Final Fantasy XIII Box Art That Looks At You (Update: US Box Art)

By Spencer . December 1, 2009 . 9:40am


Square Enix Europe beat Square Enix USA to the punch and released their Final Fantasy XIII box art first. There’s a logo and Lightning who gazes at you. It’s like she’s staring into your soul…


This could be the North American box art, but it might not be. Take a look at Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers which has different box art in each region. Europe (left) has a dark background while the North American version shows secondary characters behind Layle. The Japanese box art… looks a lot like the European box with a lighter shade of gray.

ffcceu ffccus ffccjp


Update: Square Enix sent us the US box art… which looks just like the European box art aside from the comparable T rating.


wht_x360_keyart_22_r05-90.indd wht_PS3_keyart_22_r04-80.indd

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  • Kris

    I like it, it sort of reminds me of the FFX cover art, in a way.

    • Alexander9

      FF X has my 2nd favorite cover art (1st is FF8), partly because it has a beautiful background behind Tidus. I like this art, it has a nice shot of Lightning, but it could’ve been better

  • I don’t like it at all. Still looks like a placeholder.

  • badmoogle

    Why they ditched the white with logo cover?:(It was more classy IMO.

    • Joanna

      agreed. I love the simplicity of the logo on white with nothing else.

    • Saturnus

      Totally. I loved the covers of FF games, they were simple yet artistic and good/cool. I loved the water-paint like logo… Just get rid of Lightning and magnify the logo and it’ll look better lol

      • Tokyo Guy

        When has Square ever done that for North America though? Recall how Final Fantasy VII-XIII all had radically different box art than Japan.

        • Andy

          Not since Final Fantasy “II” on the SNES, with just the logo (albeit with a shiny sword replacing the T in Fantasy) on a red background. And that was a long time ago.

        • Joanna

          The DS remakes had just the logo. FFIII had the logo just on white, while FFIV had the logo on black. Funny that the Japanese covers were the busy ones that time around.

  • eliel

    i don’t like the final fanasy 13 box art but im ok with the crystal barers(yep all three of them)

  • I like the “Final Fantasy XIII (English language Version)” cover for the PS3 that Play-Asia is showing at the bottom ad-space there.

    Other than that, I like the plainness, too. And also, the thigh shot on the 360 ;)

    • Aoshi00

      Nice thigh shot indeed! What gives, I pre-ordered the PS3 version but the 360 cover art is better now, you can see the whole gunblade too..

      You know, I don’t know why P-A made up the one w/ Lightning riding Odin for the Jpn cover, the real one is going to just be white background sporting the Amano logo.. The “English language” one from the ad does look nice. As it stands this is too plain for me.

  • 311

    Everytime they make a simple cover in Japan every other place has one not so great look at FF12 here and FF12 International Version

  • Isn’t that 16+ rating a bit too strict for FFXIII?

    • JohnCasey1

      We don’t really know what the game is like completely yet.

      Besides, didn’t Crisis Core get a 16+ as well?

  • holyPaladin

    Too simple IMO although it’s cool

  • Ereek

    I like it, the logo on white background doesn’t do it for me. At this point it’s still simple enough without being overly obtrusive.

    • This is gonna sound crazy, but I’ve always wanted to see a blank cover used as a video game cover. It’d be like The Beatles’ White Album.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I really really really like the Japanese XIII cover… I wish we got the same one but I know they will change it. European one is nice, but kind of plain. I’m hoping for a nice special edition…

  • The Japanese box art looks more plain than that, but it’s not a bad thing. I still remember the original Final Fantasy box art. Now people try to go over the top and stick as much stuff as they can on the cover to try and grab your attention, lol.

    When did it start being considered, “lame” to just have the logo on the cover? You can add some screenshots here and there or just one picture of the party or something on the back of the box, but I just think the box arts these days have gotten a little too tacky.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Wait, you’re saying this is plain?…Lightning just standing there is plain. Just the logo on white is also plain, but of course has that Square-Enix originality to it… But Lightning on Sleiphnir? Not plain at all.

