Espgaluda II Shoots For February

By Spencer . December 1, 2009 . 10:50am

imageMaster Mushihime-sama Futari Ver 1.5 yet? Better get to that quick. Cave has another Xbox 360 exclusive shooter on the horizon.


Espgaluda II, a bullet hell shooter with a fantasy theme, is slated for February 25, 2010. The home version has five modes: arcade, arrange, Xbox 360, novice, and black label plus a two disc soundtrack for 7,329 yen ($85). A limited edition with a faceplate will also be available for 9,660 yen ($111).


While Cave made Mushihime-sama Futari Ver 1.5 region free, they haven’t said anything about the state of Espgaluda II since this announcement was geared for Japan. We’ll keep an eye on Cave’s official blog and will update if we hear anything either.



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  • Interface23

    Will buy if Region Free :D

    • malek86

      Seconded. Let’s hope the success of Mushi2 (apparently it has sold quite a bit at launch) will convince them.

    • OldManMonkey

      A little late to the party, but thirded.

  • Interface23

    Also, someone needs to pick up Death Smiles

  • nyoron

    Does Cave have any horizontal shooters besides DeathSmiles? I like that type a lot better than the vertical ones for whatever reason.

    • Deathsmiles II? Kidding!

      Most of their games are vertical shmups. At home, I prefer horizontal shmups too so I hope they’ll make more.

    • Check out Progear for arcade, it’s an awesome Cave Horizontal shooter.

      • nyoron

        Oh nice, I looked it up and it does look pretty awesome, I’ll have to see if I can track it down somehow. Hope they port it to 360.

    • Are you looking for Horizontal shooters …on the 360 only? …Danmaku only? …or in general?

      • nyoron

        I dunno, since I liked DeathSmiles a lot I was just wondering if there was anything similar on the 360. I picked up Otomedius and enjoyed that too. I used to play R-type and Darius back in the day but I’m not a hardcore shooter fan or anything. That Progear that TheRootBeerKing recommened looks like something I’d enjoy.

        • Good stuff. Well, R-Type 1&2 Bundle (XBLA) available with updated or classic graphics option. Under the radar Omega 5(XBLA) isn’t too bad. Thunderforce V (PSX), Einhänder (PSX), Thunderforce VI (PS2-Import Only), and Sol Divide (another sleeper you could get on PSX cheap, and plays a bit like Deathsmiles). Those are just a couple of the side-scrollers that pop into my head. I hope that helps. If you can get your hands on Sol Divide, I’d highly recommend it as you seemed to enjoy Deathsmiles and of my list that’s probably the closest. Omega 5 is quite similar, too.

          • nyoron

            Wow, thanks for the great suggestions! I’ll probably check out all of those.

          • No problem–I aim to please. If any of those meet your fancy just let me know and I can find you some more stuff up your alley.

  • It’s a shame not a single one of these has been ported to PS3. I remember playing Mushihimesama on PS2 and it was my favorite shmup title, then Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 got ported to 360 and now the sequel to Espgaluda, another PS2 original title, is being ported to 360. I wonder if we will ever see any of these on PS3 at some point :/

    • I’m just glad they’re still being released. I do feel bad for the folks that only have one or the other for systems when it’s exclusive. I wonder what draw the 360 has for so many shmups, not that I’d complain either way. Just a curious thing.

    • I do wonder the same. Have they ever given a clear reason as to why their games are now 360-only? Does it have anything to do with easier arcade->console conversion?

      • malek86

        There was an article, if I remember, where they stated that 360 development is much easier and cheaper for small-scale games. I’ll try and look for it again.

        • I try to love all my systems equally but I can’t deny I’m a bit happy for the 360 this time around internationally. PS3 does not have to try _at all_ in Japan and the Japanese completely dissed the original XBOX. Just the fact that 360 has tried hard in Japan (even though nothing sells) and has several niche games that are exclusive ([email protected], Culdcept Saga, Shmups, Dating Sims, Etc.) makes me want to root a bit for them.

