The First No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Trailer

By Spencer . December 4, 2009 . 2:10am

You’ve seen No More Heroes before. Now see it with Japanese voice acting and upscaled graphics from Feelplus.


Warning: If you haven’t completed No More Heroes you might want to skip this. The trailer editor assumed you played the game and spoiled Travis’ rival assassins.



Did you notice the blood at the end? That wasn’t in the Japanese (or European) version. Marvelous will release an uncensored version of No More Heroes, but, like we discovered earlier, it will only be for the Xbox 360. The official page confirms the Xbox 360 version will be a restricted 18 and up CERO Z (think AO) game, while No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is CERO D on PlayStation 3.



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  • Code

    Badass, rar can’t wait! No More Heroes definitely is one of my favorite games in recent years, and I’ll defintiely buy this game all over again. Although I can’t help but notice in the trailer how much more I prefer the english to the japanese voices. Maybe it’s just I’ve played it so many times in english that Sylvia without an over the top french accent just doesn’t feel right.

    • Aoshi00

      I have only played very little on the Wii, so the Jpn voice acting doesn’t feel jarring to me since I have pretty much only heard Travis and Sylvia so far. I suppose those who’ve alrdy played the game aren’t used to this. I actually didn’t like her French accent.. I remember she didn’t have one in the initial NMH trailer way back.But wow, the Jpn cast is grade A. Nakai Kazuya (Wakka, Zoro) sounds great as Travis. How come we didn’t hear his “Moe” at the end :)? I also like Inoue Marina a lot, so I could be biased.. Still, I hope it’s dual track so I could play it in the orginal Eng dub if I want.

      • Code

        Oh yeah I mean I definitely recognized a ton of top Japanese voice actors in there — definitely, definitely Grade A, still this is the first time the game has had Japanese voice actors, it just feels unfamiliar and like you said, jarring, lol >w<. But yeah, Sylvia's voice is kind of an acquired thing, rar, it's so fake, cheesy, and thick, but so uniquely her that eventually you just can't picture anything but that from her. A lot of characters were like that with very unique qualities to there voices, Destroyman's voice, and Badgirl's voices in the Japanese trailer I find like they lack the unique sound there English counterparts had. No big deal though, since we'll still have the same english voice work here again, plus maybe this will help push No More Heroes in Japan, having such a strong cast.

  • GamerKT

    Oh, shoot, Zoro’s voicing him! That means his skills will be more awesome.

  • ryne11

    So Travis is Mugen?

    I prefer the English. Robin Atkin Downes is win

  • Nekobo

    Oh hell yeah

    Hope we don’t have to wait too long for this to hit the States. Time to pre-order NMH2…

  • Kris

    Okay, I’m sold. For the first time ever though, I think I like the English VO a bit more than the Japanese. Still, I want this in the West, on the PS3, with blood.

  • Guest

    yea……there is NO reason to play this again. The graphics really dont look that much better and the japanese voices arent better than the original english voices. On top of that the motion controls made NMH fun so playing this will just show its mediocrity even more.I strongly believe the definitive versions of these games are going to be on Wii thanks to its motion controls no this isnt gonna be Natal or PS3 dildo patched later. Maybe if an NMH2 port happens but I doubt it. Anyways this is gonna cut into NMH2 sales smart move MMV

    Honestly people I dont understand why the hell you wanna play this if youve already played it on Wii if you havent than I understand but for everyone saying their gonna buy it again or resold… wtf……

    • Aoshi00

      I never finished the game on the Wii, thought the graphics was underwhelming (well, it’s the Wii) and the motion control actually put me off, so I stopped after the first boss. So w/ improved graphics (you don’t think this looks a lot better? You probably need some glasses) and no waggle, this is definitely more suitable for me. The only thing I could say is better is the speaker acting as a cellphone. You are right, I will not get the Wii version for NMH2 this time and wait for the eventual port if it happens. I was going to do the same thing w/ Muramasa when it gets ported to the PS3, but at $30, I got it anyway, and would double dip for HD again when it comes. If the Jpn game supports dual track I will most likely import this on 360 (since PS3 version is censored), I hope they would announce if the US has dual track soon. Still, at ~6000 yen, importing is not bad at all, like Uncharted 2.

      Zoro for the win :) Watching this makes me wonder how Kill Bill was dubbed in Jpn..

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