How Big Is Downloadable Record of Agarest War?

By Spencer . December 3, 2009 . 10:22pm


In North America, the PlayStation 3 version of Record of Agarest War will only be available as a download and it’s one big download.


An Aksys forum administrator gave a file size estimate.


All right guys, I figured you might like to hear a reasonably official word on this, so here it is:


I asked around, and it looks like the final size is going to be somewhere around 8-10 gigs. It sounds like a lot, I know, but I’ve been downloading the debug ROMs at home to take the load off our office internet, and they only take a few hours–I usually start them when I leave for work, and they’re done by lunch. My internet connection is nothing special either–about 500 kb/s on a good day.


So there you have it. 8-10 gigs. We should a more solid number closer to release.


With all of the new PlayStation 3 models 8-10GB isn’t that bad. Downloading it, depending on the speed of your internet connection, might be. Before you run off and import a physical copy from Ghostlight, please note Aksys version includes extra content from the Xbox 360 version Record of Agarest War: Re-Appearance.

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  • Ereek

    Just a small comment about

    Before you run off and import a physical copy from Ghostlight. . .

    Don’t do this. The game is great fun and I’m really enjoying it, but even if you prefer physical media Ghostlight’s localization is disgusting. There are typos everywhere, some inaccurate translations, and a lot of humor is lost. There’s very little “localization,” it’s pretty much a direct translation. I appreciate Ghostlight bringing us a physical copy, and the Collector’s Edition is lovely, but if you have a choice, get the Aksys version.

    • nyoron

      Wow, it’s really not that bad. I’m only towards the end of Gen 2 but I’ve only noticed a couple typos. What bugs me the most is the handful of times they forgot to put in a line break and the text overflows out of the box. But even so can you really claim that the Aksys localization is going to be so much better without even seeing it first?

      • Ereek

        You’re only on Generation 2, that’s why. It gets bad around Generation 4 and persists through the true ending. There were only a few typos before then. In the second or third scene in Generation 4 alone there were around 5 or 6 typos. Not to mention merging words together and splitting words apart that should be together (EX: Breakthrough and Break through).

        Also, typos in the ending. It’s a complete mood breaker.

        • It gets worse? Euch.

          I’m only about 2 hours through it but the translations are bad enough to make it near unplayable. You’re continually having to try to decipher dialogue to get the real meaning, all the dialogue I’ve had so far is incredibly wooden and devoid of any personality.

          They even make mistakes in main menu screens (‘Equiptments’, ‘undisplay’). There has been zero quality control and it’s utterly ruined the game. I didn’t think I’d experience a localisation worse than Ar Tonelico 2 this year.

          So yeah, a warning to all US (and UK) players thinking of getting the EU version: Don’t.

          • Ereek

            Unfortunately, yes it does get worse. The “Fourth Generation” even gets a typo and is turned into “Force Generation,” which is something you see for a good amount of time. Also, much to my annoyance, they stop using punctuation at the end of sentences about half the time in Generation 5. Sometimes you can’t tell if the characters asking a question or talking to themselves.

            My main problem with the localization is, as you said, having to pause and try to decipher the translation. I really want to enjoy the story of this game, since I like both the world and the characters, but I feel like I’m missing so much. A lot of the comments sounds mechanical and when it’s meant to be emotional it doesn’t really get through completely. Two or three scenes just come off as odd because it’s hard to understand the joke. Because of this, I’m thinking of buying the Aksys version as well, even though I’m already at the true ending section in the PAL version.

            Despite the bad translation, I really do like the game. The same with Ar tonelico 2.

          • I enjoyed AT2 (despite the honorifically drawn out final dungeon). The localisation was sloppy and careless but at least it didn’t detract from the characters or story.

            With this, they’ve actively ruined a game I was fairly excited about. I think I’m going to stop playing and wait for the US version as it looks like the game doesn’t improve. It doesn’t look like it’ll be a classic but it certainly doesn’t deserve what Ghost Light have done to it.

        • nyoron

          Ah, well I guess I’ll see for myself when I get there. I’ve been willing to forgive the localization shortcomings so far since I like the game quite a bit, but it’s disappointing to hear that quality control takes a nose dive.

