Sort Of Announcing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 11:33pm


Square Enix and Nintendo dropped hints that Dragon Quest IX would be released internationally, not that we’ve ever doubted that sort of thing. Now we have another promising sign, a localized subtitle.


In Europe, Square Enix trademarked Sentinels of the Starry Skies which sounds a lot like the Japanese subtitle Defenders of the Starry Sky. The two are so alike we’re going to go ahead and call the game Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies from now on.


This subtitle is so important Square Enix also trademarked Spanish, French, Italian, and German equivalents.


So, depending on where you live Dragon Quest IX will be either…

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Dragon Quest IX: Les Sentinelles du Firmament
Dragon Quest IX: Centinelas del Firmamento
Dragon Quest IX: Le Sentinelle del Cielo
Dragon Quest IX: Hüter des Himmels


… and it won’t be in Japanese. Look for it next year.

  • cowcow

    Sweet. Can’t wait

  • Definitely near the top of my list for games I want!

  • Mazen

    Great I want a date now!

  • Ereek

    It looks like SE really is trying to push DQ in the west. I’m glad.

    • Not only is SE trying to push it, but Nintendo too, since they’re teaming up for the DQIX western launch or at least that’s what Satoru Iwata said a few weeks ago, I believe.

      • Joanna

        yeah, he did. He promised S-E president that Nintendo would help promote DQ in the west, that’s probably why DQX is going to be on the Wii.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Am I correct in understanding there is no link whatsoever between Dragon Quests 7-9? (Yet there is a link, apparently, between Dragon Quest 8 and 3).

  • Tokyo Guy

    On a totally different note, Dragon Quest 3 for the mobile phones is both fantastic and terrible at the same time. The game is a faithful port of the SFC remake and looks AMAZING…though it is SO tiny that you can’t even play it. (At least I can’t).

    Docomo apparently entered into an agreement with Square-Enix as ALL of their new “high end” mobile phones have the game pre-installed…or at least a DEMO of the game. Funny really, because in none of the mobile cataloge’s marketing information can one actually find out it’s only the demo.

    • That’s pretty interesting that it is preinstalled on all the phones. I think Before Crisis was one of the few cellphone games I actually wanted to play. Everytime I see something good, I feel I’d have the same problem as you: Tiny screen making an RPG, or anything, unplayable!

      I’m not sure if you were familiar with cell phone games stateside but wasn’t there a service that SquareEnix had offered to US companies with games? I never payed much attention to cell phone games but if there is good stuff out there stateside, I wouldn’t mind checking it out. Especially since I’m going to miss the banana boat on Mass Effect “Gaiden” (iPhone).

  • Raccoon

    Thanks for the info. I like the new subtitle.Btw., it’s “Hüter des Himmels” or “Hueter des Himmels” (if you can’t type ‘ü’ with your keyboard, ue = ü) in German. The word ‘Huter’ does not exist and sounds really strange :-)

    I fear that they’ll call it just “Dragon Quest: Hüter des Himmels” here though, without the roman number, like they did with DQVIII and the DS-remakes :-/

  • Square is losing a great opportunity to put some use to their pollux engine to work for a DQIX wii port…( it sure would sell like hotcakes) and make some money on a already big seller title.this strategy could be used to promote DQX for wii when it comes at the end of the year in japan( my guess, but it would be a better guess if i said 4Q)off: i dun know why i am logged in on my disqus profile but i can’t post logged in it here…PS: NVM when i post as guest it claims my comment as my own…but i still not able to reply or anything ¬¬

    • jarrodand

      I think a DQ7 remake would be a better lead in, and more in line with the series history. Get Arte Piazza and h.a.n.d. to make it and you’ve got an easy million seller for next year.

      We’ll probably also get DQ1-6 on the Virtual Console and maybe some other Wii DQ spinoffs leading up to DQX (Swords 2, Torneko 4, Monster Battle Road, etc).

      • but to use pollux just to port dqix would be cheaper than hire HAND and arte piazza for a remake, wouldn’t it?

        • jarrodand

          DQIX wasn’t developed with Pollux though. Unless it’s just a DS emulator (which is possible) it may not work anyway.

          Besides, I think a full fledged DQVII remake would sell a whole lot better.

          • I thought Pollux were a engine just for the purpose to port ds games for wii( like an emulator would do, i dun know if i’m right that’s why i said it would be cheaper just to port dqix with pollux

  • Umm i wonder if we will have to wait till they finish traducing in all those languages, and as spanish speaker, the spanish name sucks xD (though i never play games in spanish). It just translates to, “sentinels of the firmament” D: although… if they translate directly starry sky directly, it would sound weird as well… but it may be cooler than “firmament” -.-

    “… and it won’t be in Japanese. Look for it next year.”


    • No I think firmament is much classier than starry sky (with all due respect to Capsule’s best song)

      • Lol, yes, in spanish it would sound more common, “firmament” (i dunno if u are talking about the spanish name) but maybe something good, different and “dreamy” may get this more attention using starry sky in spanish (like the world ends with you did, that name was just so great and uncommon)

        If you are talking about the name in general, (english) umm i prefer starry sky, firmament sounds umm…, i dunno, it feels too used and common (at least for me), starry sky makes me imagine something dreamy, kinda like the infinite nigh with stars xD; maybe im taking this too literally but i like the sound of it.

        • Don’t you think “Dragon Quest IX: Centinelas del Cielo Estrellado” sounds weird?
          As a native spanish speaker I prefer the title they chose.

          • I like the spanish title, sounds great! (better than DQ8 “el periplo del rey maldito”, though)

          • most of the game’s names are better than that xD

          • Im also spanish native speaker, and i already said (like 2 times) it sounds weird, but “firmamento” already sounds “meh”, i think maybe they should do something drastic, calling a game like that (cielo estrellado), may be weird, but everything that is new, is weird, and may be a good epic win.Actually if i see a game like that on a store, ill say “uh weird name” but, it is charming in its own way, like the world ends with you was. Cielo estrellado sounds poetic :D (and if they did something as “periplo del rey maldito” cielo estrellado is just 10 times better

        • which one is the spanish and which one is the italian?

          Dragon Quest IX: Centinelas del Firmamento
          Dragon Quest IX: Le Sentinelle del Cielo

          i think it is the first one

          protectors of the starry sky sounds better then sentinels

          ( the portuguese title would be something like)
          protetores do céu estrelado ( protecors of the starry sky)
          and sentinelas do firmamento ( sentinels of firmamento)

          • The first one is the spanish one.

          • Yeah, the first one :P, and yup the portugues would be like that, but most likely it will be translated directly from spanish’s tittle but i dunno if they will release this in portugues D:

          • yeah, i know there is never a game in portuguese, but if it were i would prefer to play in english… (or japanese if my nihongo were good enough¬¬)

            it was strange to see that scribblenauts had a pt language lol

            have you guys played hero saga laevathein? the main charas talk a lot with spanish accent, like mí hermano and so.

  • Shouldn’t that be SENTINELS?

  • Joanna

    Protectors of the Starry Sky sounds better. T___T
    But maybe SE will rename it for NA.

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