          • malek86

            As for me, I don’t really like rooting for money-grabbing companies. Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft, I really couldn’t care less about any of them. If they all went bankrupt together, that would actually be interesting, if only to see how the market would react. Cool stuff~PS. wah, I almost didn’t recognize you with that avatar =P

          • Yeah, it’s just a business to all these large companies. They piss me off most of the time, but what can we do? It’s a give and take, mostly. We give them money for our games and they enjoy the “TAKE IT!” part.

            Hm, Okay, maybe I’ll change my Avatar back to “Qoo” when I get home from work. ._.b

  • I may pick this one up even if it isn’t region free—partially for the OST, but because I really don’t think a shooter where the main characters change sexes during play has a chance at localization…

  • Aoshi00

    Faceplate! Yes, a faceplate not bundled w/ a system! I’m putting in a pre-order as soon as it opens up. Mushi2 just came in the mail this evening. I bought a RAP SE stick and 23″ Asus monitor and am planning to convert my desk to a shmup cabinet.

    Yeah, personally I prefer horizontal ones too like Death Smiles. Also pls say something about Ketsui alrdy!

    I’ve decided to get Dodonpachi too despite what everyone said about the horrondeous load time and sloppy menu.

    • justinslot

      Which Asus monitor did you go with, Aoshi00? I was kind of looking for one for this sort of thing–but something with a swivel mount so you could go easily from vertical to horizontal.

      • Aoshi00

        I just bought this Asus (…) since some fellow siliconera reader here recommended it, and this separate stand, installation should be simple from what I read,…I don’t think many monitors offer good swivel and rotation.. I looked into this HP 21.5″ too (…), but decided against it since it doesn’t have audio out to hook up external speakers (even though the monitors do have speakers themselves) to watch movies and stuff, and in case I want some real nice sound for FPS. Plus it has a glossy screen instead of matte that Asus has, I know the glare would drive me crazy, I hate my Vaio laptop for that, it’s like a mirror!

    • mikanko

      Weren’t they going to rerelease dai ou jou after the patch comes with fixes in place? Last I heard from their blog they’re set to release a patch any week now.

      • Aoshi00

        That’s what I heard as well, but if you check the reviews, it seems that people are still complaining about the mess of a port that 5pb did.. I really don’t know how bad it is, or if people just exaggerated out of frustration That’s why I’ve been so reluctant in spending full price all this time, but the price just won’t come down.. If it’s a good game w/ awesome gameplay and music I could still put up w/ some technical shortcoming. I just bought it on ebay for almost $88 w/ the bonus guidebook, I could’ve saved $20 if I bought from P-A, but I didn’t want to miss the guidebook..

        • The port of the game itself is pretty good because the game code was mostly stolen from Arika’s earlier port of DOJ. I mean this literally. That’s also why, AFAIK, copies have been taken out of production and there will not be a reprinting with the patch.There were bugs added to Arika’s code, yes, but the parts that weren’t stolen are the parts most people complain about—menus and loading. BTW, the load times are not helped by disc installation, and the patch (that Mihara from Arika has basically taken over coding) will not be able to fix them.

          • I think it’s pretty nice to have so many knowledgable shmup fans on this site. Also, to have on point coverage all the time rocks.

            I would always prefer an arcade perfect port but Dai Ou Jou really never left a sour taste with me. Maybe it’s because I would go through the load times at the beginning and play the game for a few hours straight so I didn’t have to worry about that initial behemoth of a load to get into the menu for the rest of the day.

        • mikanko

          The patch isn’t going to solve the menu issues, just the “fatal 27 gameplay bugs” Cave found after going over the stolen code. But yeah, when Cave originally announced they were fixing the game it was rumored it’d be re-released as either a full download or a reprint, but since it’s taken this long they may be too sick of 5pb’s shenanigans to bother.