          If it turns out that the Aksys version really is that much better I may double dip and pick it up for the 360.

          • Ereek

            I understand what you mean. I can usually tolerate bad localization, moreso if I really enjoy the game. In fact, I actually defended Ar tonelico 2’s localization against an onslaught of angry fanboys at one point, but for different reasons than this.

            For this game there was a point very early in the Fourth generation where two or three scenes in a row had so many grammar errors and typos that I was completely alienated and wanted to turn the game off. This is one of the only times I’ve felt this way. Also, you’ll notice a lot of typos if you examine each boss and enemy and then examine what their skills do. There’s also a lot of Engrish in there, as well as in the third level Special Skills.

          • g6pdh

            Akysys re-edited and re-checked the translations, so it *has* to be better than Ghostlight’s version.

    • Does Ghostlight’s version of the game work in US systems? Do you know? I’d rather a physical copy with flaws than a digital version any day.

      • Ereek

        Yes, it works. I imported it. You need a HD TV though, since it won’t play in Standard definition.

        Also, you really should reconsider. As stated below, Aksys is looking into making physical Collector’s Editions. The localization really hurts this game.

        • Ahh, I didn’t read down that far. If they do release a Collector’s Edition, I’ll certainly buy that!

  • Not bad. 2.5″ laptop HDDs are getting cheaper, too, so even if that’s too much for someone with an older (heaven forbid) 20GB model, you can cheaply drop a 320 or 500GB in the PS3. Or not. It’s cheap, but it isn’t free.

    • i have a 20 gigs one xD (brough it like 3 months fter it was released) and i still havent reached 10 gigs :P, i tend to delete the install files on the ps3, while i dont play the games (since i dont erease save files, its ok. Games like metal gear that take like 4 gigs o.o

      • Haha, well, at least you’re using the space smartly! I grabbed the 60GB one when the system released and I tended to let install data sit… and TV shows I would plop onto the hard drive… and pictures… I wasn’t good at managing the limited space.

        In other words, kudos to you! We both can enjoy all our PS2 games as well, right? So that’s a win!

        • Yeah!, 50% of the reason i brough this ps3 was the backward compability :D, i just love this system (my ps2 was already so freaking old and couldnt run games fast xD (((imagine playing odin sphere = hell))) but now i feel like in heaven.

          PS: sakura wars *drolls*

          • Haha, Sakura Wars… I’m reporting bugs as we speak, actually. Just on a little lunch break =)

            It’s such a fun game!

  • There is now a 640gb hdd so it isn’t big compare to usual but i was hoping for it to be bigger than 8 gbs

    • Ereek

      You want the game to be bigger?The game is already around 100 hours long, without finishing everything. There’s probably around 300 required strategy battles (about 60 battles per generation on average, some are slightly longer, some shorter), but it will probably take you more. The battles aren’t short, either.

  • JohnCasey1

    This is why I hate downloadable-only games so much. Some of them can get huge in filesize, and the PSN isn’t a terribly fast network either (it took me an hour to download the Bayonetta demo!)

    And then there’s the pickles; there’s always a chance the connection could get screwed up…and bam, gotta start over.

    • pressstart

      What, no resume function? How big is the Bayonetta demo anyway?

    • Kirbysuperstar2

      Uh, there IS a resume function. If your connection conks out then it pauses it (in much the same way you triangle on the item and select Pause) and waits until you reestablish it.

  • Wasn´t Aksys supposed to release the Xbox 360 version as well in North America? Or did I get that wrong?

    And as I heard it, the X0 version would be a disc media while the PSN version would be download only.

    But then again, I think I read this on gamefaqs so it might not be a great source.

    Why people are so hung up on trophies is something I´ll never understand though. Calling the game bad because it lacks trophy support(PAL version) is just lame.

    I´ve noticed some errors in the Ghostlight version. And above all black screens with text only. But still I´m enjoying it.

    To the download, it all depends on the price. Cause if it is only more CGs then I can find that on the net. If the black scenes are replaced nicely then it might be worth getting again and replaying it all from scratch…

  • JeremyR

    Well, I guess I’ll be getting this in 2020, when I get an internet connection that can handle that. Hope the PS5 has backward compatibility…

    Took me a day to download Mana Khemia from the PSN1, and that was only 500 megabytes.

