Crisis Core Star Makes Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Cameo

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 11:07am

zackff Zack Fair, from Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core, will make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Like Cloud Strife, he’s in the Olympus Colosseum. The scan from Shonen Jump shows Ventus and Zack as friends while Zack clashes with Terra.


When Terra (the character who looks remarkably like Zack) and Zack settle their differences they can team up for a Dimension Link attack called “Heroes Pride.” Dimension Link attacks are sort of like summons. You can link up with characters from other worlds, like Zack, for powerful attacks.


Seems fitting that Zack is in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep since it’s a prequel and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is also a prequel. I wonder what other early Final Fantasy characters are going to be in the game. Maybe… the Warrior of Light from Dissidia: Final Fantasy?

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    rar, Zack! rar, Crisis Core was such a good game, so totally underrated T__T

    • it was… underrated?

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        Man I’ve just felt like it’s gotten a lot of flack and junk, and went ultimately under the radar even if it was acclaimed and junk. Seriously I’ve had the hardest time convincing my friends, not to just brush it off as a cheap FF7-spin off.

        • I’m pretty sure that ‘going under the radar’ with your buds doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘going under the radar’ with the rest of the world. FF7 anything is milked to dire death.

      • JohnCasey1

        It got a lot of hate *just* because it was a FF7 spin-off/prequel.

        It’s a great game in its own, standalone right.

        • Code

          That’s definitely what I’m getting at — I dunno it’s totally seems like it’s gotten a lot of flack from people. Also Hiryuu I know that, I’m not JUST basing it off that, obviously, but the later part of your post kind of sums up the attitude that goes around this game.

          Plus looking at the numbers, 840,000 units sold worldwide for 2009 — that’s honestly way lower then I’d have expected considering the quality of it/FF7 name. For what it is, I’d definitely consider that flying under the radar. Especially considering looking at Final Fantasy XII, it sold 1,764,000 units first week in Japan alone.

          • shion16

            thats piracy effect

          • Pichi

            Those are just NA’s numbers. Worldwide, its over 2 million, so I would say its a very good success, especially for PSP.

          • Code

            Right went back and checked, I mixed up some numbers there. Yeah true, and there is a lot of variables going on there, the PSP definitely being one of them, and considering it is a spin-off and all. Still I just can’t shake this feeling that Crisis Core just really didn’t have as large an impact as I expected, which I think definitely leads me to feel like it flew under the radar.

          • piracy is world wide, so maybe if there wasnt any you could double that number xD

          • Aoshi00

            I totally see what you mean, lots of people just wrote it off as “another bad FF7 spinoff”, which is understandable considering the milking w/ Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus which turned out to be bad to medicore. But Crisis Core was really a good game, played it twice one in Jpn and 2nd time in Eng. And Zack is definitely one of my favorites in the FF universe, w/ bad stuffs happening all around him but still keeping a positive outlook, and basically encouraging those around him, passing his legacy to Cloud, etc. I love both Suzumura Kenichi and his English VA.

          • Code

            rar, you said it far better then I several failed attempts >w<! Exactly what I was getting it. Aoshi00 for the win.

    • If FF crisis core was underated, then zelda is the worst game in the world

      PS: is not!

      • Code

        rar, oddly enough I really found Twilight Princess to be the complete opposite to this, I thought it was very overrated x__x;;

        • Of COURSE, is zelda, and on a “”””new gen”””” console, once again on 3D normal art “close” to the N64 series (not cartoon/cell shaded link), even if the game was bad it would be (i think it was sighly above averge xD and i was dying to play a zelda like this again)

          • Code

            rar, I think you missed what I meant… somewhere in there… but at the same time I’m not sure x__x’

  • shion16

    *o*!!what a great additionzack is the best character in ff historyhe is a normal human guided by his dreams

    • “zack is the best character in ff history
      he is a normal human guided by his dreams”
      I can’t believe someone actually said that.

    • JohnCasey1

      I could name at least three characters from every FF game ever made that fit that bill….

      • shion16


        • Pretty much every main character from FFIV onwards, if memory serves me right…(SPOILERS)Cecil’s strong good-will beliefs(dreams) led him to fight against his own family, blood-related or not alike.Bartz’s dream was to travel the world which he did.Terra isn’t a normal human so I guess she doesn’t count.Cloud started to dream of becoming a hero like Sephiroth after learning of his adventures which he did accomplish too.Squall doesn’t really have one.Zidane isn’t a normal human, but I guess you could say he did make his dream of knowing what the heck he is and where he came from came true in the end.Tidus finally had his “revenge” with Jecht.Yuna travelled all over the world once more on X-2 after defeating Sin, and since her dream was to see how it all affected people’s lives she accomplished it.Vaan became a freakin’ sky pirate.
          Also the whole “he is a normal human guided by his dreams” sentence could only be spoken by someone mad…
          It sounds so…
          And incredibly weird considering this is not a real person.

