Tokimeki Memorial 4 Gives A Nod To Console RPGs

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 12:08am

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Tokimeki Memorial 4, a dating sim from Konami, has turn based battles. Seriously!


Like past games, Tokimeki Memorial 4 has a RPG mini-game where you team up with one of the girls and fight. Fight what? Things like angry deer and sharks. Each girl has their own set of skills (one can cast “meteor”) and different costumes to wear.


This, like the 100 meter dash, are little diversions from courting in Tokimeki Memorial 4 which comes out on the PSP this Thursday.


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  • Yuan

    Okay, this will be the first Tokimemo game I’ll get and play.
    Though I don’t think Miyako’s ending can be got on the first playthrough…

  • CIN

    “Like past games, Tokimeki Memorial 4 has a RPG mini-game where you team up with one of the girls and fight”

    Oh really? Honestly I didn’t know about any rpg-like elements in Toki games. I did know about different mini games but this came as a surprise to me.

    Ps. Spence why did you go for png as a default format for all your screenies?
    It’s so bloody big thus most ppl will simply pass on viewing all the pics, including me :( Yep some of us still on slower connections.

  • Looks funny and interesting, im one of those people who like more the story than gameplay :P, and ive always had fun when there were romantic stuff happening on any rpg party im using, rlly entretaining xD, i wish konami could give a chance to this and localize it (though i wonder if the main story is just getting a girl?). Any way, if this doesnt come in english, ill still give it a try (almost a year studying japanese :O, my third and maybe last language xD, im able to understand 25% of a normal rpg -.-)

  • It feels like so many genres are merging with sim and dating games all of sudden. Last year, there was an H-game that had tactical RPG gameplay sewn in.
    I would love to see this particular game keep all gameplay here, but add a solid story. Have the couple be crime fighters at night or something, I don’t know!

    It looks really fun. I don’t know, maybe I’ll try it out and play around with it just to see what’s up. I mean, it’s got to be leaps and bounds more fun than what they were trying to do with Brooktown High. Who’s knows what they were trying to do with that game…
    The officail site has some more videos of the game:

    The slight movements the characters make during discussions is a nice touch! – albeit, a bit unsettling since they look like they’re going to blow away from the wind.

  • Pichi

    Would love to see more sim and dating games come over. Currently playing Princess Debut and love going for a partner. And I like the idea of more story for the couple and circumstances.

    • Visual novels do that very well (KiraKira to name one:, but it’s hard to see them get a heavy promotion out west, let alone the ones on console systems. Would the upcoming “Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love” be the closest we’re getting one of these types of games? There are quite a few that appeared on the PS2, so seeing only one or handful here isn’t really encouraging.

      Princess Debut is a wonderful game, though. One of my favorites of 2008.

      • also, ar tonelico series :D, and i think luminous arc 3 will have more of dating sim (though it already had it “dating” style, almost like summon night)

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