  • But also he isnt sure, we are expecting after a (in those forums(, maybe, compression it may end up in 5 gigs

  • Aoshi00

    My 360 has always had a faster wireless internet connection than my PS3, I always thought it’s just the PSN’s fault. Then last night I rec’d my Slim and d/l’ed the latest FFXIII trailer (almost 600 Mb) in only 2-3 minutes compared to 45 mins w/ the Phat. Anyone know what causes the difference, and if I could do something to the Phat to get better wireless speed? The God of War 3 demo (over 2Gb) took me all day w/ the Phat.. Specifically I’m using my neighbor’s uber fast connection (so I can’t use ethernet cable) and get 100% signal for both 360 and Slim, but the signal w/ the Phat PS3 is very week at 40%… Space isn’t really an issue since HDDs aren’t that expensive but speed..

  • Errh…I had a feeling it’d be high up there. And it looks like they’ve taken some time to pull a lot of weight out of it, considering the original was much higher than that.

    Now, I WILL be getting this, don’t get me wrong, and I put in a 120 gig hard drive in my PS3 quite a while ago (and may even jump it up if it comes down to it…I have external drives for backup) but this is going to tear quite a few people away who aren’t knowledgeable and have lower-end capacity hard drives.

    Honestly, I think this will be a truly interesting scene to see how it plays out. If a lot of people STILL get this, with size being a HUGE pain in the rear for this, I think this would pave the way towards far more digital distribution, putting that whole ‘no disc, no buy’ part to shame.

    It really depends on what the consumer wants. Are they ready to wait hours for their game or do they want the convenience of having their stuff now? What about when the discs takes a dump and their digital download is still there, ready to be re-downloaded? A lot of factors here…very interesting.

  • I must really be of an old mind set… stuck in my ways. If a game is this huge and/or sells for $40-$60, even if it’s instantly DLed to my system, there is no way I’d get it. I hope anyone who actually DLs this enjoys it and its (without a doubt it seems) better translation. I’ll be sad to miss out, but maybe I’ll import it on sale sometime. Hero’s Saga Laevatein Tactics gets a traditional release but Agarest doesn’t? I just find that a little off.

    • I think this boils down to how badly you want to buy the domestic release instead of just importing it. There’s plenty of reasons to do and to don’t do either.

      I know people that would rather be on the whole ‘disc only’ thought process and, actually, argue with quite a few of them over something like this but it’s really a matter of getting over the whole ‘physical’ attachment.

      Gives you no chance of re-sell or giving it to someone else, sure, but as I said before you can always get it back in data form if your hard drive decides to take a dump whereas if you had a physical copy and your little sister decides to rub the disc through the carpet to clean a spot she might have seen…well you’re just going to have to find another disc to buy.

      And yes, I’ve had that happen when my sister was a little kid. It was to my FF7 Disc 1. Yes, I blew a blood vessel when it happened but probably not as bad as when the PS2 was dropped with FFX in it, killing both (or at least the disc, the PS2 I half-revived but it refused CD-based media from then on out and, eventually, both were replaced).

      • Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t boil down to how badly I want a domestic release. That’s a good point: physical attachment. The physical media is only because I actually enjoy collecting almost as much as I do playing. We all have our hobbies, right? You don’t mind DLed games for the same reason I probably don’t mind DLed music. I don’t collect CD’s or their cases. Also, if one day some dire emergency arises and I need to sell my entire collection, I’ll make a _lot_ of money. (Hope I never have to see that day).

        Sorry to hear about your bad luck with FF games! I think we’ve all had a bad experience or two. I try to take care of my stuff and the more cases/games that are ruined by messy siblings or used game stores, the more I enjoy my pristine collection. I have one, so I try to continue with it. If I lost it all, I’d just shrug my shoulders. I’m glad people are playing games for the enjoyment; I completely understand and do that myself but not at a $40 price tag. Just too much for me =( I have bought plenty of XBLA/WiiWare/PSN games for the right price though.

