1 and 2 came out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the handhelds — no, I enjoyed 358/2 very much while I was playing it, and CoM is still the only GBA game I’ve finished — but somehow, it’s like…

      Hmm… I guess the best way for me to explain it is like there’s a mainland continent. That’s 1 and 2. And then, off of the main continent, is an island, far off, and connected by a long bridge (that is CoM), and that island are Birth By Sleep and 358/2. They’re connected, but not with the main story lines. Gaidens are another way of thinking about them, I guess. Expansion on the world, not on the main characters (Sora, Riku, Kairi, etc.).

      But anyways, I enjoyed playing the games. Excellent gameplay, great music, just had a lot of fun being not-Roxas in 358/2 (Zexion’s my fave still). I guess my main point is that at least Square is doing a good job in making 20-30 hours of filler.

      • Laura, I mean this in the nicest of ways but we really, _really_ need to rectify this:

        “…and CoM is still the only GBA game I’ve finished”

        =) So many good games you’re going to miss out on as they become harder to find!

    • JohnCasey1

      Funny. I actually always thought of KH2 as the worst one in the series, followed by Days.

  • Aoshi00

    Now the question is should I import or no :(…. the US version probably would be here sooner than we thought.. and P-A is giving free gifts if one pays w/ Visa card.

    • Ereek

      Get it in English. Having the original Disney VAs makes it worth it.

      • Seconded, i must say, even though they still (stupidly, since is impossible) try to make Mickey look cool… Disney(this time fused with square enix) makes an excellent work related to voices (and even art in their movies), i sometimes watch disney movies english dubbed, and spanish dubbed, and is just perfect, Disney is the best one in this field in my opinion

        • Mickey is cool: Castle of Illusion. ‘Nuff Said.

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, I played that game to death, on my “Mega Drive”, even my old lady liked it back then. Such an awesome Mickey Mouse game, or platformer in general.

          • Lol, but they are making too much effort with mickey and his hood -.-

      • Aoshi00

        I’m getting both, I just pre-ordered it on P-A w/ the $8 coupon and my $3 store credit. I have both Jpn/US version for both KH 1&2, but I have only finished the first game in English and played the Mulan world in KH2, way behind… I know Disney characters would better in English, but the S-E characters sound cooler in Jpn. So Mickey’s VA needs to be replaced right, how about Snow White, is the lady still around? Last time I saw her in some show doing Snow White’s voice and she’s at least 80 something, looked a little weird.

        • vrakanox

          Heck yeah man, I already used my coupon to get a copy. I’m usually pretty strict on myself about waiting till the english releases and not importing. Especially when I know it’s coming over. I think though that the multiplayer aspect of the game will be something you can enjoy without understanding it. It doesn’t seem to complex and it looks like a lot of fun.

  • geoffuws

    From what I’ve seen BBS is the equivalent of KH3. All new worlds, new charcters and it is being developed internally by Square unlike the other two. I’m hoping it is up to the quality of the ps2 games at least :)

    • If you count the fact that KH3 is 10 years before KH1, that is =P

      I’m not worried about the quality of the game (gameplay-wise, it’ll probably be a blast to play), so much as how connected the whole game will be to the rest of the story… There’s probably a reason they didn’t name the game KH3.

  • Cool, though i was expecting this xD, i still think there is a reason why that guy looks like roxas, and i wanna find it out already

  • Kuza21

    Can’t wait! and btw, am I the only one that noticed that KH3 hasn’t even been announced? It’s been since 2006 when I last played a Kingdom Hearts game (because the DS version was basically a waste of time. Just read the story and ending) I’ve been up to date as far as the story goes, and birth by sleep doesn’t have anything to do with the other ones!! BBS is Years before Kingdom Hearts!!!! so what gives!? where the F*ck is KH3!? We need a true squeal!

    • Yes we will end like the teacher in the final fantasy 13 ad.

      Finally, after 5 years… kingdom hearts 3

      • Kuza21

        It’s already been 3. : (

    • Pichi

      I guess they are still deciding what system it’ll be on before working on it? I can see SE pushing for Sony for graphics and Disney for Nintendo to get a wider audience.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Roxas’ english VA did a great job in KH2 I thought, and I know it will fit Ven well. I hope Terra’s voice is good…

    You know something that really bothers me… The english VA for Onion Knight in Dissidia should be Jesse McCartney. Not that I’m a huge fan of him or anything but the current voice of OK is the only voice in Dissidia that I absolutely cannot stand. A Roxas voice for my Onion Knight would be sweet…

  • ForeverFidelis

    I assumed the kid who looks like Roxas would get Roxas’ va…

    • Ereek

      Uh, Ven is getting Jessie. He is the one who looks like Roxas.

      • cowcow

        y do they look the same

  • holyPaladin

    Need to finish 358/2 before this come out..

  • conchobhar

    there were doubts we would get this? really?

    • Pichi

      First time I’m hearing there were doubts of it coming over. Always seemed like a sure fire thing.

  • eliel

    i still don’t get how this a prequel(i still don’t get this story)but i guess im gona hafta w8 till comes out to find out…

  • malek86

    Is KH even about Disney anymore? Or are they all concentrating on their (crappy) new characters now?

  • Tokyo Guy

    Is it even remotely surprising that the game will release overseas? Seriously, were this 1994 I could see the news, but it’s kind of obvious now…

    • I imagine there are still a lot of folks that don’t pay attention to the Japanese releases. This could be a surprise for several KH fans out there. Let them have their fun. =P Besides, if that’s the case, does any magazine or game site need to let us know any big title is ever being localized? News is news, my friend.

      • conchobhar

        It’s more to do with the way the article is written, along with some of the comments, that this is a shocking turn of events.

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