          Maybe in the future if they ever get a line with Microsoft to release XBL games like they want to with Guwange coming first.

  • I loved Espgaluda on PS2!! I hope this will be region free.Also, what’s a good Xbox 360 controller for shmups? The official controller’s d-pad is horrendous.

    • Aoshi00

      Why would you use the d-pad? I’ve using the analog stick so far for Deathsmiles and Shikigami no Shiro 3 and I think it works well enough. But I’ve just invested in a monitor and Hori RAP SE stick to play it the right way. The sticks were on sale on Amazon just last week, but now the price went back up though..

    • I’ve heard that Hori’s 360 controller (blue, has a bunch of turbo settings) has pretty much the best 360 d-pad out there for shooters. Might have to pay out the nose for one, though.

      There’s also the MadCatz FightPad that I’ve heard pretty positive things about.

      If you’ve got no other choice, I can at least say that the new controller (it came with my October 2009 Elite) is an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE better than the older ones. Seriously, when I press left it goes left! Big improvement.

      • Aoshi00

        Now it makes sense, maybe it’s because I’ve been using the black controller (I bought an extra one before) that’s why I never thought the d-pad was any problem.

        • I hope you enjoy DDP:DOJ. It’s fun as hell and the load times don’t bother me one bit.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks! I most likely will like it, you know my taste well :) Hey, where’s that cute avatar? Thought of switching to something new myself but I’m best associated w/ panda :)

          • You mean my “Mr Qoo” avatar? Haha. Well, I suppose I’m best associated with that (as if people actually read my random dribble). If folks prefer that over my Bayonetta icon, I’d gladly change it back. =P Glad to hear you got the artbook… when I get home I’m going to pre-order ESPII LE if it’s up yet.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, Qoo is in high demand :) Plus we can’t have 2 Bayonettas, Mister Niwa alrdy took it. Like we can’t have two T-Bones or two KoKo the monkeys (if you watched Seinfeld… :)

            From what I gather the DDP DOJ guidebook is more of a 24 pg detailed strategy guide but doesn’t feature any cool artwork ( Still I thought it’s pretty nifty and should be very helpful.

            Definitely getting ESPII LE for the faceplate, looks like NCSX is taking my money again, they’re ever so reliable (no, I don’t work for them, lol) I have never played the game before, I just saw a live action TV spot w/ this girl w/ wings changing into a guy, was wondering what’s going on, now I have a better idea..

          • Ran out of Reply room… Oh, I have that book! Was it a pre-order bonus? Because I received it when I pre-ordered my copy. Yeah, I’m going to go to NCSX for this one, too. Email me the link for the LE if you ever get the chance.

            I see; Mr Qoo Avatar shall return… After these messages we’ll be … ri~ight back! (read: when I get off work).

          • Aoshi00

            Yay, the adorable Mr. Qoo is back haha. Sure thing, when NCSX sets it up I’ll let you know, P-A is probably going to take months again if Cave is doing the limited print thing.

            My HRAP SE stick just came in and I tried Mushi2 w/ it, OH MY GOD! So that’s what it feels like playing a shmup w/ precise control! I’ve never played these stuffs in the arcades, so.. I’m going to try Deathsmiles again later and looking forward to Dodonpachi. I played it w/ the 360 pad last night and the difference is night and day. I felt like one w/ the arcade stick (sounds dirty or something)…

      • The MadCatz FightPad looks interesting, thanks!

        @Aoshi00: Playing shmups with an analog stick is death (for me anyways).

        • Aoshi00

          I see what you mean… actually I just tried using the D-pad on Mushi2 now, it played surprisingly well, it doesn’t move your ship too fast, but my controller is the black elite one. I remember using the old white one a long time ago and had lots of trouble turning the blocks in Puzzle Fighter.

  • Espgaluda II slave in arcades while in Japan? Faceplate? Recent nostalgia binge on ESP Ra.De.? Import imminent. It’s been a great past year for Shmups.

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