        • Ereek

          Hmm, I posted it down there, but you know that Aksys is looking into making a Collector’s Edition? So you’ll get the other things physically, but the game will be download, I believe.

          From the Aksys website:
          Some of you are wondering—as well you might—if Agarest will see what is commonly referred to as a “Collector’s Edition”. I can tell you now that this is entirely possible. And before you ask, yes, we are examining our options for both platforms. The logistics of such a feat are still under discussion, but I have a question to put to you, potential purchaser of Agarest. That question is: What would you like to see in a collector’s edition of Record of Agarest War? Please, let us know, either by commenting here, or in the forums, or through electronic mail.

          • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check it out. I’d still love to have the actual disc if it’s possible. Even if they released the physical copy for 360 only (if the SCEA thing is valid). There has to be some viable excuse as you’ve mentioned because having a collectors edition with a code is perplexing. How much money do you actually save not a disc printing a disc with a stamped cover, especially after having made a box and bonus items? [I’m looking at you Patapon 2……very sternly]

            Nontheless, I really appreciate the info and will check into it. Thanks again, Ereek!

          • Ereek

            You’re welcome. The game is quite fun and if you get it, from whichever region, I hope you enjoy it.

            Though, on the other hand, Ghostlight was expressing interest in Agarest Senki Zero (from a member of the Ghostlight localization team: that no one has mentioned in North America. You might end up importing that, anyway!

        • Aoshi00

          I have bought many games on PSN/Live/Wiiwar/VC too (for $5, 10, or 15), but for a game this big and expensive I would stick to an actual disc in a box. Just like movies that are like 5Gb to buy or rent, I would prefer to have them on DVD or blu-ray. First it takes long to d/l it, second it hogs so much space on your HDD even if one has the option to upgrade to a bigger one, but it adds up.Sucks that Patapon 2 is not on UMD, I’m not getting it since they might pull a Badman later and rerelease it on UMD.Ditto on reselling when you no longer need a game. Most of the time I keep my collection, but recently I’ve sold around 10 games on ebay that I found boring and no longer want, and make some money to buy some new games (I sold Otomedius for like $55 to get Dodonpachi, lol). Didn’t really make a profit, just break even or lose some, but better get some money back than leaving it collect dust. W/ digital, once you bought it you’re stuck and it has no resale value.

        • That’s cool. Me, I’m ready for DD to get some legs so I can abandon physical media altogether. It’ll be a long while before that happens, but I really am being hopeful about it. My place is pretty small and I’m not a collector, at least not of games, so of course I’m the type to rally behind it, but I totally understand that ownership feeling with something you can actually show you have.
          I like to think of it this way: if it takes 50 bucks to play a game like “Kirakira”, where all the woes of DD people love to point at, then that’s what I’ll do ’cause that’s the only way the publisher and myself can really make it happen – give and take.
          I mean, people dang near spend $12 to watch a movie at the theater, and not say a peep about owning anything tangible about that (unless you collect ticket stubs). To me, that makes sense to a movie watcher. As a game player, DD *can* make sense, but we’ll see how it goes.

          • I can understand your way of thinking, matty. Actually, I look at the movie theatre experience in a different way. A $12 movie ticket is an experience… That’s like going out to eat at a fancy restaurant versus eating at a chain restaurant. You still get your food and sustenance (Blue Warrior needs food badly!! Ahhhh… sorry) but it’s just a better experience overall and leaves a more satisfying aftertaste. Seriously, no puns were intended. >.<

            I can understand all you "DD" folks in a way. One thing I can't understand is some folks' ability to accept a lot of the PSP games at full retail value in a digital-only format. For that matter it's usually older games that can be bought at 2/5th the price used. Again, then you're stuck with media you probably don't want to take up space. I think in the end, they should offer DD for games at a lesser value (which will save them lots of cost on manufacturing too much physical media) and at regular cost make physical copies, just not as many. Hell, maybe ship out enough for pre-ordered versions and then a little extra. Everyone's happy.

          • The PSP situation has a cluster of issues in itself, ones like what you brought up. Yeah, if there’s gonna be a DD game while the UMDs are still available, cut us some slack once in a while. And I get the full theater experience just from gaming (minus the crying babies and cellphones), but that’s just me.

