We’re Giving Away Bayonetta Demo Codes

By Spencer . December 1, 2009 . 1:03pm


Want to play the English Bayonetta demo now? We have codes to give you early access to it.


Sega gave us a gigaton of Xbox Live Marketpalce codes to unlock the Bayonetta demo before it comes out on Thursday. If you want a code post a comment and I’ll reply on this post with a code. Of course, the code will be public so if you want a code delivered just for you post a message in our Facebook group and I’ll send one directly.

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  • eliel

    what no ps3 TT_TT

    • Code

      My thoughts exactly T__T *hugs PS3* where’s the love? *drops it* rar, although seriously I need to get myself a 360 soon!

  • dude I’d totally love one :)


      • Redeemed, and thank you kindly sir!

  • Color me interested

  • tinder

    One, please! Thanks and send to e-mail please.

    • Sorry, I can’t send one to your e-mail. I can post one here or send one via Facebook.

  • PlayerRay01

    I would like a code if they’re not taken already.


      • PlayerRay01

        It says the code was already redeemed, so I guess somebody took it :.

        • Try this one.


          Public codes will vanish fast and without warning so if you want one delivered drop a Facebook message.

          • PlayerRay01

            Was able to get it this time, thanks for reposting another code Spencer! :D

  • tinder

    One, please! Sending it through e-mail seems most logical. Much thanks to Siliconera.

  • Errick

    I want bayonetta code

    • Here you go:

  • joecharcoal

    Please please please can I have a code

    • Yes! Sorry I missed you.


  • MisterNiwa

    I dont want a code, i just wanna say, you are a good man for spreading those codes for a godlike game demo.

    High five Spencer.

  • Bayonetta=Awsome also can i hav a code please?

  • ChocolateNinja

    Me too can I get a code please

    • Sure! H6PHT-6C3HX-J2KB8-VV73Q-TJMRQ

      • ChocolateNinja

        Thanks I got it yes!

  • speedstersonic

    May I have a code!?

    • Here you go!


      • speedstersonic

        Thank you! Glad to have promotions at siliconera like this!

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I wonder, is this demo the same as the one available on the Japanese PSN? That would be cool if it was different… Regardless, the demo made this game a day one purchase for me! Can’t wait!

  • DerrickDnaruto

    i want a code plz?

    • Sure thing!

  • maxchain

    Any chance you could spare a code for me? I’ll love you forever!

    • Absolutely. JKGQ9-GPX6C-HWPFG-TCWP4-HXT86

      • maxchain

        Thanks! Also, I think we should just be friends!

  • ps3 one :D

  • Aoshi00

    Me want the code Spence, could you send to my facebook, or here, whichever’s more convenient for you, thanks!

    • Aoshi00

      Got it on facebook, connected chatpad and just redeemed it, thank you Spencer Claus :)!

      • Hahah. Spencer Claus!! Good going Spencer. This game was the best of it’s kind that I’ve played almost ever. Right there with God Hand for sure.

        • Aoshi00

          Haha I’m just in Christmas mood, today I rec’d many gifts that I bought for myself (got Mushi2! The slipcase is beautiful…). Yeah, Bayonetta is also a god game, I haven’t played God Hand yet, still sealed sitting somewhere.

          I know you’re done w/ the import alrdy Qoo. But something interesting happened when I redeemed the code, it didn’t download the game again since I alrdy got the Jpn demo on my 360 before. It just added English text to everything when I started it. I was like “where the heck did the download go?” :)

          • Crazy. When I DLed the Japanese Version of Trusty Bell (AkA Eternal Sonata) it was all in Japanese. Then when I switched HDD’s to my US system to play something else, I noticed the game said Eternal Sonata instead of Trusty Bell and when I booted it up it was all in English. This was way before the game came to US Demo Marketplace. Weird stuff…

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, same thing w/ Vesperia demo. I still have it on my HDD. If it’s on my US system it’s in Eng. if it’s plugged into the Jpn 360 it’d all be in Jpn (voice + text). I guess the demo is coded the same but would appear in different languages depending on what system it detects. Too bad the US Vesperia game doesn’t work like that, giving you full Jpn voices when played on a Jpn system…

  • Liarza

    Umm…may I have one?

    • Of course! HCFPK-M78TP-H6T4P-QXJDT-MTJ3D

      • Liarza

        Thank you so much!

  • Kris

    Any left? Can I have one?

    • We still have some left :)


      • Kris

        Thank you so much!!! You’re amazing!

  • pedrron

    Oh! Can I have one?

    • Sure! KJ26W-6CQP3-DW34D-P99JC-8492D

  • majukun

    code here please


  • toppdogg

    if i can have one that would be awesome

    • No problem!


  • ryoumei

    Can I get one aswell?

    • Sure!CWBTF-9V69D-GQJ87-BJ7XT-9TV83

  • Equus

    I’d love one too. Thanks!

    • Here’s one for you!

  • malek86

    Are these only valid for NA accounts?If not, I wouldn’t mind getting one too, thanks.

    • Only US accounts :(. You can make one, though :)

  • kizumy

    i want a code please >.< i've been looking for it ever since i heard of this game o.oits really cool and i love it =3 (if you can please email me >.<)

    • I can’t e-mail one to you, but here’s a code!


      • kizumy

        thank you very much !!!

      • kizumy

        someone used it >.<

  • cannibalhamster

    ooo gimme gimme gimme…please

    • kizumy

      we are in the same boat XD

      • cannibalhamster

        I’m on a boat

        • kizumy

          dunno o.o you tell me XD

          • cannibalhamster

            It was a question, it was a statement
            Like the song

          • cannibalhamster

            I meant it wasn’t question

          • kizumy

            ookay i got it ;D im just really happy if i get the demo X3

    • And here’s one for you too!


      • BobTheCat

        Please may I have a Bayonetta Demo code.

        • Of course you can!


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