          • Whut are you talking about, zidane is a monkey! and is the best character on FF, just wanna get girls, and steal stuff… nice… monkey pwnz.

  • Alexander9

    Cool. Zack is the man. I’m digging the new SOLDIER outfit.

  • Even though I thought the story in Crisis Core was incredibly cheesy, I liked Zack as a character =) Nice to seem him back!

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Really? I thought it was really tragic, I mean, he was deprived of…


      everything!His best friend, everyone around him was defecting SOLDIER, everything was going kind of nuts and he just endured it all, and still, he managed to keep his awesome attitude! He couldn’t even see Aeris one last time before… well, you know the rest.

      Maybe I’m just a dramaqueen

      • ='( u made me remember the last scene… ='((

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Sorry! But yeah, that was the saddest scene in a game in recent memory =S

      • Well the story is tragic, and but I thought the presentation itself was cheesy. Like the dialogue (esp. Genesis’s) and script. Then again…I still have to complete the last maybe that’s where all the good stuff happens? hmm…

        • Aoshi00

          That I would have to agree w/ you there. While I loved Crisis Core, Genesis serving as a Sephiroth prototype was like deja vu, I had a hard time putting up w/ his poems.. but he was a necessity to move the plot along. Not to mention all I see in him was “Gackt”, voiced by none other than “Gackt”! Admittedly he did an okay job considering he’s not a professional VA, still, it would’ve helped a lot if he wasn’t a Gackt clone and not voiced by him. It’s like Kaneshiro Takeshi in Onimusha or something.. but this is FF you know. I didn’t think star power was exactly necessary.

      • Well I have no problems with the story, or anything involving Zack. But the presentation itself (the dialogue and script) felt cheesy to me. Maybe it’s because I need to finish the final chapter.. that I haven’t gotten to yet =/

        • Aoshi00

          That has to be the reason, the last scene’s presentation was excellent, a real tear-jerker. I would say that scene is up there w/ the end of disc 1 of Lost Odyssey. Your heart has to be made of steel to not feel anything.

          • whoops sorry for the semi-double post. I didn’t know if my first comment went through. Yeah, i’ve heard a lot of good things about the final chapter. I admit though, it was mostly the beginning that felt cheesy and I had little motivation to finish it. But once things got really intense (the “point of no return”) it got really engrossing. I haven’t finish the final chapter (I only got it somewhat recently) due to distractions…hmm.. I think I’ll definitely finish it over winter break

          • Aoshi00

            The coolest thing was we all knew what was coming to Zack at the end, so you would think you’re prepared for it. But the way they pulled it off was so heart wrenching, making everything come full circle, a true prequel to FF7 indeed (unlike the other compilation which just felt tacked on). You have to see the ending :) Too bad there’s no option to view the amazing FMVs from the menu after you beat the game..

  • holyPaladin

    OMG Zack in KH BBS.

    Good move SE, it’s so epic

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Wow! Hell yeah what amazing news this is for BBS. I really can’t wait for this one… I hope WoL makes in in! You’d think Square Enix would have revealed some of the other FF characters already… I’m also hoping for Rinoa.

    This KH will be the BEST ONE YET! #1 anticipated titles for 2010 for me.

    • Aoshi00

      I’ve actually been out of the loop w/ KH for a while since the first game. I have a feeling this would make me like the series again. Zack is definitely awesome news.

  • Kevin_Levin

    This’ a cool addition :). And that now those pesky SOLDIER enemies are out of Zack’s way this time.

  • While I love Zack and am ecstatic about Square were nice enough to acknowledge his existance in KH, I’m stuck between “Yay!” and “Eh, will he even have an important part…?” Guess we can only wait and see =

  • Tokyo Guy

    Are we suppose to accept this game as Kingdom Hearts” 3″, or is it actually intended as a side-story? I seem to remember something about how Birth by Sleep was intended as the next installment in the series, with the DS and mobile phone versions being spin-offs.I sure hope that this game is actually new. It was absurd how SE basically did absolutely nothing to make the recent DS game, considering that 95% of the environments were reused from KH2, as were the character models, enemies, etc.

  • Kuza21

    What a nice add on. I’m really looking forward to this…

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