            Anyway, just be glad you have the full experience of the “Déjà Vu” soundtrack ’cause that’s near impossible to find – digital or physical! I only have three (of the coolest, of course) tracks from it. “Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar” for the NES is another OST that I’ve been seeking forever for, that’s my ultima quest! People love the PC version more for some reason…

          • We’ve run out of replies! Haha.. well, if you’d like either of those, I believe I have all of the files for each one. You should email me and such. I’ll get them to you.

    • Ereek

      From what I heard, they aren’t able to release a physical PS3 copy because of SCEA’s policies. SCEJ has always been “no hentai” and whatnot, and Agarest gets very close at times. I assume SCEA has a similar policy.And I came in with the same mentality as you for the physical copy. My PS3 is, unfortunately, a 20GB that I’ll upgrade someday and, really, I don’t have the space for it.

      • I heard it was because of that case but not because of the ‘hentai’ more than it was ‘lack of English voiceovers’. Then again, all the reasons I’ve been given for the lack of disc version I’ve not found to be concrete.

        • Ereek

          I don’t think we’ll ever get a concrete answer. But SCEA has been a bit lax with the “no English voiceovers” lately, so I definitely think it’s something else.

          • nyoron

            I’ve got a friend in The Industry™ and she tells me Sony’s dub requirement policy is quite real (at least, that’s what her boss tells her). They are willing to make exceptions for special cases, like Yakuza 2, but it is unlikely they would make one for a game like this.

            I think they’re just making themselves look bad, especially when there’s no problem for a 360 version, but that’s Sony for you.

      • SE is looking weird at work and this is the only area I can reply, sooo…
        It’s funny you mention Agarest Senki Zero! I actually have the LE Asian version (since it’s all in english anyway) sealed. I’ve been waiting for this game first, but I may just play Zero. I’m not sure if it’ll ruin my taste for one game one way or the other.

        • Gestahl

          Umm, neither version of Agarest Senki Zero is in English.

          • Well then I suppose I’ve been duped and will find that out when I open it. =} I can make due with the Japanese version. Thanks for the info, though!

      • Umm but is no big deal -.-, these days (mostly thanks to internet) comapnies are more open minded and so are the minds of people, like before in persona 1 they even changed the skin of one character and etc, just so it wont go too much of the japan culture or whatnot. So i dont think the “ecchi” factor is much of a problem in these days

        • Ereek

          Despite what you may think about it, SCEJ does have policies regarding it. A few games have been rejected or censored to be put on a Sony Console. One recent example is rumored to be the NMH port. Only the 360 is getting the uncensored version.

          • now that you mention it, ninja gaiden had less gore as well, but is weird that sony is being all “wishi washy” about this, when its mostly considered as a console for “more mature people”

  • Jaxel

    The fact that this isn’t in a BOX, is the reason I am not buying it. I’ve wanted this game for a long time, but I like having boxes for games on my shelf; its sort of a collection thing. Plus, its not the time it takes to download 10 gigs that worries me, its the fact that its 10 gigs! Its too much room on the hard drive!

    • Ereek

      You know, Aksys wants to release a collector’s box set, even for PS3. It’s assumed that you buy the box set with the “goodies” and get a download code in it. Look on the Aksys site, they’re taking ideas for the CE.

      • It makes one wonder how they’ll do a CE of this for PSN, though. The only logical conclusion is that they take info from your account information for mailing/billing address and send it that way via mass-mailing.

        Not sure if that’s really going to be great for shipping costs, though…even if they went all just being UPS Ground or whatever.

      • Tried to add ‘if you don’t see it in stores’ in an EDIT but the Disqus feature isn’t working.

  • Nekobo

    I thought about importing it, but after reading some of the comments about the poor translation, I’ll just wait for the (hopefully) better translated Aksys version. I hope the CE version makes up for the lack of a physical disc.

    • BK0000

      It should be better. When they announced they were doing the game, they said they were going to be editing the script.

  • RIDICULOUS! I will not purchase this.

