Meet Final Fantasy XIII’s Giant Monsters

By Spencer . December 3, 2009 . 6:01pm


In addition to Psi-Com troops and mechabehemoths, Final Fantasy XIII has gargantuan cactuars and turtles. That’s a Jumbotender, a portmanteau of jumbo and sabotender, the Japanese name for cactuars.


image image

The monster roaring at Lightning is a King Behemoth, one the game’s ferocious monsters.


image image

And this beast is the biggest of them all. Here’s Final Fantasy XIII’s Adamantoise.



On Gran Pulse, monsters aren’t always friendly with each other. Sometimes they fight each other on the field.

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  • I love how more and more it feels like an evolved verson of Crisis Core plus final fantasy 12’s battle/field system. Gahh I can’t wait for this game.

    • Umm… this FF’s battle system probably doesn’t feel like Crisis Core, seeing as that game’s a ARPG, and this is a Turn-Based RPG.
      And if you’re saying it feels like FFXII… I think you’re wrong there too.
      There are no seamless battle, characters aren’t governed by something even remotely similar to gambits, and really, there were few instances of monsters fighting monsters or monsters healing monsters.

      • JohnCasey1

        A lot of people like to talk out of their ass.

        It’s the internet. We should’ve gotten used to it a long time ago.

      • jojo06

        actually we don’t know how the battle system is. we don’t even know if we only can control on character and set gambits for other characters… we don’t know anything other than the paradigm shift… and that’s it, and the summons…

        • We have some idea. I mean we (at Siliconera) played FFXIII before.

        • actually we know a lot about the battle system. The battle system in FFXIII has been one of the main selling points with it´s Advent Children like action scenes.

          The way to combo smaller attacks for small damage or wait to be able to do a massive big scale attack.

          There is a lot of info available on the big internet :) I´ve not searched for info about the battle system and I´ve still come across so much info my head hurts.

          • jojo06

            but did you control on character, or the whole party? we know all that, it’s in the videos of every trailer that’s been out. I don’t know, the game comes out in a few weeks in Japan, I’ll pick myself up a copy

          • In the demo I controlled Lightning only. From what I know the full game will let you choose one character to controll and you can change this character freely.

            The other will be controlled by AI and I forgot what they call the system that is used.

        • Aoshi00

          I’ve always thought the battle system looks pretty clear, at least the basics of it, like Xenosaga’s turn-based where you have a certain number of stock every turn, and different action cost a different number of stock and you can chain them differently. The summons look like Sabin’s Blitz in FFVI or FFX’s overdrives where you input a long list of commands right? At least that’s what I’m seeing in all the screenshots and trailers. Paradigm shifts I assume it’s like Blue Dragon’s classes perhaps like fighter, spellcaster, etc.

          And yes, the gameplay is nothing like Crisis Core nor FF XII. Have no idea why one would think that..

    • Actually by saying it was an evolved version of both 12 and crisis core I was talking about the elements of frield and battle. Ie, walking around, you see the monster, you approach it, than enter your battle sequence. I wasn’t taking about actual battle gameplay, sorry if what I said was confusing.

      • ndjn3979

        I like how anal those two right after your first comment were.

  • The battle system before they changed it into 5 attacks in a row instead of 3 was pretty boring.

    Main reason I´m getting FFXIII is to see how well they have evolved with the storywritting.

    With how I envision this storyline it will be pretty sad so it should be interesting to see if they can make me cry again with the storyline or if they just do it like always.

    • Aoshi00

      I stll love turn-based like Lost Odyssey so the gameplay is definitely up my alley. I too am looking forward to the story the most, as I haven’t been completed sucked in by a FF since FFX, where I cared about the characters. I guess Lost Odyssey was like FF XI to me.

      • I have nothing against turn-based combat. Absolutely not. I like most battle systems.

        But this waiting time that I have to go trough if I wanted to do some bigger attacks in the demo just wasn´t for me.

        I want to wait for one gauge to fill up, then I get to pick my attack without respect to how powerful it is.

        But if they have changed the system to this finished product to make it faster and more fun then I will probably enjoy it more.

        • That would make things highly unbalanced. If, say, Ultima would take the same time to charge as a normal fire spell you would be able to do far to much damage. I think it is logical that stronger attacks take longer to charge. It is also makes you choose a strategy; faster attacks that do less damage, or more damage but more charging time.

          I haven’t played the demo though, so I don’t know exactly how long it took to charge those attacks.

          • To long :p

            The biggest spell you could use from the time I tried was Firaga and it took three gauges to be used.

            But then again. I could be remember this all wrong. Need to boot it up again soon.

            In FFX the spells took the same amount of time to cast, it left you waiting a bit longer if I remember correctly. in FFIV it definately took the same amout of time to cast, but there MP and your lvl was kind of borders that you needed to pass. Meteo with Rydia was lvl 99 if I remember correctly.

            I do understand the strategy point of it all. It´s just that I don´t like waiting for gauges to fill to be able to unleash better attacks. I also disliked having to wait for the gauge to fill up both before and after I choose to attack in FFXII.

          • As long as you put the battle speed up I didn’t think the waiting time in FFXII was that bad. In fact I don’t think it ever bothered me at all.

          • @nika:
            Maybe. But still to many gauges that has to be filled. One for waiting after attack, then waiting for attack to be started, then wait untill the attack has been made and then you start all over again.

            Not a system I liked. Disliked it as much as I disliked the gambit system.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Just a quick note- if not mistaken the actual Japanese word is サボテン (saboten), not Sabotender. Thus sabotender is, itself, a play on words.

    • 5 points for noticing, but -4 points because of lateness.

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