      Seriously S-E, why can’t we get this cover?! Ahhhh I might just import…

      • Aoshi00

        Wait, I’m still confused which one is the real Japanese cover art, is it this on Amazon Jpn, just traditional white background w/ Amano logo, or the one on P-A? I actually dont really like her riding the horse, while it looks cool it looks too busy.

        I’ve pre-ordered my Jpn copy alrdy, the question is should I get it on 360 for the US version because of Lightning’s “thigh shot” someone mentioned (and achievement since I would have trophies alrdy).. well blu-ray still beats 3 discs in terms of practicality…

        • Advent, I didn’t think that was the official box art. I saw it on Play-Asia, but it has been up there for a while actually. They used to have it up as a, “preliminary picture”, then eventually took the watermark off of it and used it as the official box art.

          The only official box art I have ever seen though was the one Aoshi pointed to.

          • Advent_Andaryu

            Whao, so the cover with Sleiphnir isn’t the official JPN cover? Gamefaqs is usually pretty accurate with their box art so I assumed it was official.

            Still, what a badass cover! Why wouldn’t they use this? At least for a special edition… I mean, if XII got an awesome special edition I don’t see why they wouldn’t make one for XIII.

          • Aoshi00

            I like it too, but for the Jpn covers, I don’t think they’re ready to break away from the traditional white background w/ Amano logo yet, and that is elegant in its own way. But yeah, the horse one is cool. Doesn’t seem like there’s any LE for the US game though, unless Gamestop announces something later.. metal case are so damn hard to take out the disc anyway.

        • Erren

          PS3 version will still likely be better (lossless audio, 1080p FMV)… wouldn’t make a decision based on the cropping of a silly boxart.

          • Aoshi00

            I know, and all true.. I was just saying since the topic here is cover art. It’s like the upcoming Bioshock 2, now the PS3 cover has a wider space and more room to show Big Daddy since the spidey sidebar is no longer there and PS3 logo moved to the top. Guess we can’t have it all huh. Also I’m letting my sis play FF XIII in March, so yeah I guess PS3 is the version to go, even though I’m double dipping.

          • Erren

            From an artistic standpoint, the PS3 art has a better composition anyway. But really, I was hoping they would have gone with something a lot more interesting than basically a copy/paste of the Lightning render being used on a lot of the Japanese promotional items.

          • Aoshi00

            I guess you’re right, the ESRB Teen box right underneath Lightning’s thigh does look unnatural, my initial reaction was “skin!” :). Yeah, they always do that w/ the US cover arts, I really like the one for FFX though like someone else said. Tidus in the ocean against a very cool background, that one looked really good.

          • Advent_Andaryu

            Whao, so the cover with Sleiphnir isn’t the official JPN cover? Gamefaqs is usually pretty accurate with their box art so I assumed it was official.

            Still, what a badass cover! Why wouldn’t they use this? At least for a special edition… I mean, if XII got an awesome special edition I don’t see why they wouldn’t make one for XIII.

  • ndjn3979

    I don’t care for FF games, but this cover looks hella uninspired. I like that one above on the play-asia ad for the English Language version much better.

  • Liarza

    Kind of a dissapointing cover, huh.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I’m still waiting to see the Japanese box art. Many stores here are still marking the image with Lightning on the “horse” as tentative box art…

    • Erren

      It’s just the logo on a white background.

  • squall3031

    I want her in BIKINI suit~!!
    Pantsu, Pantsu, Pantsu~!

  • Code

    Maann FFXIII has a boring cover, I think if anything Crystal Bearers has at least 1up’d FFXIII in that sense.

  • id like my cover with Yoshitaka Amano’s drawings , thank you , this will not do «« !

  • Erren

    Apparently the Japanese boxart for the version of the game that comes with the hardware bundle is similar to this cover, just cropped differently. It’s less zoomed in.

  • Wow, way to slap a logo on a render guys. Glad to see you thought about marketing. I hope they find out they’re not as invincible as they seem to think.

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