    • actually, it would be ridiculous if a ps3 full game, with lots of stuff and story, was less than 3 gigs, i would say, “wtf they are selling fake stuff!”

      • OK.

        PS: I rarely understand what you’re saying.

        • Ok, lets give an example.. umm you are going to get the next new YS, and it is only downloable, you are waiting for big stuff here… then you see the download option, and it says… 10 megas? and then u would be like… “wth does this only have like 1 town and 1 dungeon only?”

          Got it now? o_o

          • Kris

            Oops, didn’t mean to “like” this, I meant to reply…
            Anyway, I think he means that he can’t generally comprehend what you type, due to its odd syntax. I generally don’t understand what you type either.

            Anyway, on topic, I wonder why the game’s so big? It’s all sprite art and whatnot, so how on earth did it get so huge?
            Does anyone know how big Cross Edge was? I think that was by the same people…

          • Well, im sorry D:, i never read after i write, and i dont like to write that much either T_T. That is why im best with mathematics…

            Well the GC pictures take a good amount of space, also it must be big because there is lots of places to go and events, i also though, as you, that it should be small since is just sprites, but it seems we were wrong. Maybe HQ sprites are bigger?

            And he just said Ok because he didnt undestand -.-‘.

          • also im no english native speaker, so please have patience with me… the only way to learn is to practice (i dont know why i couldnt edit my last post)

          • Kris

            That explains it, sorry about the harsh words.
            I’ll be patient with you. :)

  • daizyujin

    Sony is being ridiculous for forcing this game download only. The fact is that HDD sizes for this generation of systems were never meant to hold full sized retail titles. Even if you have a 250 GB system, with everything else out there to download, 10 gigs is a hell of a lot of space. I can see the point that at least they let you swap the HDD for a bigger one unlike Microsoft, but the fact is you bought the system to play games on and it is absurd that they would want a person to go out and buy a bigger HDD to play a game that could have easily been purchased on a disc. It is even more insulting that this burden is on people with smaller HDDs that likely payed double for the system already.

    For the record I have a 60 gig unit (55 gig really) and with about 19 gigs left on the system, there is no way I am giving up over half of my available room for one game. All that space is taken up by actual PSN games. I have no game installs or videos on the system at all. Both Sony and Microsoft just dropped the ball on storage this generation. If you want to start forcing people to buy their games via direct download, no system should ship without at least a 1 terabyte HDD standard. The idea that consumers can just delete and re download is a joke as well, as this is a major inconvenience that you are shoving on the people that are buying your products.

    The basic fact is that neither company ever expected to sell anything on their console as a downloadable title beyond emulated classic games and arcade ports of Mortal Kombat II. The idea of selling a title this large was most likely never even a thought. To shove this down consumer’s throats mid generation is just cruel.

  • sacchi

    “Nothing special…500 kb/s on a good day”

    What the heck? Mine’s top speed ever was 250 kb/s. Consider yourself lucky >_>

  • Marcus70

    Well, I’m enjoying my imported version of Generations of War ( I can finally put some time into this after finishing Demon’s souls). For me the typos don’t really bother me, but I was a bit disappointed with the battle system in general. (I still prefer Disgaea 3 battle system over this).I wonder how much will the PSN version cost? I don’t think it would be fair to charge the same amount as the Xbox 360 version. Maybe $10 to $20 cheaper?

  • g6pdh

    8-10GB sounds pretty small for an original Retail Blu-Ray game actually.

    But I’m getting the 360 version anyway. Retail packaging ftw!!!

    And no one should think about importing the EU Ghostlight version. Horrible editing, and the script is just lolz in places… Aksys cleaned up and t/l checked the script and added the new content, so you’d be much better off getting this version.

    • Marcus70

      So I take it you didn’t like your import copy? I’ve imported it (for just $45), I’m glad I able to play it now, before all of the big RPG games come out in the first quarter of 2010.I agree with you to get Aksys’ 360 version (over the PSN version) because I’m sure at the end of 2010, you can get the retail game for great price (in the bargain bin). I’m not sure if the PSN version will get a price cut in 2010 (unless they are able to get those Collector editions to retail, if they actually do that).

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